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Monday, July 30, 2012

Thrifted Glasses.

Thrifted Glasses

Took a small detour to stop at a local Goodwill & happened upon what I consider a total gem! One of my faovourite things to thrift, besides Pyrex, is THIRST AID glassware. They are very rare finds, but I do find them occasionally. I've so psyched! 

I bought 2 of these for 75% off at Goodwill, as they were the clearance colour today. I already had two similar ones at home (thought they were matching), but they still look excellent together. 

Lastly, this vintage 4cup Pyrex measuring cup for $3.99 for Value Village. This will be for soap making... which will be attempted Friday! It's been hard to find a larger measuring cup, reasonably priced, chip free! But if you wait long enough... 

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Happy Thrifting

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Thrift Haul Revealed (Part One)

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Thrift Haul Revealed
Part One

On Wednesday I posted 2 pictures of a gigantic thrift haul I had piled on the top of my credenza. Here is part of that haul. 

I'm in love! My favourite 3 finds. Finally got my hands on some pink Butterprint! 473, the largest of the Bake Serve Store Casseroles, the seller knew what they had, although, she didn't know I had a lid that I paid only a $1 for at Value Village! I paid approximately $20 less than the price she was wanting to sell for since she had planned on listing on eBay sans lid. The JAJ daisy was another piece I bought off Kijiji, my first daisy piece, without a lid. Sneaky me, had another lid for this piece at home! Next, my absolute fav, the coral red JAJ snowflake. Absolutely flawless & I paid the price at Goodwill for it too. When I saw it, I gasped, made a beeline for the shelf & almost took a guy out when I bent down, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Goodwill price? $16.01. They normally don't price their pieces this high... I couldn't say no

Butterfly Gold, JAJ Daisy, Pink Butterprint
All completed with lids I had around the house

I found these fun vintage shot glasses at Value Village for a buck each! Fabulous. 

A few linens... I picked up these never used, beautifully embroidered Guinness bar towels for just over $2 (3 of them) & plane on listing on eBay. For some reason, my fiance wants to keep one. He's convinced he's going to have a "man bar" (haha) when we get a house. These bowlers crying towels, 50cents a piece, don't think are vintage, but will make for fun times at the bowling alley. 

These tins are by Simel. I don't know much about Simel. Other people have listed these as vintage on Etsy. Are they? Tins were made in Spain. $1 at Bibles for Missions. 

This egg lamp with feet is my second one. I wasn't going to look at the lamps as I was being hurried (*ahem*), however, I had a feeling & specifically went with this egg lamp in mine. I have come across one other egg lamp that I accidentally broke in the shop when trying to open the lamp part. So happy to have another! Now one can go on each side of the bed & will fit perfectly with our his & his mid century modern tables beside the bed. 

A few more things for this post... 
an old Thermos Avon bottle, little fridgie without a lid & a 403 orange Pyrex bowl. 

I will see you sometime later this week with a few more items from that haul. Like every Sunday, going to be linking up with Her Library Adventures for Flea Market Finds. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thrift Haul Tease.

A LOT of stuff has made it into my house in the past week.. it's overflowed from the top of the credenza and onto the floor!

I need a day or four to wrap my head around all of it & get it all in order.
Pyrex, Fire King, linens, 1980's, nostalgia, items for resale.
Stuff flown back on a plane, picked up at thrift stores, bought off Craigslist
I've been busy.

 *** *** ***

Fiance says it's too much... 


Monday, July 23, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Oh Christmas Tree

For about 2 years I have been searching the thrifts, scouring Kijiji & Craigslist for an aluminum Christmas tree, so my fiance & I can celebrate the holidays in style. The only trees I ever came across were at a vintage shop called Funky Junky & I do believe they were charging $300 for this tree... At the time I saw it, it was 50% off, so actually was only $150. Ahh, nah thanks. It looked like a pile off trash, too.

So, been looking on eBay. Buying on off season you still have some fierce bidding, but pretty much like all auctions, I got the item I wanted. Shipping on this item to Canada was too good - $15! Another seller was selling a vintage Sparkler & was charging $125! Are these people insane? 

Anyways, final selling price? $30.
A total of $45 for my vintage Sparkler aluminum tree. 
Can't wait until it arrives in its new home.  
(pics are from eBay auction)

I'm not looking for some vintage pink & blue Shiny Brites - you think they will go well with this tree?

Joining up with Flea Market Finds.
Also linking up with Christmas in July:

I will also be picking up this beauty this Wednesday, as well as doing a little shopping. Luckily, I found a lid a couple weeks back for this size at Salvation Army for $2.99! LUCKKKKY!! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Thrift Scores

This weeks thrift scores... 

My local Goodwill, which hasn't produced much lately, was actually pretty good this week, well, if you consider producing 5 alright condition Hazel Atlas (?) mugs & a clock I mistakenly took for vintage (where was my head?), but is still pretty darn cool. It was very hard to find information on this Assembly clock, which is head to toe made of rubber, which made me think it was pretty rare. It was very hard to Google though, clock & assembly seem to go hand in hand. I did find one similar one on eBay - just a different face plate, which was located in the UK, which had sold for just over $20 US. Does anybody know anything about this company - Assembly? 

Some more pix of those lovely mugs... 

Some eye candy:
Pyrex in excellent condition.
A Verde Pyrex divided dish from a Value Village I haven't been in in so long - $6.99. MINT. 

