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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thriftasaurus #105

Thriftasaurus #105

Thanks everyone for stopping by last week - to the readers & the ones who linked up!

I had a successful week this week. I am satisfied. Not satisfied enough to not shop next week because, well, are we ever? LOL. You just never know what's going to be around the next corner, so I guess that's what keeps us all going! 

This has to be one of my favourite finds of the year. It's vintage. It's cute. It seems to have no actual purpose. Does anyone know anything about it? It was from the "boutique" area of a local thrift that is a registered charity (so tax free), however, they charge $4 for a used hand towel that has been washed to death & $10 for a plain grey shirt.. this was $8. I'm not getting their pricing. Possible they charge a lot for clothing since credits are given from the charity? I once saw a junkie in there with like 40 pieces of clothing & her & the checkout girl were going through them because her credit only allowed her to buy like $75 in merch or something. I don't know. I'm just like "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I love this."

About 3 years ago I wanted some pink bulbs for my 4 foot aluminum tree, been on the search ever since until this week, when I found some at the thrift. Among them, there were others. Among those, I left some behind (scratched up & not my thing). Since I now have 3 aluminum trees, I needed the majority of the bulbs anyways (in a variety of colours). When I went back, the damaged bulbs were gone & the blue cartoon set was in a grab bag, fingered open. I wonder if the person who bought those damaged bulbs fingered this bag opened & passed? Anyways, these are from the 1960's & from Eastern Germany. 

This 444 is also from the same thrift. I also left the 443 Friendship behind, pattern nice & scratched up, enough fun for daily use, but nahhhhh. 

I probably know who bought the stuff I left behind. Some local resellers, but maybe not It amazes me what people will buy from resellers sometimes. I bought 2 080 in mint condition with lids for $18 shipped online. There were people selling them for $20, lidless online... people actually bit! Shoooooocked!

My turtle senses were tingling when I found these 2 vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle watches NIP in a grab bag for $2.99. Also found a Zybot from 1984 NIP - different thrift!

Do you not love this McCall's cookie cookbook? Look at these illustrations...

A couple vintage cards & a set of unused Hallmark Christmas stationery... The anniversary card says, "of nuts" inside & I sat there in the store for 30 seconds or more thinking... "I don't get it.." it finally sunk in. Couldn't believe myself.

There are a lot of people on my Facebook already complaining about seeing Christmas stuff, man, c'mon guys! I wish Christmas stuff was out year round at the thrifts. 

Can't wait to see what you've picked up this week, link up below!



Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thriftasaurus #104

Thriftasaurus #104

Good evening thrifters... it's a rainy evening here in Toronto, so dishes, blogging & Pepsi for me tonight, a nice, warm bath might follow. We'll see how the night plays out. 

I barely got out this week. I have been exhausted. I have been working. I have been just plain lazy. I did pick up a few things though! 

These kneehuggers are from the last time I went to the states. They always see to be a sure thing when I go. I really, really want to go around Christmas this year. Americans, are they usually all over the place (in the antique markets?)!?

Anyways, more Christmas. I love how you can find vintage Christmas year round. I bought these, are Holly Days by Corningware one of the only older full sets of Christmas themed dishware? 

This is kinda not really something I'd usually buy, butt... I don't know, just picked it up, LOL. Does anyone know when these were popular? Early 1990's? Just recently? Or were they never popular? 

More clothes! A The Residents sweater & tee, not bad. 

I also got this koala tapestry/wall hanging made in Australia for Joneff & this vintage baby scrapbook. 

I will be linking up with:
Thrifty Things Friday with Melissa's Antiques!

You know, I'd love to see what you've found! Please link up below & join the party.  



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thriftasaurus #103

Thriftasaurus #103!

Good evening thrifters! Thanks for coming to this late THRIFTASAURUS party! I guess I'm taking after my long time friend of 16 years (more than half my life!) who is always late & staying true to herself, was even late for her own wedding yesterday! Love her!

I had a week full of amazing finds. There weren't many, but they were high quality. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen quick in store shots of a few of them or a few pictures of a couple others that I pulled from Google to guage the value of (Instagram wasn't any help). 


