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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday Thrift

Tuesday Thrift

 Thank you everyone for the condolences. 

I went to a few thrifts today. I picked up a few items & a few items that may end up in my instagram shop // instashop. 

I love this poodle picture. It's so ridiculous, just love it. I wish I looked this cute when I was getting ready. Maybe I do & I just don't know it? Be for sale in the shop.

I got this for the shop, but I am kinda liking it... it's a cute little desk organizer! 

Christmas candle holder & a deer... it seriously seems like that deer is like, "oh no, I am still aliiiive" from this eyes. Eeyore of the deer world. I only wanted the white deer the Shafford deer was just in the bag.

Betsey Clark address book. 

That's all folks!  

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Please tune in for Thriftasaurus this weekend! 
☆ See you then! ☆ 


  1. That poodle picture you have....I have one that is similar but a cat instead. Its (youll love this) Ectasy. Yes THATt is the company. I know people use that as a key word expecting to find something else...and up pops my kitty picture...haha

  2. I was going to comment the companion to the poodle print is the kitty print. I have sold several sets of these. Love the deer.

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