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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goodwill today: Owl, Pyrex & NES.

I decided to hit the Goodwill's today before I left for Windsor, one last hurrah you can say. 50% off day is usually Friday & I avoid it like the plague. At my regular Goodwill I've seen people get violent, people move whole shelves to get items they've hidden during the week, the aftermath of a women who have had their purses stolen, shoplifters, people having 3 buggies FULL TO THE BRIM with items (pushing them all themselves..), people steal things out of other peoples buggies, I've waited in line to pay for an item for 45 minutes... god knows what else goes on there! Never make a point of visiting on discount days, will pop in if I am in the area or go in on a discount day accidentally if they change it from Friday. It's not worth the headache & usually there is nothing left & the store is torn apart. Unfortunately, it was discount day. I found a Care Bears mug that I carried around for a few minutes, but after looking at the line of approximately 35 people, I decided that I'll pass. My time means more to me than this mug ever will. I would have happily slammed down a $1.51, paying regular price, and be on my merry way without waiting in line, but wouldn't do it for a Care Bears mug. A Fire King mug on the other hand...

So I had started going to this new Goodwill. Should I stay or should I go? That's all that was going through my head. Is this new Goodwill going to be as crazy as this one on 50% off day? Obv, I wouldn't have my answer until I checked it out on 50% off day, so I decided to go. I feels like I got my cure. I'll be visiting this place again soon for 50% off day. As soon as I walking in again, I had this wide eyed owl staring at me from the shelf, scooped him up ASAP. I scoured the shelf for Pyrex. They had a 402 Butterprint that has been there for weeks, so sad, faded condition. Also had the green bowl from the primary set, also faded with many utensil marks. Made my way down the aisle where the Pyrex is kept about 3 times, finally spotted the 402 stuck in another bowl. Score! The owl has to be my favourite purchase. I just noticed that his feet aren't in this photo. I like the photo I took for once, so I'm going to leave it & maybe take a pic of him another day!

All this, $5.80
(not taxable)
Pyrex - 402 Butterprint - $1.52
Owl bank - $2.02
NES game dust jackets - 50cents each
Tanya Tucker TNT vinyl - 76cents

Monday, May 30, 2011

Putting the owl to work!

Saturday night the wife came home with flowers from his night out on the town, lovely. Damage control or an actual affectionate gesture? I think I'm a little too pessimistic. Gloomy like the owl perched upon the branch on this vase.

I feel kinda like the housewife who takes pictures of her flowers because it's such a rare occurrence. It's not that rare of occurrence around here & I just wanted to show the vase in action.

All items in the photo, except the flowers (I hope), are second hand.

PS: about 54 hours until I leave for Windsor, YAY!
Will be doing a Goodwill trip later today, x fingerscrossed x
FUNKY JUNKY: stackacble bowls, VALUE VILLAGE: vase, gravis skateboard decor, s & p shaker blocks, EBAY: lightblub s & p shakers, FLOWERS: the wife

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sharing on Monday.

So, not spending money is F'ing hard. In the past 4 days, I think the wife & I flew through over $200, maybe even $250 & there weren't any large purchases: french fries, hamburger bandages, douchebag & hot mess shot glasses, Pyrex, cat smell remover, food, more food, Pepsi, Fred battery sale & pepper shakers ($4.99 on clearance!)... haven't amassed a bunch of stuff to show for it.

I took to the subway & braced getting lost this past Thursday to visit a Goodwill which I have taken a liken too. It's just as far as a Value Village I often visit that I haven't had too much luck in lately, so I think I've found a new home.

Some of my purchases from Goodwill's this week:

2x Federal Bowls - $4.04
1x Federal Bowl (larger) - $5.05
(this one is for eventual resale, or trade)
The Cracker Barrel Pyrex jar - $4.04
(for eventual resale or trade)
Pee Wee Herman - Big Top Pee Wee cassette soundtrack 51cents
Wheel of Fortune NES Nintendo game - $3.03
3x Universal Monsters figures - 49cents each
vintage tablecloth - $2.99
PYREX - $4.04 (with lid!)

Krazy Kaptions - $2

The Universal Monsters were made in 1990, all 3 are sealed "Bend 'Ems". Fun toys. The Pyrex 473-B Shenandoah Casserole. This sucker was hid behind a radio at the back of the store. I don't even know why I was looking there, never look at the radios. Fate, I guess.

So I have never bought a tablecloth before, but I was compelled to buy this one, whether for resale or to keep. I'm not sure if I'll be able to resale as it has a stain, a catch or 2 & has discoloration.. is there anyway to get that discoloration out? I was just to fond of the graphics to leave this one behind.

In this photo, if you look close you might be able to make out the discoloration, it's the yellowing where the border of the cloth is. It's hard to photograph, of course. Any advice?



Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Recent record pick ups.

Goodwill - $1.51
New Kids On The Block - You Got IT (The Right Stuff)
Care Bears - Meet The Care Bears
Care Bears - Care For You (not picture)
Lily Tomlin - On Stage
Back to the Future soundtrack

Value Village - $1.99
New Kids On The Block - Games

I picked up the New Kids On The Block - You Got It record at the same Goodwill I picked up the Butterprint Pyrex. It was the first time I visited that shop. Bought it along with every other vinyl listed under Goodwill except for the Care For You, which I bought today. I had left those vinyls on the floor for 2 days for some reason in the living room. Maybe it has to do with the move & everything being so disorganized, stacked & boxed up. Anyways, lesson learned. I got up early, feeling fantastic for once, was on the computer then got up to go to get ready for work, was gone about 3 minutes & my one cat Kleo had was sitting on the windowsill, when I came back she was still on the windowsill, but looking very scared. I noticed she had thrown up all over the records... ALL OVER. The New Kids one, the ones I was so excited over, covered in watery cat vomit. It suffered some damage, so did the Lily Tomlin & Back to the Future. Fortunately the Care Bears record is still sealed (originally priced at $4.77 at Wal-Mart), so no damage there! This is going under a new section, STUFF MY CATS RUINED as the list is QUITE LONG... They always seem to ruin the things I'm really excited about or really enjoy, so it's extremely frustrating & I do get really upset about it.

(Heart Chair, Black Heart Plate, Vice Magazines, MTV Book, Princess Pill Jar, Clothing, New Kids On The Block Pillow, Purple Couch... among other items). With urine, claws & vomit.

Can't even put certain items on display for fear it will be ruined.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Joining Thrift Share Monday

Once again joining in this holiday Monday on Thrift Share Monday over at Apron Thrift Girl. I found some OK finds this week! I'm digging them.

I made the trek to a Goodwill with my friend (she drove) that we've never been to before. It wasn't too impressive, but it was good nonetheless & I can see it yielding some treasures in future visits. I did a public transit plan using their website & they estimated the time arriving there to be 45 minutes. Not too bad. I spend about that time getting to one of the Value Villages I frequent. Upon arrival, I spotted #401 Butterprint bowl, $2.02, in very grimy condition. The second time I've seen this bowl in the wild & one of my favourite patterns. Upon further scouring of the shelves a #442 appeared in fair condition. Never seen this one in the wild either, so home it came - $3.03. The #401 cleaned up nicely. #442 has some utensil marks that are visible in the photos.

I stopped at 3 Value Village stores within the downtown core in about a 3 hours period, this is all I found.

1980's Tupperware Christmas Stackable Plates 4 x 69

1995 Spiderman Twin Bed Sheet - $4.99
Holly Hobbie Personal Address Book - $2.49

Holly Hobbie book was printed made in Japan.

We had the red & orange stackable plates growing up, when I think about it, wow, did we ever damage those. They probably weren't even able to be donated once my mother finished with them.