For me, Jadeite is a rarity in the thrifts around here. When you can find it in an antique market, it's priced like gold. In all my years of collecting, I have seen Jadeite 2 times before, so I get pretty excited when I find it. I found a Jadeite bowl that I promptly broke in my shopping basket & another time a Jadeite mug in the case for $10 (used my 30% discount card). When I found that Jadeite bowl, though, I also bought 2 items that sold for over $70. I ended up being able to buy 5 or 6 Jadeite bowls from a lot on eBay that ended up in the end costing just over $5 each after shipping. 
Anyways... I stepped into the thrift & there were to Jadeite mugs for $1.49 each. I know, right? I thought my days of walking into a store & finding any vintage dishware were over & that my only hope was finding it fresh off the cart!

Later, in another thrift... appears this vintage Jadeite flour shaker! WOW! & people say Value Village is a scam! *shakes head* 

Speaking of fresh of the cart... this was fresh off the cart. I almost missed this mint daisy divided dish. I looked the cart over, didn't see a thing, went down the aisle, came back up the other aisle & decided I should peak again & it was inside something else... 

I went to a flea market when I went camping at The Pinery in Grand Bend last weekend. I had went before & it wasn't that exciting, it was a little better this time, however some of the prices... just weren't going to pay. Not a lot of Pyrex, no surprise. Overpriced Jadeite that made me actually LOL. 
I got these Holt Howard tea light holders.
& this little vintage Easter bunny, who is missing the rest of his train. 
But that's alright. 

Also found an ET button & a NIP Goosebumps hologram keychain. Goooosssseebumps. The show used to freak me out after to, 4:30 Est & I would have to lock myself in my moms room until she can home an hour later, but couldn't resist! Loved RL Stine.

I also found a small hoard of 1980's Coke cans in St. Jacobs Antique Market. I have been to it once before, about 3 years ago... when it had a Moon Deco Pyrex for $100. Yup, still there. They moved it from a shelf to a case, though. That's progress! I'm going to do a small post on the Coke cans another day (maybe next Thriftasaurus... I feel like my good luck has run out for a few weeks) because there are so many!

Thanks for checking out Thriftasaurus this week! Coming at ya from the bus...



Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thriftasaurus #102!

Thriftasaurus #102

Good day thrifters! Since I took last weekend off to attend my cousins funeral (again thank you everyone for the condolences, she was only 30 years old.. so it was pretty hard on the family) & I am going to start Thriftasaurus early this week!

My finds are BACKED UP! Trying to get all this stuff in order is hard, especially when I'm always out hunting for more. I'm always saying I'll take a week off, but I am always thinking, "what if I'm out there missing something amazing!?" I'm sure you all understand what I am talking about!!

This is the only piece of Pyrex I got the last time I went to Buffalo, to Antique World Flea Market (which I have to say again - sucked). I've wanted this piece for awhile, it was $10 or something? Dandelion Duet Divided Dish. They had a turquoise 404 for $8 from a flea vendor, but I passed it up since it wasn't *mint*, kinda regret it, but my boyfriend heard some girl yell, "OMG!! I've never seen a bowl that colour before! I'm getting it, I don't care how much it is." So, I bet she's going to treasure it more than I would have. 

I also picked up these pins, fifty cents each. I thought they would have been a lot more. Wish I had picked up a few more for my Instashop! The only one that'll end up there is the beer one.

You know, I don't care really if these bowling crying towels are vintage or made in China.. I love 'em. I can always use them as rags, dish towels, face clothes.. it's endless. I think they are kitschy. 

I also got these Pyrex Pixies. My first. Probably my last unless they are really cheap. I don't really get the point.

You may remember I got these beautiful, fun vintage glasses a couple weeks ago...

...well, I picked up these 3 glasses that match perfectly! The host & hostess can have the King & Queen & the guests can have the rest! They are even made by the same company, which I still have no idea how to identify. 

Happy Hunting!
I'll be going to an antique market tomorrow, just one.
I'm going camping, but the pup & the boy can only wait in the car/outside for so long together."> Thrifty Things Friday with Melissa's Antiques!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday Thrift

Tuesday Thrift

 Thank you everyone for the condolences. 

I went to a few thrifts today. I picked up a few items & a few items that may end up in my instagram shop // instashop. 

I love this poodle picture. It's so ridiculous, just love it. I wish I looked this cute when I was getting ready. Maybe I do & I just don't know it? Be for sale in the shop.

I got this for the shop, but I am kinda liking it... it's a cute little desk organizer! 

Christmas candle holder & a deer... it seriously seems like that deer is like, "oh no, I am still aliiiive" from this eyes. Eeyore of the deer world. I only wanted the white deer the Shafford deer was just in the bag.

Betsey Clark address book. 

That's all folks!  

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☆ See you then! ☆