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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Must... Blog..

Today I went with Aggie to get some plates, throwaway, non-environmentally friendly plates for a BBQ at her work, which she didn't invite me too, but that's besides the point. After Goodwill we entered Sketchville. Sherbourne & Queen here in Toronto isn't the friendliest place to visit during the night to park in a dark, unlit parking lot, where a fight is about to on the other end of the alley, which reaks like urine, by the way. A trip to Dollarama ended up with 280 throwaway, non-environmentally friendly plates, Whethers candies & us getting out alive. Afterall, I had to get back to the car so I could get back home to blog! I'm exhausted, btw. I am making myself blog before bed. I'm going to have to pop some Rockstar gum right in the mouth first thing in the morning. Just a note, in case you were concerned, I brought my thrift finds into the dollar store. There was no way I was leaving them in the car. Here is what I found.

I bought a Jenna Jameson book. I know, I know. Also bought a fun book called 'The Hungry Years' by William Leith. Both books rang in at $3.49 each (ugh!). Bought two records: Madonna 'True Blue' & Doris Days Greatest Hits. Sometimes it feels like Greatest Hits albums date back to the prehistoric age. Also got a tin full of 1980's/1990's retro pins featuring: Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, Bart Simpson & Wham! The tin I gave to graciously gave to Aggie & the pins I kept for myself. There was a label on the pins stating "$2.00 Each" from the previous owner. I paid $2.99 for the lot. I see some of these pins in vintage shops in Kensington Market for $5 or more. I'm going to bed. See you in my dreams.

Total trip: $12.47!


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