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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today's trip. What fun.

Here is the lot. Went to Goodwill & a couple of Value Villages in the city. Picked me up some reasonably priced CDs at Goodwill, 'Creep Diet's by Fudge Tunnel, 'Dink' by Dink (self titled) & 'Let Your Dim Light Shine' by Soul Asylum. Also pictured is a CD I picked up from Sonic Boom while I was waiting for my friends in the Annex last Friday night. 'The Day I Said Goodbye' by Cub. I've wanted this for quite a long time, but didn't want to pay much for it. I almost paid $10 for it years ago at Dr. Disc in Windsor - back in the day before it had closed & then reopened. I paid 55cents. I guess it was worth the wait. I love saving money. The vinyl is a copy of 'Back to My Roots' by Rupual (1993). A buck. Adding it to the shelf. I don't even have a record player.

I think this thing is pretty neat. If I ever have a desk or ever follow through with my dream of owning some sort of business & have to have a desk, I'll use this. Until then it'll sit in a box. My favourite part is the "whatnot". Woman at the cashier commented on how nice she thought it was. I had to agree with her.

This thing was cute. It reminds me of my extra nipple I picked up a long time ago, was the same price as well. Difference is this came with a bunch of other stuff in one of those mixed bags from VV. It came with a couple boxes I left on the subway for whomever wanted to pick them up & also came with's Twisted Billboards. It's the one other item in the bag I decided to keep. So this "How To Succeed In Business" was $1.99 among other junk.

I also picked up a Anchor measuring cup for a friend. I had mentioned something about my Fire King one how good quality they are & she was telling me how she wanted one too.. lo & behold, the guy brings out 2 while I'm at VV. One was in poor condition the other was also mint. How exciting. I told her that every time she measures something she has to think of me.

Also saw something a little bizarre. In the childrens section they had The Bachelorette Princess Pecker Party Kit (link not work safe). It was in different packaging & the pecker want & pecker tiara were clearly visible. It would have only set back a little girls mother $3.99.

Monday, June 28, 2010

G-20. As a Torontoian blogger, you'd guess I'd blog about it. I was there for an hour or two on Saturday around the time the second police cruiser was set on fire. Don't know why the riot police retreated to allow the protesters back into the area after they were blocking it off for some time.. this car was sent on fire just feet away from the first one set on fire at the same location. The photo of the car burning is a video still... hence the crappy quality.

This is what a billion dollars looks like.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

After a sorta dry spell in interesting goods, I have found quite a bit of things I fancy - maybe I'm just easier to please recently. I passed up a couple items, one being this 'I Love You' doll. They were charging $9.99 (can you believe that?). I never bought it. I had to think long & hard about it & since I already have one, decided against it & left it in a shopping cart. Here is a shot of all the items I picked up.
I couldn't pass up the Marvin The Martian sweater. I don't know if it will ever fit me, since I'm quite fat. 60lbs will have to be lost. You'd think I'd lose some weight walking around shopping for junk! The U2 shirt is quite unique. I am guessing it's not an original shirt, but a bootleg from the late '80s or early '90s. It hasn't been worn much, if at all, but the images are peeling. I listed it on eBay if you want to check it out. The shirt cost $4.99. I almost forgot, Marvin only set me back $2.99. Not bad. The sweater is from 1997, Warner Brothers.

I'm not one to buy much glassware in the thrifts besides the occasional collectible plate & quite a few drinking glasses. I did however come across this cute little blue jar. It seems it's been made in Belgium - says the etching on the bottom. You also get a little closeup of the Valentines Day pillow. I think (maybe wishfully?) that this pillow is from the '60's or '70s. The tag is quite aged & that's the vibe I get from it. Whether it is or not (& I am convinced it is) I like it. The pillow set me back $1.99 & the jar back the same, $1.99. If the wife wasn't so disgusted by second hand items (he's one of those people who thinks they have the 6th sense & can see dead people around the items), I'd give him this I Love You pillow for next years Valentines Day along side a beautiful vintage greeting card.

