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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Working Girls A.B.C. Book

I rescued this piece from the trash outside of a thrift store in Mississauga! I love it. It's actually a vintage card made by Carlton Cards & is in a book style. I took this time tonight, watching American Dad & waiting for an order of deep fried pickles, to share some of my favourites with you. 

Here we go:

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Windsor - hitting a few thrifts along the way! Can't wait.

Look what I'm picking up on Sunday for $35!


Sunday, May 20, 2012


The thrift gods were grrrrreat to me. Pyrex, vintage galore & lots of fun & Nicki Minaj along the way. 

Let's get down to business. Here are all my Value Village Pyrex finds this beautiful May 24 weekend. My favourite, probably tied with the Butterprint fridgies from the antique market for the weekend, is the Spring Blossom Green fridgie. Fridgies are rare in thrift store in these parts. Finding a fridgie in good condition, with a lid in a thrift store is like spotting an albino deer. All these items were cheap - the most expensive being the refrigerator dish tied with the barbed wire - $4.99. Had to argue with the cashier at the Value Village as production didn't label the tag as 2x, so she wasn't going to give it to me, going to toss it in the unpriced cart. So, I asked for the manager. She said, they don't sell the lids separately, so I was able to purchase it with the lid. She blamed production for the problem.

An item I'd never expect to see in a thrift store, as I haven't even seen one in a antique shop before. A "tear drop" fire king bowl - $2.99.

I had a fabulous time at my favourite antique market. I got a Butterprint refrigerator dish haul! I had picked up a fridgie on one side of the market & my boyfriend asked the price, he said there were 3 & a larger one on the opposite side of the shop for a buck cheaper. I didn't want to leave my path in the market, but flew over anyways... I stacked them to my chin & started to carry them to the desk. As I was turned the corner, the owner was coming around & said, "I can't believe this!" He was coming to take them off the shelf for a customer on the phone. So glad I got them before! The guy was a dealer & they said he calls weekly. He told me that they came all the way to Ontario from Florida! I got 4 501's & one 503! SO HAPPY

Even more purchases!
Vintage greeting cards, vintage Disney towel (anybody know what year this would be from?), a lot of vintage/retro pins, an amazing Cathy diet book; something that I've totally been looking for - hope it helps! along with a Super Mario Brothers plush for the boyfriend.

More Pyrex & a set of pink dog salt & pepper shakers!
SixBalloons - your request to see my collection of S&P shakers is in the works. My boyfriend has just got to make the stand. Another pink item, a Goosberry bowl. 

My second Pac-Man glass, $2! First one was off eBay...

Some more Friendship Pyrex!
The casserole is from Craigslist - I paid $15, but I thought it was worth it.
In the second pic, the one on the left is from the antique market & the one on the right is from Goodwill.

Linking up with  her library adventures. with this huge thrift haul.
linking up with apron thrift girl for  thrift share monday.
This Friday is another pretty decent thrifting trip, hope I have some money left!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Flea Market Finds

Your closest friend is sick with the flu, what does she do? Go out shopping, popping in some thrift stores to pick you up some gems!  How nice.  This week I'm joining in with Her Library Adventures with  Flea Market Finds with the fab finds bought for me by my friend in "Bestie Shopping Spree".

Look! The best mushroom canister ever! Pictured with a the 7th tulip mug in my collection.

Two peas in a pod. Two chalkware owl planters. 

Piles upon piles, shelves upon shelves of vinyls have been scoured - day & night - for a Patti Smith vinyl, she shantays into a tiny thrift, pulls out a Patti Smith vinyl, a little over priced at $7.95 (but the search continues for Easter) & sachays away putting a huge smile on my face. I love Wave! It is my favourite Patti Smith album. 

Dancing Barefoot being one of my favourite Patti Smith songs.

And of course, PYREX!

Thanks Agnes for making this post possible! You're the best!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Suburban Strip Thrifting Trip

Suburban Strip Thrifting Trip!

Can you say that 5x fast? (Totally copied you
Yesterday my boyfriend picked me up from work for another evening of extreme thrifting. Hitting up 9 thrift stores (among a few other non thrift stores) in 4 hours in 5 different cities. I didn't stumble upon much vintage treasures, but I had a fabulous time with my boo & am absolutely in love with my new Gooseberry bowl! $2.99 at Salvation Army. 

These vintage cake toppers have a bit of a history. About a month ago at the Stoney Creek Value Village I had a vintage metal globe in my hand, they tend to price certain things outrageous here, my boyfriend tells me "they gotta make money!" & I tell him, "yeah, they aren't a collectable shop - they are a thrift store! They are charging antique mall prices." It outrages me, lol. Anyways, I had a vintage metal globe, priced at $14.99 & a Ziploc bag of vintage cake toppers, I told him I'm not gonna get the globe (was kinda ugly & expensive...) & told him to pay, shoving my debit card at him & setting the cake toppers on the counter. While I'm putting the globe back, he moves cashes, pays & it's not until we get home that I notice that he left them on the counter. Had been back to the store 3 more times & specifically looked for them the first & second time... never expected to find them. They have suffered some damage since the last time I seen them, but my favs are below. 

There's about 20 of these ladies.
Butterfly Gold, not a favourite of mine, but it's growing on me. I'm collecting some Pyrex for either an eventual booth or "brick & mortar" shop. If you can believe it, there is a store downtown Toronto that was charging $25 for the 442! A 444 Gooseberry (not pink) was $35 at another store & not even in very good condition!

I love vintage stationery, especially strawberry scented Strawberry Shortcake. 

Eager Beavers tea towel by Ulster & a set of toaster salt & pepper shakers.

This weekend I am going to an antique market & tomorrow I am going to get a fantastic piece of Pyrex. I'll be posting it soon. I'm excited!

Linking up with Thrifty Things Friday.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Flea Market Finds

As always, some fun finds & linking up with Flea Market Finds with Her Library Adventures.

My absolute favourite find this week is this The White Spider Rabbit - The White Rabbit - drinking glass, priced at 99cents from Goodwill! I looked, but can't find any information on the glass. Alice In Wonderland drinking glass set? I've never seen any glasses like it before. Anybody got anything? 

We brought my up cat, Miss Hands (named after the infamous Mr. Hands), to Pickering to finish up her spaying, she got her stitches snipped & she's all done - yay! & I went to the Value Village up in Ajax, which has never produced anything too interesting, but picked up this Pyrex jar, which smells so strongly of paprika that when I opened it in the car the scent instantly filled up the whole car & my boyfriend yelled at me to close it.
(vintage 1975 Pyrex, Corning birds jar)

OMG - it looks so filthy because i had it soaking with dish soap & water.
It's actually extremely clean! Just want that overbearing stench of paprika gone!
Some 7UP Uncola glasses - I see these often, but these were in absolute MINT condition, so too good to pass up. 

Another Anchor dominos bowl. They had another one in the shop, but I DON'T BUY CHIPPED THINGS.. anymore. 

A KISS record for 99cents & some more Treasure Troll wrapping paper! 

I just wanted to post these, an eBay buy - silicone cupcake cups! Love the colours & they were about 6 bucks. Absolutely perfect for pizza cupcakes!

Posts coming up sometime this month:
Bestie Shopping Spree
Pink Pyrex Cleanup
How To Stack Your Pyrex

Also, Tuesday - if the boyfriend is rested - a suburban strip thrifting trip.

Oh, one last find.. months ago I found this vintage Screen Stars t-shirt. A short I liked to say back in high school: