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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What are these?

What Are These?

Earlier this week I made a lot purchase because from first glance I knew I could make $100s off this lot after a bit of work & buy some special items from the antique markets or eBay that I can't get at the thrifts. Tucked in an envelope were these things, have no idea what exactly they are - at first I thought they were gummed labels, but nope, stuck some water, they don't stick. I am assuming they are scrapbooking embellishments sheets? If that is the case,

If these things are resellable, too, what key words would be fitting for these? Any recommendations while you're here? There are ones labelled with dates from the 1990s, these do look older, but looks can be deceiving. .. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thriftasaurus #84

Thriftasaurus #84

taped the poster [very poorly] to the wall for photo.

Greetings from Columbus, Ohio! I'm doing my like 3rd scheduled post, these things are weird, man. I hope it all goes as planned & I've yet to do an inlinkz scheduled linkup, so x fingers crossed x.

I've got 2 beauties 2 show off, one is one of my favourite finds from last year that I've never posted (I know, right?). Erin from Toronto Yard Sale Snoop has the most exciting booth in an antique market in Dundas, ON. I'm not just saying that (I'm not that nice), she really does. When she first posted pictures of her booth, I saw this "Anatomy of a Vandal" poster. I needed to have it. It was about 2 weeks until I was going to be able to attack that market in full force & she offered to bring it to me since she comes to Toronto for work & we are actually both in the madness that is Union Station during rush hour! So, I've taped it up for this picture, but I've meant to buy a frame for it. I don't want a thrifted frame, I am going to buy a black, plain Ikea frame - exciting right? These are usually damaged to heck at the thrifts. 

It's a 1979 school poster, I was told it was destined for the trash. It's amazing what schools toss. My BF's mom, when she came over & say my metal globes told me a few months before she just tossed about 25 in the trash.
Second - I bought a lamp with a lamp shade with everything you saw last week... and carried this 7 pound lamp (complete with lampshade attached) a 10 minute walk into a grocery store, grabbed some dragon fruit, walked around like an idiot trying to find some pita chips, hopped on a bumpy bus ride for 25 minutes, transfer on a 25 minute subway ride, transferred another 5 minute subway ride & another 8 minute walk home. Dedication, right? But seriously, it was like someone carrying a lamp on the subway was the most bizarre thing anyone has ever seen. I only wanted the lamp shade from the lamp, but yeah, it was just like one I have been looking for, but seems a tad disproportionate. Oh well!

I hope this scheduled post works out! 

Can't wait to come back from Ohio & see what you all found... 


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thriftasaurus #83

Thriftasaurus #83

Happy Easter Thrifters! This year, no day of celebrations for me. We usually go to my boyfriends moms & his sister cooks, but she is in the hospital (again), so I will be staying home, cleaning & packing up our apartment while my boyfriend is working. The doctors say she should be out on Monday. We'll all be going down to Ohio & going to his aunts for Easter celebrations next weekend. 

I wasn't going to go out this week, but I am pretty damn glad I did. Before anything else, I also want to say, I found a total of $15 this week! Psyyyyyched! I went out because I was stressed & needed time alone. I went out without any expectations aside from having some time alone. Maybe that's the mentality I should always have?

First up, some of my favourite shades of Pyrex! One of my favourite patterns is Butterprint. I love it in all colours & sizes, but my ultimate favourite colour & size is the 471 white on turquoise! I was so excited to find this in the thrift. I only have one & bought it at an antique market in Michigan for $12 without a lid. The thrift store one is near mint. Love it! When I got off the bus, even though I never find Pyrex at this particular thrift anymore & had no expectations, I just had a feeling like I was going to find a pink piece. & look what sat on the shelf? 

I saw this at a thrift before & passed because my BF was home & I can only sneak so much inside the house when he's home, so I left it. We later went into an antique market & it was in a booth & he commented on how cool it was. Really boo? It was $3 at the thrift store, now it's like $28 at the antique market.

