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Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend finds!

It's just after midnight on Monday night & I am finally posting my weekend finds. Didn't have much of a thrifting weekend as I was stuck working for the man. I did however make it out just before closing to Goodwill & a Value Village on the west side of the city. A Sunday night at Goodwill is always slim pickings. The weekend crowd has cleared the place out, the shelves are baron & the staff are getting rid of the unsaleables & tossing them. I did see two Butterprint Pyrex dishes, so badly faded that they were still there from when I had seen them 5 days beforehand. Books were also 50% off. They had 'Courtney Love: The Real Story' by Poppy Z. Brite, but I've already got it & have reread it many times. Left Goodwill empty handed.

Got both items at Value Village. Items came to $5.62. I think I just about lost out on the unicorn salt & pepper shakers. I was getting the 'ihateyouputitdown' eyes from this 45 year old man right after i picked them up, especially since he was almost there.

I'm psyched about the silver round.. ash tray? I took a pic next to the one I already have. This one is quite larger than the other one I have. These are ash trays, right? $2.99. 99cents each for the shakers.

Friday, January 28, 2011



Something I reckon I'll never come across in the thrifts, a NIB 1991 MC Hammer doll complete with cassette. This is the exact same doll that I will be receiving. As you can see there is some wear on the top corner. I can deal. The total was $18, shipped to Canada from the US. Generally, all the dolls (New Kids on the Block, Vanilla Ice, Steve Urkel, MC Hammer) are $21.95 or so, shipped priority USPS. Luckily I scored with this seller. I'm gonna love this doll. I might even get a set of matching pants.

Sir Thrift A Lot is.. too legit... too legit to quit. !!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Salt & Pepa's Back!

Back to the salt & pepper shaker collection. Picked up 2 interesting sets the past week & a half, I am reckoning both made in Japan. I am certain that the Humpty Dumpty couple was, as it is stamped JAPAN, not certain about the others, look like they may have been. They are encrusted in what I imagine are priceless jewels & they are actually worth $1,000's more than the $1.49ea that I paid for them. The lady on the left is missing a jewel on her right hip, poor girl. The second set, the Humpty Dumpty couple came with another shaker, it was a pickle.. a lonely pickle, who was once a cucumber. These guys spent many nights all over each other in a bag on the pegs of Value Village for the price of $2.99.

Back on the track of Salt & Pepa. Who is aware that they are back together & on tour? They'll be playing Cleveland, Buffalo, Miami, New Orleans & Kansas. Salt & Pepa has been one of my favourite bands since the beginning.. Very Necessary, once of my classic albums. Here's a little taste with En Vogue. Pep is my favourite & I love the scene of her in the bathtub. I want to lose some weight so I can remake that scene. I'd look fabulous! Enjoy!

Oh, if anybody is in Ontario & close to Toronto & wants to drive over to Buffalo, I'm game! I'll even pay for gas!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paula Co.

Paula Co. has made some of my favourite stationary to come out of the late '60s & '70s. I love it's quirkiness, cuteness & the humor. Here are a couple of postcards that I will one day own, a girl can dream, can't she?

"You can't go wrong with me, but it's fun trying!" #339
"QUIET! Ulcers at work!" #409
"The opinions expressed by the Husband of the house... Are not necessarily those of the Management!" #265

WTF? Wednesday.

I don't know about you, but I'm not in need of another one of these. How much? Priceless.
(bringing it back old school, haven't done this since October last year it seems)

Funky purple couch...


This couch is a wonderful addition to my home. It felt wonderful to get rid of our disgusting, dirty, ripped, bloodied (don't ask), falling apart, used (not that there's anything wrong with that!) Ikea couch. I gave it a little kick after the 49 flight trek down the elevator & dumping it next to the dumpster. It's the condos problem now.

We stopped into Value Village since we were on the way to the mall & it's right there. We were there earlier in the week, but since the stock changes daily, you never know. It was about 5PM. I'm checking out the stationary when the wife comes over & I ask him if he has found anything, "no, but I'm really liking that purple couch." Our tastes usually differ. A lot. I have it. He, ahh, usually doesn't. "What couch?" I ask him. He takes me over.. love it. I've gotten excited over furniture before, but in the city, it's hard, you can't carry something like that on the subway & everybody that does drive isn't driving something that can carry a couch. Value Village will only hold a couch until the end of the day. The cashier explained their policy to me: You pay & have until the end of the day to pick it up. They put a SOLD sticker on it & just hope that the item is still there when you come back. Wonderful! If it isn't they give you store credit if you still have your receipt (NO REFUNDS! point was stressed!) & you have to spend it that night. NO EXCEPTIONS! What a beautiful policy.

