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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

excuse the mess.

Excuse the mess. 
3 years with the same template,
I thought I would try to make some changes. 

I have only implemented one change so far that I truly wanted
the pink sparkly background. 

more to work on. 
(of course that header isn't staying)

What colour do you think would go well with the sparkles for all the areas that are pink?   

If a makeover doesn't work out, I can always paste my old code back in & watch reruns of Jenny Jones on Youtube.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What I Didn't Buy At The Thrift Store: Vintage Gems, Salsa & More!

Another edition of What I Didn't Buy At The Thrift Store. 

I wish I could have carried this chair home with me, but it totally wasn't feasible. From first glance it doesn't look vintage, but the frame & backing - tots vintage. Just couldn't carry it all by myself. The boy was all the way in Columbus! However, if the whole table set was there, I don't give a crap how, I'd have carried it back somehow. 

Leaving this Lustreware bread box behind at Salvation Army for $5 SUCKED, but the bread was barely visible & the bottom looked like it had been chewed on by a hamster. 

Same thrift - this blue 502 Pyrex fridgie & Butterprint bowl (can't really tell, but it's been in the dishwasher a little bit), $7.99. They also had Old Orchard Cinderellas, mixing bowls, an Early American Bake Serve & Store (rough around the edges...), Woodland.. all at this one thrift. 

Glasbake with a lid!?

Bulk salsa & BBQ sauce from an antique market - PASS!  

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Thriftasaurus is coming early this weekend because I have a homecoming tomorrow after work & he's bringing Pyrex! The boyfriend went to Columbus, OH to visit his family for a week for Thanksgiving & I stayed home to take care of our dog, Charlie. We had a fantastic week together, but we've been missing somebody & are glad they are coming home tomorrow. 

This week the thrifts were.. different to me. I don't have a lot of time to talk about it tonight, but I basically felt defeated for a lot of reasons. I did hit pretty decently at one of the last thrifts of the week. I do want to write about it, but maybe later this week. 

The fridgies, the TMNT figurine & the Snowflake were all from the same thrift. They were all put out that day. I dislike how Value Village stopped putting the date on their items (loved knowing how long it was on the floor) & have been thinking a lot about their tagging. I just wanted to know when these were put out, so I kindly asked the worker putting items out. She ripped my head off. I don't quite  know why. She ended up asking me, "what does it matter?!" After initially ripped my head off. I just said, "what does it matter what does it matter? I was just curious, chill the hell out." Really don't know why she chose to flip out on me, but I won't put up with someone treating me like that, especially when I'm being nice. & I can't believe it was only $4.99 for the Snowflake, excellent condition, with lid, no chips. I thought I had it - guess not!

Anyways, Pinky & The Brain wrapping paper - way cool, some older polka dot wrapping paper & some vintage Christmas wrapping paper from Pioneer, which is a Canadian gas station chain. 

I wasn't too sure about buying this Goosebumps sheet.. I didn't want to a thrift regret, but I sorta do. This doesn't quite fit into my vintage flat sheet collection, so it might wind up going to our dog.   

I know Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, at least the vintage ones, can sell for a pretty penny on eBay, so I was quite excited to find a sealed Baxton Stockman action figure, still sealed. Turns out to not be one of the bigger sellers, but can still sell. 

I also found some Hollie Hobbie Christmas cards, unused with envelopes, which are now listed on eBay (starting $6.99 with a BIN for $8.99).

(if you're interested)

I also got a #503 yellow primary fridgie, without a lid... I find those often... OK, it was with a lid, but I put it towards the Blue Horizon! And... I bought a Town & Country divided dish.. for $4 because I wanted the lid. :/. I can't find one of these damn lids. 

Well, looking forward to what everything turned up this week! 

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Vintage Photos of Pyrex in Use!

My fav is the one using the Butterprint. Just look at the retro Pepsi bottle & the woman's fabulous hair!


Sunday, November 18, 2012


Welcome to Thriftasaurus. I hope you join us & show off some of your amazing thrift, yard sale, antiquing & other second hand finds!

The thrifts this week were pretty lacking in the Toronto area, which is OK, I guess because they have been pretty good to me lately, don't you think? We took this past Saturday to go to a couple of little antique malls we know, along with 2 thrift stores I like that I don't get to often. 

The biggest bargin was this 50% off Fire King bowl costing me only $2.50. This is from the antique market that peddles bargain containers of salsa, store brand oatmeal (that has been there for months - ew!) & half used containers of cat litter. We were also wrestling with the idea of buying a wine fridge for $15 - it worked & was in mint condition, but then we thought about the hydro bill & the fact that we can walk 10 steps to the fridge... 

