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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thriftasaurus #115

Thriftasaurus #115

Greetings everyone! We're almost there, 10 days! I only set up one very large shelf this year, my BF didn't approve. If I had set up everything, wonder if he would have packed up & left, lol? Next year, when things are a little more organized around here, hopefully by next year I've gotten a better paying job & & we've moved into a new, larger unit (2 bedroom? a full room just for me??). 

Great treasures picked for me this week & last, lots to share! I'll start with all my vintage Christmas! It isn't a lot, but it's good enough for me. 

Knee huggers. I just, I am a man obsessed. These are from an antique market. I left one behind - priced too high for what it was. All these are new to my collection. 

All the following are thrift store finds. These guys with hats are made in Japan, as if you couldn't tell! There was one red one there, alone in a bag for $4.99 with a bunch of other garbage, but it was damaged. Too bad, eh? These were all $3.99 with a bunch of other garbage, plus I used my 30% off card. 

Also some little made in Japan houses. Cute, right? 

I also bought some deer. There is a few other Christmas items, but I forgot to photograph! Next week?? 

That's all for vintage Christmas! Now on to some others... 

I am in the market for some beautiful planters for Spring. I need to find a great plant stand for the balcony, too. I have one other planter that was made in Germany, but that's it so far. I'd love to have more like this. I guess this one is made in Italy. 

I want this plant stand. With the money I have been making on reselling, I might resort to eBay too buy it. I recently made thrift store purchases of 3 items that similar category items sell from anywhere from $15 to $500. I have no way to gauge how much mine will sell for as they are not listed. The anticipation is killer because I won't be listing until after the holidays! I may paint the stand with Plasti-Dip so I am able to paint & if I ever decide to sell, I can remove & still maintain the original condition. & you know, wait for a good deal, not paying $100 for it. 

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I couldn't resist buying these ET puffy stickers... something I have been creeping on eBay every once in awhile & finally showed it's face inside the thrift!

I bought another single orange starburst glass - I now I have set of 6. Love it! These are my favourite glasses I own. 

& lastly, this owl was a buck, I have 2 others in different colours & I love them, too. A small ear chip, but something you wouldn't notice on display!

& I got a polka dot Hazel Atlas bowl! This is the 2nd I found this year, 3rd in my collection.  I need that damn turquoise one to complete my set!!

Still so much more to show! But I won't keep you, I know everyone is busy & there is lots to check out below, too!


Monday, December 8, 2014

Thriftasaurus #114.

Thriftasaurus #114!

Greetings everyone! Hope you all are having a great week so far, everything is a whirlwind over here, flying by!! 

I've gotten a lot of great stuff, but am unable to take photos (hence the late link up). Was anticipating being able to take photos of everything, but alas, didn't work out! I'm going to rip a few off my Instagram, so I have at least a few to share & I guess double next week!?

Vintage McDonald's socks! They came with a headband, hat & armbands, but they aren't so cool.

Both eBay buys! Great price on these fabulous knee huggers. When I was buying some at the antique market last week, the lady at the counter was asking the BF if I had these & yup, he said I just got them. She also asked about another set, he said yup, he has it! How does he know my kneehugger collection so well!?

Thanks for linking up! Hope holiday decorating is a blast...


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