So... we tried hard to get make arrangements to get the couch picked up. It ended up with us renting a Jeep for Budget & picking it up the next morning. We were there at 8:45AM waiting for the doors to open at 9AM. I wasn't expecting other people to be waiting outside & was convinced that they were all waiting for the couch as well, so I made a plan. The plan was, the wife was going to go check to see if the couch was still there & I was going to go to the cash & say, "yes, I'd like to purchase that purple couch!" First one in line gets the buy, that's the way it works, isn't it?

The Jeep was good. It lead to a Saturday of thrifting. 9 shops & $100 later, I am quite satisfied to add quite a few exciting items to my collections.

What do you think of the couch? It was only $54.99!
($62.14 with taxes)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Timing is everything.

"Why are we walking so fast?", my boyfriend inquires as we get off the subway & make our way to Goodwill. Like I tell him all the time, "because while you're thrifting, timing is crucial." This has never been more true than today. As I entered Goodwill, I followed my usual pattern, down the mug & plastics aisle, passing the shelving unit with the new items, then down the aisle with the bowls & photo albums & on from there. As I was passing the shelving unit with the new items I spotted the '#404' yellow bowl from the primary bowl set sitting lonely with a bunch of wires & crappy plastic toys. As I pass the side of the cart an old, wrinkly had reaches out & grabs it. I hold my breath. Look back & forth. Can tell the guy is thinking it over & he finally decides against it & puts it back down. As soon as I see that hand moving away from the bowl, I move in. You should have seen the look of disappointment on the guys face. It was priceless.

Now, I could have already owned my own set of primary bowls already. I was at Value Village one day & out from the backroom did appear buy 4 colourful bowls. The boyfriend was on my back & I wasn't into Pyrex at the time, so I left them behind. Regrets. So, this is the 1940's version as you can see from the base. And the price? $2.99! Fantastic condition!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Found Postcard!

Postcard found December, 2010 at Value Village in Toronto, Ontario.

Getting away from T.V. - at NORTH BAY, Ontario Canada
Vintage postcard dated (silly me can't make out the month) 31st, 1976 by the sender.

(you can click the images to enlarge if you'd like to read what "mom" wrote!)

Friday, January 14, 2011

CSN Stores $40 Gift Code Giveaway


CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find anything from stylish modern dining room furniture to adorable cookware to chic lighting pieces!

As you might have guessed, my favourite CSN shop is All Modern. It's quality modern furniture at affordable prices. Some of their pieces are amazing.

Right now the non '80s hoarder in me is totally adoring this Sitcom Furniture Roslyn Buffet (& it's currently 15% off!), which is among many other sideboards, buffets & credenzas, many of us swoon over.

I'm also digging both sets of these Museum of Robots Rockets Salt & Pepper Shakers. They come in both aluminum & wood.

CSN Stores has been very generous to offer my fab readers a $40 gift code to use to put towards a purchase in any of their shops. I'd like to thank them & if you'd like the enter, instructions on how to enter are below! Have a great weekend!

Mandatory entry:
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Extra entries:
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Giveaway open to both Canadian & US residents. Giveaway starts today & shall end on January 31st, 2011 $ 11:59:59PM EST. Winner will be picked via & notified via email. Winner shall reply via email within 72 hours to accept their prize!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I've been MISTA (missing in serious thrifting action) lately, but was also taking a break. After 16 months of wanting to start scanning items, guess who has hooked up his scanner? Yup. Went out today, just to get away & found a photo album with a few photos in it, paid $2.99 for it from Value Village. Photos are from 1963 & are from a birthday party.

This weekend will bring you 2 great things! Pee Wee Herman & an exciting giveaway! Stay tuned!

PS: Tracy, your picture frame is on it's way, sorry for the delay!

Forever yours,

Sir Thrift A Lot

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!


Well, welcome to Sir Thrift A Lot 2011. I welcome you. Here we are entering 2011 with a hand decorated hand found at Goodwill in Mississauga for $1.49, isn't it beautiful? I wonder what wonderful things it has held in it's time. Now my wonderful blog is holding a wonderful photo of this wonderful hand.

This beautiful Termocrisa mug is just... just... absolutely fabulous! It's bowels are still in a less desirable condition, but a wash, a magic eraser & a hand can definitely change it. 49cents. Value Village.

All these items were picked up last year. I bet wonderful items & changes are to come.