Despite this market being "junky", the 2 times I have been here, I have found some nice items. I also found these Pyrex pieces here. I just have to say, I really love refrigerator dishes. A lot. I also have to say, I love space savers. A lot. This one, is a JAJ Snowflake, so it's a bit rounded. I need a lid. I am confident I will find one - hopefully before Christmas! I paid $8, no tax. Good price? 

Also found these New Kids On The Block dolls. My fiance complains about the amount of items we have in the home & as I am paying for the stuff, I only had Joe & he said, "did you see the other doll?" & he ran & got it, lol. Really... you're complaining, but running to get me a NKOTB doll? Silly boy. 

Oh deer, pure cuteness. 

Had to get this towel, loved it! 

Some vintage Christmas! Cute mugs for white hot chocolate & whipped cream with a cute little vintage Santa. Mugs are made in Japan. I found a similar decanter, with polka dot pattern, but I guess after seeing someone else buy this recently it's called a Houndstooth decanter. $1.99 with lid, couldn't pass. Also couldn't pass on the egg jar. Now all I need is a few light bulb jars.

 I found these 2 cute Christmas tea towels - does anyone know the maker (took a photo, but no clue what it says). 

That's all this week, looking forward to seeing all the treasures everybody has acquired this week!
I won't be going tomorrow, but to everybody who is going to the Value Village sale in Canada tomorrow - Happy Hunting. 


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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weak Mid-Week Thrifting & What I Didn't Buy...

WOW. Thrifting in these parts has been WEAK this week. 7 stores, 4 daily trips to my local Goodwill & I only picked up 2 small things!

This Thirst Aid glass for 99cents. 

This glass was worth the trip. My fiance & I have only ever had 4 "big fights" (that's about 1 a year..) & 2 of them revolved around Thirst Aid glasses. He accidentally knocked this exact glass out of the cupboard while he was doing dishes (dishes!? I'm just as shocked as you are.) & I flipped out on him. I ended up calling him stupid, he slammed what was left of the glass on the ground & it escalated from there. The second fight about the Thirst Aid glasses was when I bought 2 martini glasses from Goodwill & he cleaned the apartment for once.. why, I don't know, he never cleans, I'm Molly Maid & I'm not very good at it, & it was still wrapped in the the paper in the bag, the other one was on the counter.. he threw garbage in the bag & down the shoot it went. He went as far as to ask the security guard to let him into where the garbage drops so he can search for the glass. It took over 2 years, but I once again have a set of 6! Still looking for a second martini glass though... 

And this Easter card for 29cents. "Cards By Kay", made in Canada. I love these retro cards! I don't have many, if any, retro/vintage Easter cards. 

INSIDE: "I'll Just Think It!"

And I was digging through some boxes & came across these amazing vintage Jingle Bells from Eaton's (original 25cents). Had to share! 

Here is what I didn't buy at the thrift store... 

This groovy, retro owl candle for $6.06. I really don't know what I'd do with the hunk of wax. I have another large candle & it discolours everything. Cute, tho

I spy with my little eye 5 too many Glasbake dishes. The exact same dish, exact same condition, priced the exact same day - $2.02 & $3.03.

Hope everyone is having a great week! See you Sunday for Thriftasaurus! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thriftasaurus Thrift Haul Linkup

This week in...

If you're a regular reader you might recognize some of the items I'm posting today, 3 of the items I'm posting today, I've found in the past month.

About a month ago I found a Black Snowflake Pyrex Space Saver at Salvation Army. A Salvation Army that normally has the worst merch ever. Times have changed. When I found the first one, it was tucked in a corner under another dish, it was filthy. I found my new Black Snowflake under the same circumstances in the same store! Also found this 503 Yellow refrigerator dish from the same shop. Have only ever found 1 other 503 at a thrift with a lid. I realize now that I should have cleaned the snowflakes before photographing.

Tupperware lovers, just out of curiosity, what year is this from? I've got a couple other pieces like this, just wondering. 

I found a beautiful set of red canisters the other week & a while ago I find quite a similar pair of yellow canisters - except they were 10x the price. I paid $2.99 for these. Not in tip-top shape, but that's fine. My other set has a mismatched lid. 

I don't have a data plan // smart phone // whatever, so I still have to send my trusty fiance texts & have him look up some items that I am not sure if they will sell or not. Other times I just go with my gut. I saw this unused towel set & asked him to check online.. nothing, but he told me to get it. Little did I know he was a Mighty Ducks fan growing up. I think he wants to keep them. 

I've wanted a good, affordable set of these mugs for awhile. Glad I finally found a pair.    

Both shortly for sale on my eBay page - a Strawberry Shortcake stationary (not complete, but will be pairing with some vintage, scented Strawberry Shortcake cards) & some NIP Dick Tracy suspenders. 

Thanks for checking out my finds & thanks everybody for linking up last week. Can't wait to see what everybody has thrifted this week!

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