Yup, rhinestone eyes get me every time. These S&P shakers, made in Japan. 

Don't you love this classic set of Jolly Juvenile Notes? The illustrations are a lot of fun. It's missing that beautiful candy cane pen, though. Too bad. 

I bought a lamp, too. I know, you're quoting me, "I thought you said you're not a lamp guy!?" I'll save the story & photos for next time because getting pictures of the lamp & to the lamp & stuff is too complicated right now. Hope the bunny was good to you... 

BTW, it was my anniversary today - we've been together for 7 years! No celebrations, we never even saw each other. We are working too hard.



Monday, April 14, 2014

Pyrex Collectors: What's Your Rarest Piece?

Pyrex Collectors
It's bragging time - what's your rarest piece? 

Since I have acquired this piece, I haven't seen it for sale. Just recently it was up for sale on eBay in the United Kingdom. The piece is the coral red snowflake space saver. Surprisingly I picked mine up off the shelf at Goodwill a few years ago when shelf Pyrex was more plentiful in the area. I assure you it was only on the shelf because it was priced at $16.01. 

It's also pretty safe to say that if the seller was able to ship to USA/Canada the piece would have sold for higher. I need to stop telling my boyfriend how much things are worth. He bothers me to sell, sell, sell

It's a JAJ piece & did you know that I am now just finding out that JAJ means "James A. Jobling" & this piece is from the Gaiety line. Gaiety has to be my favourite line/pattern of Pyrex.


(i get a lot of people who ask... just thought I would say in advance!)
  So, with that revelation, fellow collectors, I'd love to know - what is your rarest piece?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thriftasaurus #82


Good evening thrifters! How was your week in thrifting? Garage sale season start yet?

I went to my favourite church sale this week - arriving 70 minutes early to be the 40th person in line. According to the guy & his wife in front of me, there were 4 dealers at the front doors. Shit, eh? Next time, it's 2 hours early? Anyways, even with being 40 minutes early, I was first to arrive to the kitchenware table. I picked up the Jadeite shakers & a Verde divided (not pictured), the beautiful made in Japan ice cream scoop & the egg things, which were a nickel each. I think now, are they really me? The Pyrex, I have 4 of these, Verde was once my favourite. I bought this, I believe, only so no dealer would have the satisfaction of getting to buy it for a low, low price. Everything was $3.50. I paid with a $10 & left it at that. Charity. Next stop was the stationery table, nada. Nada anywhere else, too. That's OK - thrifts await! I looked for the old woman who was there a year ago, she had said she would bring some more vintage cards, but I missed the fall sale. She wasn't there. I could have missed her in all the chaos, but my morbidity took over & all I could think of is that she passed away. Also, some bitch yelled at me in the linens section. To exit the linen section it's about a foot wide & 3 feet long.. so only one person at  a time. We both got there at the same time, I let her go first. She stops to look at more linens, so I say very politely, "excuse me, sorry, can I just pass by?" Chick freaks! If I wasn't on a buy high, I could of boxed her. People really need to cool their jets. 

What do you think? My third & fourth piece of Jadeite in the wild. My only on the shelf thrift store find - I broke inside the store! Almost died. From the amount of grime caked onto these when I found them (it was nail scraping good), I don't think they are repros, but I don't know anything about Jadeite. The lids are in such great condition!

This cat figurine with the yarn is to. die. for. It was 99cents. I can't believe how cute it is. I don't really find figurines cute enough to bring home anymore, but jeez, I can't get over this one. Also a cute set of salt & pepper shakers. The whiskers are kinda trashed, but they have all their diamonds. Great display pieces either way.

Suitcases aren't me, but I loved this one. I wanted to buy it to resell it. What should I price it? It is in fantastic condition without that vintage smell. When I undid the zipper, the coldest/oldest air came out. So weird! 

 Pyrex! I don't have this Horizon Blue (at least I don't think) & I really bought this for the lid. Did this casserole come with a clear lid as well as a decorated lid? 