A almost complete set of Butterprint mixing bowls - still need a 404... Kind of expensive for Goodwill, but whatevs. I paid $18 (plus tax) for my first set (excluding the 404) from an antique mall & $18.18 for this set, tax free. I have to confess, I really have a problem. I can't stop buying Butterprint. I have about 30-35 pieces, maybe more.

I absolutely love that I'm adding a Ghostbusters flat sheet to my collection! Totally rad! It'd be even radder if the donors had donated the pillow case - I guess it glows in the dark! Oh well, it'll turn up... eventually. 

I have been looking for a photo album to use.. for something. IDK what, but it was on my list. I haven't found one that fit the bill in the past few months I have been looking, but this one is just perfect & absolutely adorable. Do you love it? $2.99! Value Village, never used. 

From the same Value Village comes this New Kids on the Block vinyl, a tour souvenir from England only 99cents! 

That's all folks!
No Ohio for me, things don't always work out.
I will, however, be going to Windsor.
But, unfortunately, Windsor hasn't been too good to me thrifting wise lately.
But I may be venturing to a thrift or two in Michigan, near Detroit, or antique malls or flea markets. Any recommendations from my American friends? 

Going to link up with Flea Market Finds.

(just adding some key words for anybody Googling about that Assembly clock, since it was hard for me: vintage Assembly clock orange rubber white Quartz contemporary 1970s pedestal reproduction)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Garage Saling With Sir Thrift-A-Lot!

Garage Saling With Sir Thrift-A-Lot!

The day started early for 2 non-morning after going to bed a 2ish lovers - 7AM. I made a mix CD, packed the cooler & we were out the door. This was the first time we made the trek out garage saling, after saying we're going to do it since last spring (& estate sales during the winter!). There were so many attempts, we finally made it

Things started looking grim as we turned the corner where the first sale was supposed to be - 8AM start time & a few people in the middle of the street & sidewalk with the look of WTF is going on. Great, no sale. 

Shortly thereafter, the rain began, but before the rain began we made it to 2 pathetic sales & one with outrageously priced, ugly framed prints - $50 - $100 for a frame print that's not really anything special? I can order that shit from eBay for $10 & a nicer frame at the thrift for $5. 

We happened across one still active yard sale during the rain & I picked up this Omnibus cookie jar. For my booth/store. Price wasn't too bad.
(street sales, yard sales.. all closed up due to rain).

We stopped at the side of the road to check out these tables set up at the side of the road, nothing but junk... but just as we were leaving I spotted those Ghostbusters glasses I have been collecting. SCORE! His friend tells us he has about 6-7. We ask the price. $10 each!!
We laugh all the way to the car.. I bought these glasses last week at the thrift for $1!! Dude, you ain't running some collectible shop, you've got some table at the side of the road in the rain.

Oh, I got this Green Ivy Pyrex bowl from a Value Village along the way. 

Toronto is great as it has a little bit of everything, we even went to a "gothic yardsale" (as it was advertised) where you could have bought anything from a collectible gold plated 1980's Ninja Turtle to a used bondage set for $100!
They did have something interesting, a zip-lock bag of 1980's Smurf figurines, price? $3.. each.. Damn girl, I can buy two or three of these at the thrift store in a bag for $3. You're having a garage sale!

I might attempt a sale or two this Saturday - there is one a few streets over from my house. x fingers, toes crossed x.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Craigslist Pyrex Buys

I had to get my sister to pick these up for me, extremely surprised she did, but I think her hidden agenda was to get me to look for a pink wig for her in Toronto for the Nicki Minaj show in Detroit. The pieces worked out to $5 each! I'll post more pictures when they come home with me on the weekend I go to Ohio!

QUESTION: How much do you think is too much to pay for one pink Butterprint Bake Serve & Store (no lid)?
Right now, besides the pink piece above, a similar one that is CAKED in grease that I couldn't get clean (have yet to try oven cleaner though) & two pieces of pink Gooseberry, my collection of pink is tiny. I'd like my pink to grow.

Here is a picture to cloud your judgement: 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Suburban Strip Thrifting Trip!

Yesterday was yet another Suburban Strip Thrifting Trip with my fiance. We hit a number of thrift stores, but the quality was low. Did find a few things & the jackpot of the day was at a store I usually hate going into because turnover SUCKS! They have a sign that says "1000's of items arriving daily". Even though they have that sign posted, I doubt they have "1000's of items arriving daily." Maybe at all their locations put together, but I doubt over that much enters that shop on a daily basis. They did have some great items this time, 

a Pyrex bowl I never knew existed - a Turquoise Gooseberry Cinderella bowl for only $1.99!

A Popples cake pan. My cake pans are piling up, luckily I got the apron below too at a Salvation Army for only a buck! 

Also picked up these 2 Slimer Ghostbusters glasses. MINT. Already have one, but Slimer is my fav. 

Also picked up some Pyrex pieces. 

Spring Blossom Green & Zodiac.
Zodiac isn't in the mintiness of shape, but I doubt I'll see one again besides on eBay.

Fire King white swirl bowls seem to be plentiful, found another one, maybe the larger or second largest in the set? Anyways, here it is next to one of the ones I found last week.

I'm going camping at The Pinery here in Ontario just after my birthday, so this vintage Transformers sleeping bag will come in handy, only $4.99. 

If anyone is able to help with a blog redesign, I'd really love some help. Sir Thrift-A-Lot hasn't had any changes since it's birthday (okay, maybe a column has gotten a little larger, but that's about it).