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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fill'ER Up Coin Bank from Fred!

Fill'ER Up Coin Bank from Fred!

I picked up this neat little coin bank today at Value Village for a mere $1.99. It's in pretty decent condition & I imagine that it sat on someones shelf & wasn't really used too often. I bought it for the wife since he's into cars.. he didn't really care whether I bought it or not though. I thought it was quite neat & I always tell him he has bad taste in things...

So the deal is, you buy it empty & you slowly fill it up with your spare change as the gauge slowly moves from empty to full. It's a fun way to save up your spare change to later fuel the economy. When it's full, why not take the change to Sally Anne's or Goodwill & buy yourself a fab new sweater? Or a rad coffee cup? Or some vintage stationary? I highly doubt that you're going to lucky enough to come across one in the thrifts, it's possible, but again, I doubt it. If you're digging it race on over to Pop Deluxe & you can pick one up for yourself for $15.99, heck, pick up 2! Buy one for your friend, sister, kids. See who can fill it up faster.

Again, you can pick one up right here!

Pop Deluxe!


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