Alright, now we got a book (99cents!). It's nothing special, but I found it a little interesting. The title is: 2gether 4ever Notes of a JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL HEARTTHROB. The book chronicles junior high notes passed between friends & a girlfriend. You can read a little more about it on Amazon if you choose. That's the book in the first photo that looks like an ordinary notebook. I love how on Amazon you can buy it new & used for a penny. I managed to take the Sally Annes worker down from $2.99.

Below you will find my new Cher vinyls to add to my growing collection (I have what, 18 now?). They were a buck each at Goodwill. Later that day I found the Cher album at Value Village with one of their damn stickers on it, for $5.99. Good ol' Goodwill.

That's all I really have for you today besides these sticky notes that cost me 50cents. "She kind of enjoyed working for an idiot."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For the bibliophiles!


I picked this up at Value Village awhile ago for $3.99. It's the perfect gift for the bibliophile. If you're like me & don't like to lend books out since you never get them back, this here kit is for you! Another great thing about this is that after looking it up online I found out that you can order refill kits. Stuff like this doesn't really have options of ordering refills.

Spacejam Figurines.

I was Googling out of boredom & I came across the cute, amazing cat figurines from the '60s & '70s by a company called Spacejam in Germany. Would love to have one or a ton for my collection. Some of the images are below & have been borrowed from other online sources.

Monday, June 21, 2010

100th post!

Doesn't really mean anything, really.

Here I have 2 Pyrex mugs along with a beautiful vintage mushroom coin bank! Glorious. Pyrex mugs were 49cents (score) each & the mushroom bank was $3.99. I was iffy on the bank, but decided to scoop it up. Money isn't as tight as it used to be & I might regret it later. All purchased at Value Village.

I must say, I am surprised that these mugs weren't marked up for being Pyrex. The cashier at the desk thought I had removed the stickers since they do not price Pyrex that cheap... didn't do it.

I also found a cute little Cabbage Patch Kids pin. You can find that below. I couldn't get a good, postable photo of it, so I had to use a nice blurry photo I found online ("borrowed" it).

I have to say, I am really unhappy lately. You know, I half started a blog to make friends, but it doesn't seem to be happening. I am very disappointed. I'm obese too. That's more depressing than anything. An obese, friendless person. What a winner.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


An owl & My Little Pony bookmark. Bookmark was 10cents & is from 1983.

Rainbow Brite picture frame, 25cents. Ruined now, but 25cents at the time. You can see my beautiful boy, Charlie is in the picture frame. This picture frame I found at that one shop on Gerrard, I can't even remember the name. It's not a very good shop, but they do have quality items & claim that they wash everything before they put it on the shelf. Even found a Charles Manson shirt there once (lol).

I was taken to a surprise Goodwill out in Mississauga. Quite a large store, but not nearly as interesting, object & people wise, as my favourite Goodwill here in the city. It was 50% off day there as well as my favourite one. Don't visit my favourite one on 50% off day. Lines can last up to an hour long at some points, it's too crowded, there are fights & I have even witnessed the aftermath of 2 purse snatchings & quite a few thefts - all on 50% off days. Anyways, I picked up four vinyl, a Samantha Fox single, some other vinyl & two Smurffs vinyls. Oh joy.

No interesting knick knacks, but I did find this cute litter paper towel/saran wrap/tin foil/wax paper dispenser. Photos didn't turn out well. I thought it was a steal at $2. Can you tell me what decade it could be from? Also, it's a bit rusty. Any tips?

Goodwill, Landfill.

It's been awhile. I've been struck with tragedy on 3 occasions this past week. Remember my beautiful Thirst Aid glasses I had picked up from Goodwill awhile back!? Well guess who's heart was pounding out of control when he spotted 2 low stemmed Thirst Aid martini glasses? I scooped them up at 99cents each. One is pictured below. The other one doesn't have such a fabulous fate. I went out to this little cafe in Leslieville (service was horrible, btw. I didn't want to tip, but knowing the wife.. he had too) with the wife & my friend after thrifting & The Bulk Barn. My friend & I had been thrifting & went home to pick up the wife to join us at the cafe. I run upstairs with my stuff, was taking out my purchases & only had time to take out one glass (we were in a rush) & leave the other one still wrapped in paper in the plastic bag on the counter. Coming home from the cafe my boyfriend goes on a cleaning streak (which is RARE). I will admit the place is a mess, but you don't clean while company is over, you clean before they come over. We argue all the time about him moving my things & he has thrown stuff out before that I didn't want tossed, so he had previously vowed never to throw anything away.

