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Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekly Thrift Haul: Totally Bowled Over

This week very light thrifting, but as per usual, gems were unearthed. Up above is an amazing vintage bowling cocktail glass obvs by Bennett - only 99cents at Goodwill. The graphics are this one are absolutely amazing making it a steal. 

At the same Goodwill, I picked up these two white swirl Fire King bowls for $2.52. One needs a bit of a deep clean, but I have high hopes for it. These are for potential resale in an eventual booth/shop. 
You know, this particular Goodwill is either a hit or miss. You'll either find a handful of stuff or you'll find nothing. I come out empty handed more times than with my handsful, but quality stuff does shoot out of it. 

Some Pyrex: 
Butterfly Gold & Snowflake Blue 473 Cinderella Bowls, both for under $5.
& another black Gooseberry, a pattern I absolutely adore for cheap!

 It's Toronto Pride this weekend, so Happy Pride, & maybe I'll post some interesting pictures later on this weekend. It's also Canada Day weekend, so no thrifting for me! Happy Canada Day too everybody!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Thrift Scores!

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Thrifty Love with CAP CREATIONS

It didn't take very long for me to complete my Spring Blossom Green Pyrex casserole set, just finding the first two pieces last week & finding the last piece just the other day. Little did I know, while moving dishes around in my cupboards I had another 475 tucked away in the cupboard on top of my fridge - can always use anther one. :)
Pictured with a vase I once passed up at Goodwill, picked it up at a Value Village. A similar vase - in blue & green - was up for sale at an antique market for $65.

These little jars were a buck each at Goodwill, very thick & Made in Japan. Don't know what they were original used for, but would love to fill them with vintage glitter or something. They stand just about 3 inches tall. 

Vintage chrome West Bend penquin ice bucket for $7.99 from a very decent Value Village. This was picked up on my last trip to Windsor. 

A gift for a friend when I eventually see her - she loves Hello Kitty (& pretty sure she no longer reads my blog, HAH). It was too good to pass up. The shot glass/tea light holders (whatever they are) & glass have Hello Kitty on them, just couldn't face them in the packaging - $2.99, Value Village. 

It's been awhile since a new vinyl has entered my collection, got two this week from two separate Goodwill's. Tracey Chapman & Rob Base & DJ E Z Rock. "It Takes Two" being one of my favourite '80s/'90s rap songs. I remember going into a record store looking for a cassette single for Seduction's song "It Takes Two" & they had never heard of it & tried to hand me this cassette.. I turned my head in disgust telling them I hated the song & years later I can't get enough. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Flea Market Finds

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It's been another light vintage week at the thrifts, but quality above quantity! 

I got these two beautiful, near mint Spring Blossom Green casseroles from Goodwill, $4.04 (473) & $6.06 (474). They had the 475, but it was missing the lid & wasn't really in tip top shape. Pictured next to it was a thrifted (!!!) Butterprint refrigerator dish. I'm always thrilled to find these at the thrifts. They are my pride & joy of my Pyrex collections - fridgies with lids found at thrifts. Also pictured are two glasses, found at two different thrifts in two different cities in two different counties, that couldn't be anymore perfect blend of colours. I was under the impression that they were Hazel Atlas, but now I am not 100%. Any insight? 

I love this mushroom canister! & a Esso "Put A Tiger In Your Tank" drinking glass from Goodwill. Would really like 3 more to make it a set!

Finally found a New Kids On The Block fanny pack, now I just need somebody who can alter it so I can wear it around. 1990, Winterland Productions. Paired with a 503 yellow refrigerator dish. I was psyched to find this, near mint dish because earlier in the week I found what I had thought was a 503 lid at Goodwill, turned out, I don't know what the hell I bought, but it'll do until I find another one & lesson learned, not to get caught up in the moment & to look for the marking. 

Happy Thrifting!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Urban Gardener

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Urban Gardener

Since last week I've taken on a few more plants that I've bought from a 40% off sale at Canadian Tire - a raspberry plant & a cucumber plant that kinda puts mine that have just started blooming to shame. They were about $3.50 for each plant. I've started to grow a cucumber already - pretty exciting... I'm starting to think that I might not have the right conditions for gardening, the leaves on cucumbers are turning brown, but I just looked it up & you're not supposed to water from above - my mistake. The strawberries are certainly a bust. Very disappointed there, but I'll continue to grow them in hopes I can get one or two off of them. Tomatoes are looking good! Though it's the one thing I won't eat in the garden.. LOL. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Thrift S & P Wish List

Top 5 dreamy salt & pepper shakers that must be mine!

