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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Niagara Falls Haul!

Niagara Falls, Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Missisauga, Freelton Antique Market

On Thursday I made the trek to Niagara Falls with my fiance for our 4 year anniversary, stopping in Burlington, Hamilton, Dundas & a little Antique Market in Freelton, Ontario - halfway between Hamilton & Guelph. I think that`s what Freelton might be known for - their antique market. Not quite an exciting town & signs pointing towards the antique market as soon as you enter the town of approximately 800. The market had PYREX GALORE, but generally, it wasn`t my type of market. I know a market or two I would visit first over this one. I could have left with many more items if I were richer, but unfortunately, I just left with a Butterprint mixing bowl 402 from a booth that was 50% off. Also pictured below is a 441 Butterfly Gold for $1.99, a pattern I normally am not fond of, but have been loving some of the pictures of the gold on white mixed with pink & Butterprint. Way in the back, 2 vintage Pyrex bottles - one made in USA one in Canada, 99cents each. Also, Spring Blossom serve & store... Niagara Falls!

Some nice linens picked up, sheets & towels from the 1980`s - Miss Piggy towel, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles towel, The A Team flat sheet & another Nintendo flat sheet - can never have too much of these. Sheets are from Mississauga on the way home & towels are from Stoney creek. 

Niagara was great! We arrived late in the evening - starving, so first stop after checking in was The Keg over looking the falls - what a view! The place was huge & the food was great. From The Keg to the casino, where we blew through about $100 quite quickly & downed a strawberry daiquiri or four & back to the hotel for a Storage Wars marathon.

Before we left, I insisted that we stop on the Value Village there one more time SOOO glad we did. This divided Friendship dish, in fantastic condition, with lid was only $5.99. Can you believe it? ..

Hamilton yielded this set of nesting bowls, which I didn`t photograph well & this owl which was 99cents. This pink Pyrex was $1.99 at a Value Village where they charge an arm & a leg for their Pyrex.. some will sit on the shelves for weeks. I reckon these was so cheap because it was so grimy, I`m going to take this on as a project & clean it up.

Going to link up with HER LIBRARY ADVENTURES.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Flea Market Finds

Sir Thrift-A-Lot
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@ Her Library Adventures

Today I took the plunge & splurged on a new camera - a Canon Rebel T3... it was the only one in my price range at Best Buy, was on sale for $499.99, a $30 off coupon online & the $250 gift card I had won from a contest - so I ended up saving a total of $280! I'm still fumbling my way around the game.. horribly.. and I snapped these pics the best I can. I'm weary of it & nervous I wasted money!

On Thursday I took my first flight as an adult to Windsor from Toronto via Porter Airlines. The flight lasted about 40 minutes. I was psyched to thrift as Windsor usually is a source of great thrifting! 5 thrift stores, including the Value Village that closed due to fire damage & 10,000 square foot antique mall & I only came back to Toronto with: a Mork & Mindy board game, a 475 Pyrex lid (not pictured) & a set of 4 vintage Delphite Pyrex nippers, lol, as the person dubbed them on the label at the antique market, for a great price - FOR TRADE if anybody is interested. The Fire King bowl was picked up for $2.99 in Vaughan Mills coming back from the 400 Market. 

The 400 Market near Barrie I picked up this lovely vintage Coke can, which was on my want list. Not in the greatest condition, but too fab to leave behind. 

Some other items this week:

cutest pair of puppy salt & pepper shakers!

Early American Cinderella Pyrex bowl. 

a whole whack of knitting needles to go with the knitting book I recently picked up, i hope these will do the trick! 

Some of the funnest vintage wrapping paper.  

Some vintage photo albums & an address book that have a very vintage smell!
New thrift rule! Tear a hole through the plastic bags & take a whiff! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vintage Thrift Scores: Spring Cleaners Rule!

Early week thrifting has paid off, it has been a great haul so far this week and this is far from over - I've still got a trip back home to Windsor, Ontario which is always a great thrifting experience.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot Windsor Story:
The last time I was in Windsor my friend Meaghan had told me that one of the Value Village stores had burnt down.. I was stunned, as one of the other ones had just recently closed it's doors - the original Windsor Value Village. We get there & there was merely a fire in the back dumpster, still open. Last week, the Dollarama in the plaza where the Value Village was burnt to a crisp - arson? & my dear sister tells me that the Value Village is currently closed. What is it with me, this Value Village & fire? I am glad nobody was hurt in the Dollarama fire & hope the best for the employees who may now be out of a job, but also hope that the Value Village has reopen by the time I go down.. She told me it was not touched by flames, but everything in the plaza is closed.