Anyways, those were my finds.
11 days until thrifting in Windsor...
can't wait to see what the shelves hold.
3 Value Villages, 1 Salvation Army, 1 Curiosity/Antique Shop, 1 Bibles For Mission... hopefully some garage sales too!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Thrifty Things Friday

Thrifty Things Friday

Nothing too exciting today, although I did have some amazing finds this week, but am saving those for next week!

These made in Japan shot glasses were bought from Value Village for 99cents each. There are 7 & I knew there had to be more in the set, but was talking into getting them. I got them back in December & they had sat on my kitchen counter, complete with price tags, for 5 months. They`re finally packed away for the move. My favourite one is the gun one. That`s the only one I really wanted.

I picked up 6 of these, 3 of each. I just love tacky `80s items. They were 29cents each from Goodwill. Also got three sheets of South Park stickers for the wife for the same price.


BTW, one of my favourite places to thrift is my hometown, Windsor, Ontario & I`m going to be going back in 2 weeks time - I can`t wait to see what great items I uncover!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vintage Monkey Traveller: eBay Splurge


I fell for this little traveller monkey finding him on eBay. You wind him up, he walks around taking photos. He even comes complete with a sight seeing book! This guy set me back $43 USD & shipping... some splurge on Pyrex or a night out on the town, me, I splurge on things like this.

What do you think?

(first time participating in her party!)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Thrift Share Monday.

This week I am a little late for the party, but better late then never. One good thing about being this late for the party - the food is always gone. Don't need anymore empty calories!

A variety of items this week. Check them out in a whole...

Last week I saw some Paula Abdul pins up at Funky Junky in Kensignton Market, but passed them by since I didn't have enough change in my pocket. I've been a Paula fan ever since my sister started rocking her in the late '80s - I really didn't have a mind of my own. Really. She used to ask for my food for me. Everything. It was nice not having to talk. Anyways, still into the '80s. My point is, I can't stop singing "Straight Up" after watching Raja & Carmen lip sync for their life on Rupaul's Drag Race season 3. The best moment of the season. Check it out RIGHT HERE if you want. Anyways, 3/$5 at Funky Junky. 2 Paula & 1 Janet Jackson.

Another example of how I get to excited in thrifts. I looking through the pins for almost 5 mins, was expecting to find it right away. It's a huge basket. I was about to give up & ended up coming across 3 pins. 2 were identical.. I looked them over & handed them to the wife & said, "take a look at them, tell me which ones in better condition. I can't tell." He looks at me in disbelief, "really? you can't tell?" He turns them over, one is missing the pin part & has turned green from some water damage. Jeez!

This is one of those hard to photograph items, vintage candy jar for $1.99 (i think). I have a similar in style one, which is pictured on the left, which makes the new one on the right.

A Federal bowl bought from Goodwill, $1.51. It had a chip. I knew it when I bought it. I'm not sure my stance on chip in my collection, especially if it's for decoration & it can hid the chip. Would you buy a chipped bowl? Goodwill.

A made in Japan Easter decoration or planter? I'm going towards Easter decoration since it looks like it can hold eggs to make myself feel better since it's chipped & finding vintage Easter stuff around here isn't an easy feat. I forget what I paid for this, but I think I paid $1.99. From Value Village. Make me feel a little better about the purchase.. is the chip that bad?
If you can't see it, the chip is in the top left corner on the bottom picture.

AWESOME FIND! LOVE '80's!!! A Gremlins pencil case from 1984! It's well loved & I'm getting the sloppy seconds, but sloppy seconds aren't always that bad - I'm not going to feel bad about leaving a mess. $1.99 with some other random junk in a bag, which was donated back to the shop. From Talize.

Also didn't mention. I bought Film Threat with Courtney Love on the cover. I'm a Courtney Love fan & collector, but had sold off most of my collection when I moved out of my parents house. Slowly building it up, but with only what I find in the thrifts, other than CDs. Was very cool to find such a rare magazine in BMV for $1.99. Wasn't expecting this one.



PS: will be checking out a new Goodwill later this week! Hope it brings good tidings & cheer.