These vintage Shawnee winking owl salt & pepper shakers will go perfectly with my winking owl cookie jar found at Value Village for only $7.99! 
(picture from this eBay auction)

This vintage mid-century modern television (TV) set has been on my want list decades.
(picture from this eBay auction

 RCA dog salt & pepper shakers featuring "NIPPER!" !! Anyways, they have another set, too, where Nipper is both shakers, no victrola. 
(picture from this eBay auction)

These beautiful vintage Lefton Blue Birds are to die for! 
(picture from this eBay auction

I reaaaally want a set of these to use in my kitchen, just not as crusty.
(picture from this eBay auction)

A boy can dream. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Flea Market Finds

Sir Thrift-A-Lot
with Apron Thrift Girl

Thrifting has been to a minimum lately, once or twice a week, but finds for me have been satisfactory & the thrifting adventures alone have been priceless & lots of fun!

These Vanguard/Vangaurd drinking cups, labelled 1976 by Maplex, Toronto kinda have me stumped. Funny, they would misspell their own name? One of the reds & both of the mustard yellows are spelled Vangaurd, one of the reds & the blues are spelled correctly. Any insight? This was another find from Windsor! 

This Canadian made Delphite bowl by Pyrex I found in a Value Village on the way to Windsor.

I'm loving these boxes - perfect for vintage wrapping paper - $2.99 each at Value Village, not bad at all!

I've seen this thirst extinguisher before, a kinda vintage novelty fire extinguisher musical decanter. It was raggedy, this one much better condition & much cheaper!

 This 470-C Snowflake Pyrex Casserole, Bake, Serve & Store as you can see is in need of some tender loving care. Surprisingly, this isn't a pattern you see too often in Toronto & I picked this one up at Goodwill, a bit more than I wanted to pay, but plan on cleaning it up soon. 

I might be doing a quick Suburban Strip Thrifting Trip this week before a visit to the future mother in laws.. we'll see!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Urban Gardener

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Urban Gardener 

It's been quite a long time since I've had a garden of any kind, being a nomadic concrete princess has offered little opportunity to garden in the past. My garden this spring is still in it's beginning stages - even though it's almost summer, but the strawberries are ripening, the tomatoes are getting juicy & the cucumbers are ready to go! My garden this year is sitting on the 9th floor balcony, facing north in downtown Toronto. 

Still to go, I'm going to plant a few planters with wildflowers, I've got an indoor mimosa (sensitive plant) to plant in a vintage planter & I have grown watermelon in a small space before, so I am going to attempt it this year - doesn't hurt to try!

Just for fun, here's a scanned retro gardening article from a June 1977 issue of Co-Ed magazine! 
(click on pics to read the article!) 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Flea Market Finds

Last weekend I went to Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) in Hart Plaza downtown Detroit & along the way, I stopped at a few thrifts picking up a few fab finds along the way, they aren't all included here, I'll have to do another post. 

The music from DEMF is so loud that you can feel the bass & the music is even danceable from the Windsor side of the river. My sister, my fiance & me at DEMF - next year will be even more amazing. Doesn't the guy in the background look like a cardboard cutout?

I picked up those 1980s toys from a yard sale across the street from my house yesterday. The sale usually happens the weekend before Toronto Pride, but they had it a month early & I wound up upon it while walking my dog. I'm in love with the Gremlin - only $1! - & I can't wait to clean him up & get him on my toyish bookshelf in my bedroom. I only found one intriguing bowl, the smallest of the Fire King nesting Tulip set & just like many yard sales downtown, it had the "collectable" price - it was $20!
There wasn't as much Pyrex as I had hoped along the way & in Windsor, but I am still happy. I met up with someone off eBay to pick up this lovely set of Butterprint fridgies - I paid $35 & I am quite happy! My Butterprint fridgies are piling up 503 (4), 502 (3), 501 (8) - all have lids, except one of the 502's which I also found on the way to Windsor, along with this 503 & this great Gooseberry! Both were missing lids, but luckily, I stockpile whenever I see them. The two turquoise with the snowflakes were picked up on Friday, both for $3.99. I've found it quite hard to find divided casserole & casserole lids - 470-c & 503 lids seem the most plentiful.  This Hazel Atlas mug is just PERFECT. It was $1.99, but I've never found a Hazel mug that was in purchasable condition. If I drank tea, I'd use it. So this is gonna be my Neocitran mug when I'm sick.

These retro mushroom glasses are absolutely amazing! From Salvation Army in Windsor, each one was 99cents. 

Another drinking glass - Miss Piggy. Been seeing a lot of her lately.

Come back a little later this week, I'm going to post a few more of my finds from last week!

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