I picked up a grab bag with no name crayons & this box of Valentines. I was convinced they were all inside & if they weren't, was going to use the box as a display piece (I like the side of it best). I was disappointed when I sat down at Harvey's & first opened it up - not what I expected! Good, fun stuff (other stuff not pictured that was OK...) & one of my favourite paper/card/ephemera finds ever!

& this. The best find ever! 1956 Selcraft Products, USA.

I had to call it quits again this week. A 7am wake up call isn't me. When I don't sleep I go all Snickers. It was also going to be a 6 day work week. Next week, another 6 day work week! I know, right? Week after - on my way to Ohio! Can't wait to see what you picked up this week. 

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Thriftasaurus #81


 photo IMG_4482_zpsc97efe31.jpg

Hey thrifters! How was your week in thrifting? As you can see from the above photo, mine was pretty good! All your Pyrex well wishes & good Pyrex vibes paid off! They are all pieces that I have yet to add to my collection, too. I brought a lot home this week. I can't remember the last time this much has come home from the thrifts with me. Whatever you do, don't tweet, instagram, text, Facebook, call or anything else my BF. He must not know how much came home! We're moving soon & well... he doesn't want me buying so much!
First things first, I bought a condiment dog! I've wanted one of these, plus a pair of salt & pepper decorations in the same style (not the same pattern, though). Blue Willow isn't totally me, but there doesn't seem to be too many condiment dogs out there. This is made in Japan. Also pictured are some vintage cards & a full set of Regal kitten notes (for sale/trade). 
  photo IMG_4500_zps7c0dc191.jpg

  photo IMG_4496_zps935d05f1.jpg

  photo IMG_4516_zpse044141c.jpg

I bought these anthropomorphic salt & pepper shakers because they were a buck! 

 photo IMG_4515_zpsf463d910.jpg

I'm not really a lamp buyer. I remember getting yelled at once in a resale shop by my mother for wanting to buy a vintage lamp. "You aren't plugging an old ratty chord into my plug! It's a fire hazard!" Oh okay. That's when I was 13 years ago. That was the same store that got me obsessed with vintage cards. They sold them for a dime each. I have bought 3 lamps since. One was from the mid 1990s & one seems to be from the 70s or late 60s.  Anyways, my newest lamp purchase is inspired by Van from Thrift Core. If it wasn't for her iconic lamp (view it here), I probably wouldn't have noticed this one. I know aside from the similarity in shape & that it's glazed (or something) there isn't much in common.. but yeah. I also for some reason ventured to an area of the store I never go to. Fate? This goes perfect on my small display case (full of Pyrex) next to my record player. I just need a shade. What colour would be perfect? I wouldn't know how to date a lamp. Any clue when it's from? I include a shot of bottom/plug. Annnnd..  maker? LOL. 

  photo IMG_4487_zps1df62ea5.jpg

 photo IMG_4493_zps86ebcd5d.jpg


My favourite Pyrex find of the week is the loaf pan. You don't see many loaf pans around here. I have one, which I got at Savers in New York for $4. This one is in pretty damn good condition! 

 photo IMG_4511_zps4704747e.jpg

Snowflake 444. Nice, yeah? 

 photo IMG_4507_zps2db6d099.jpg

The fridgie needed a clean up, but is in very good condition otherwise, lid had a few fleas, but whatever! Surprised it lasted a day at the thrifts. & this 474 Autumn Harvest completes my 470's Autumn Harvest set! This is a set I use all the time & for Thanksgiving. There was a lot of the Ponderosa mugs in the thrift store, but I only bought 4. 4 is a perfect set for me & I have for some reason wanted some.

 photo IMG_4514_zps7e100e3b.jpg

 photo IMG_4504_zps60fda858.jpg

Well, that's it for me this week! Lots going on around here (none thrift wise). Thank you everyone for linking up last week & hope to see you again this week. Thrift on!