Well, he asks me later, "how many glasses did you get?" I say, "2". An hour later I get up to unpack the glass & lo & behold the bag is gone. He threw my glass down the garbage chute! I was furious. I felt like a mad woman. I told him to get out of the house & never come back (crazy). He went downstairs & went on the Macs in the lobby & looked for the glasses online after trying to let security let him into the garbage room to get the glass... sadly, I only have the one, but I have come to terms with it. I will get another low stemmed martini glass that looks exactly the same, without the Thirst Aid logo & put it behind the other one. Glasses have to be in an even # for me.. it's disturbing if they aren't. Sets of two, four, six.. etc.

Does anybody know where they might sell these exact low stemmed martini glasses?

Another destroyed object is my Rainbow Brite picture frame. Ms. Hands (the cat) knocked it down & it cracked the stand, I was able to tape it back together, but it's just not the same. Never will be. My bird figurine I posted about previously now has a chipped wing. How it happened the world may never know.. New Kids On The Block pillow is ruined too (damn cats). But seriously, who throws away a glass?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Didn't Buy It.

It's true.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


$2, sealed at Goodwill. If you haven't heard about the movie Smother featuring Diane Keaton & Liv Tyler, read all about it right here!. I'm a fan of Diane Keaton, I think she's irritating & annoying in some of her films (Smother, Something's Gotta Give) & it's partly why I love her. First Wives Club also rocks. I'm a fan of Liv Tyler too, she's pretty, but oh so boring in all her movies!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I love clutter!

Just wanted you to know, I love clutter.
I also wanted you to know, I am going to be cleaning up my clutter.
Some of you had reservations about posting messy pictures of your home on the internet, but certainly I don't. I love it.

That's the dog's messy bed on the ground. He's got to sleep somewhere & he never makes it. No matter how many treats I promise him.


Another fantastic day in the neighborhood. I have been doing nothing lately but feeling ill & watching movies. The two latest being Date Night & Funny People. I'm not a fan of Adam Sandler, but when I looked at the rating on I thought it'd be a pretty decent movie, not at all! Maybe it was the cameo by Ray from Everybody Loves Raven or Eminems cameo, but the movie was a waste of time. Date Night on the other hand was a fun comedy that actually made me "LOL", which is pretty hard to do. It was a good feeling to sit back, relax & laugh with the wife.

Anyways, here are some photos of the canisters I bought from Value Village awhile back. I told you about them, but let me refresh your memory. I was disappointed that they were all sold separately, but bought them nonetheless. $2.99 each for the small ones, $3.99 for the large. They are in excellent condition (as you can see) & it doesn't look like they were used quite often.

& below is just a photo for fun. It's the outside of the Value Village on Queen East one day. They leave this stuff out there rain or shine.. such a beautiful display.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Just wanted to post a picture of these glasses, never bought them, just saw them at Value Village one day. A couple days later I spotted the same ones at Goodwill. Didn't buy those either. Posting these because they match these 4 Federal bowls I bought a little while ago. You can read about that adventure here & see the photo below!

Dirty Little Pigs!

Here are my newish dirty little pigs salt & pepper shakers. Don't you just love how they fit together? They were sold separately at Goodwill for 99cents a pop. A buck 98 for both. First pic was taken in front of my window on the top of my bookshelf from the 49th floor. I was too lazy to wash off the grease pencil before taken the photo.

I have to mention that I have been quite a bit sick lately. I had a seizure while I was in Windsor, grand mal.. slept for a day straight & then worked 38 hours this week. Haven't caught up on sleep until earlier today. Last night I had a bloody nose with a blood clot so big you can't even imagine & today, a horrible headache that led to me almost bawling (haha).