Onto my vintage thrift scores for the week...

Pink Gooseberry! My pink Pyrex collection is quite small, I only have one other piece of pink Gooseberry that I can recall at the moment. I was on cloud 9 when I found this grimy, in mint condition 470-C serve & store with a chipped lid. I don't mind the chipped lid, I found about 6 of them recently, all 470-C for 99cents.
And... a boy can never have enough Butterprint. Another 403 in amazing condition.
(Gooseberry: Value Village. Others: Talize)

Anchor domino bowls.

Something cute to put away for my retro Christmas - 3 unused Strawberry Shortcake candles from the '80s. 99cents a piece. Another seasonal piece, a little to late this year, but lots of Easter's to come - a vintage Easter tea towel.

I absolutely adore the graphics on these vintage owl mugs - they couldn't be more perfect! What do you think? 99cents each at Goodwill.

Knitting. It's added to the pile of crap in my head that I want to learn how to do. I'd love to make a huge blanket and a pair of pants. I had been looking for the past couple weeks for a book that would be like "the complete knitters book", was even gonna buy a super crappy one off Amazon. This was EXACTLY what I was looking for! Found this one at Value Village (priced at $4.99, with the original cover price being $4.95.. GRR.. but hey, who knows when I'd find another one). Next on the list is a good set of knitting needles. $3.49 (Goodwill) for the coffee table book - STREET WORLD. Great pics.

Pitcher & set of 8 cups, a Made in Holland Rosti Ware pitcher designed by Koen de Winter for Rosti. Goodwill.

Lastly, spotted by the besties brown eye while she was gabbing on her celly, this 1950's swizzle sticks. I love vintage naughty things.

Thrifting this Friday in Windsor.
Thrifting next Thursday in Hamilton, Niagara Falls.


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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Flea Market Finds

Sir Thrift-A-Lot
in Flea Market Finds.

All kinds of stuff from every decade this week from all over the GTA!

I've been on the hunt for a vintage metal cake tray to bake quaint little cakes for the boyfriend, but never expected to find one at a thrift store & it was priced to move at $3.99. It not only made it back to my house, it also made the cashier quite nostalgic about her mothers cooking - the best cooking she's ever had. It made me remember the news piece I had seen on how when something is "made with love" it "tastes better". read it here. It was found at Salvation Army.

Also found at another Salvation Army is this mint condition 475-B Spring Blossom Green piece - $5.99. Besides the 40 year old masking tape holding it every which way, there was not a scratch on it.

Dukes of Hazzard flat sheet... have wanted it... $2.99. Value Village.

Random Pyrex lids. You never know where it's better half will turn up. Two clear ones from Goodwill, the Butterfly Gold from Value Village. & $2.52 for The Pyrex Cookie Jar. I have seen lots of these, but they have always been so scratched up! Glad I finally snagged one! I have the cracker one already, just one more to go! The Butterfly Gold casserole was only $4.99 at Value Village - needs a good scrubbin', but afterward she'll look good as new!

Pretty in Pink soundtrack on vinyl, $1.99, still in packaging... Value Village.

Lastly, two little owls.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Flea Market Finds

Sir Thrift-A-Lot
in Flea Market Finds
with Her Library Adventures.

Happy Easter!

Been thrifting heavily this past week, but finds have been minimal, but I still love them all dearly. Doesn't seem like Spring cleaning has begun yet!

Great fabrics from the '90s. The Simpsons fabric is from 1991 & the Batman fabric is from 1992. I got Batman a month ago from Value Village & paid just $2.99 at Talize for The Simpsons fabric. I think I paid around the same for the Batman.

I love the sinister of these owls. They were 99cents for the pair at Goodwill. They were probably like, "don't overprice us, or we'll peck your eyes out."

Other items from Value Village:
Holly Hobbie cards - NIP
vintage, NIP table cover
& Popples towel from 1986!

And is a soap career be in Sir Thrift-A-Lot's future?

Can you believe people are crazy enough to list this book for $900 on Amazon?? The lowest listed paperback, the $900 is a paperback too, is $20.01. I paid $4.99 & this book was exactly what I was looking for. Couldn't be happier with it. If you're a reseller, good item to pick up, I guess.