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Friday, January 31, 2014



Thanks to everybody who linked up last week - great finds!

This week in thrifting.. 

WOW. All I got to say. I went to so many stores. A pair of resellers I follow on Facebook did make a run on my stomping grounds the day before, so they may have picked up all the good stuff! I feel like the dealers weren't out (aside from these 2 the day before). I did see this one guy. We made eye contact. I can't for the life of me remember where I used to see/talk to him & it's driving me up the wall! MENTAL. I am thinking the old Goodwill.

OK... I must admit, I do have a haul. I bet you already know that from my photo. There is a store I usually skip out on. I haven't really found anything to scream home about aside from a set of vintage pink blender S&P's &, a couple of vintage cards & a 1980's Transformers sleeping bag. This is in 4 years or so of going to this store. About 100 times. Maybe bought 7 other things there. So, usually skip it. It's also the store I wrote into because the manager was selling stuff to a customer "out the back" & the customer was chuckling, "YOU CAN'T DO THIS AT GOODWILL! - HAHAHAHAHHA!" I managed to get a hold of the District Manager of that particular store, we spoke & there must have been some kind of investigation as I never seen that manager again until I saw him at another thrift store nearby. He doesn't seem to work there anymore either. Anyways, this is the last store I visited. I was going to skip it for another store that barely ever has anything, but decided on this one. I had a reason. I now have a theory. I'll try it out again. It's a thrifting secret though.

I have been looking for Simon for years! & story of my life - I find it when they reissue it. Ah well. I've got the great old one, with great vintage graphics & it was $2! 

An extremely desired item off my list!
freakin' tape! I understand why they do it, but c'mon!
just tape the sides, not the whole thing. I'm usually
pretty decent, but I had to leave tape in 2 places
because it would rip 2 small pieces off & look dumb.
green, red. green, red, red. green, red, red, yellow.
green, red, red, yellow, blue. green, red, red, yellow,
blue, red. green, red, red, yellow, red, blue, yellow.
I'm out.
I bought this bowl & scarf. These were a buck each. I bought the scarf because I thought I could resell it. When I searched it on eBay at the thrift, it said they sold really well. When I got home, eBay & Google barely heard of it. Have you? 

That's not a hair. It's a fringe from the end of the scarf.
Some stickers. WOW

I thought this was cute, 1950's? This is exactly how things go when I pour stuff. A little for you, a lot for me. If were single & dating, I'd have to be careful who I brought this out for. Imagine one night I took this out of the cupboard not knowing I had a "Short Short Man" with me? How intimidating! 

$5.99 for all! PYREX! 
It was all taped together & you know how I can't say no to a Butterprint.
& I actually don't have one single version of this Butterfly Gold. MINT.

Hope you vote - thank you if you do!
How was your week in thrifting? Any good finds?
Like anything of mine? Keeping warm? 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wanted Wednesday & New T-Shirt!


So I'm start this new collection & there is this brochure on eBay that seems is pretty rare, shipping to USA only. Anybody want to let me have it shipped to their house & ship it to me? Hope so! New collection - enable me!

It's no big deal if ya can't,  some people are busy.

Here is my new vintage tee. Ain't it grand? Once I toss a few pounds, it'll be my new antiquing shirt. Just hope people don't get the wrong idea & think I do mean ASS. I can see how they would,  but yeah, I like it! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014



I found these Gooseberry bowls this week. They had been in the thrift store (according to the tag) for over 36 hours. One is disgustingly dirty with utensil marks & the other has a teeny chip on the edge. I love the black on white, so a little chip wouldn't bother me to add it to my daily use. But you know what? As I was standing in line, I got the evilest, dirtiest look from this woman who was ahead of me. She was buying an atomic Fire King loaf & some vintage metal kitchen canisters, which I had passed on. I assume she likes Pyrex or deals it. Or I imagined the look because it's the same look I'd probably give someone. Usually, the only Pyrex I come across in the thrift stores now are ones dealers or other collectors have left behind. It's hard to live in a city where dealers camp out & every other thrifter (so it seems) is a reseller, picking up vintage wears while their out.

Does this table cloth look familiar? If it does, that's because I found one just before Christmas! This one is a different material, heavier. I found it at a thrift store just a couple hundred feet from the thrift store I found the other one at. Weird, huh? Also, I picked up this vintage made in Japan elephant while I was there because it was there last time & I didn't have a vintage made in Japan elephant & it was 50% off. 

Nothing you haven't seen before. An Anchor Hocking cereal bowl - a buck. 

& for another edition of "DO YOU KNOW THE MAKER OF THIS BOWL?" I picked this bowl up last week, but it didn't make last weeks edition of Thriftasaurus because I was too tired. I'm still looking for the maker of this unmarked Delphite bowl. The bowl below is 6 and a bit inches.

Vintage Playboy swizzles. The set was $2.50 from the antique market I went to 2 weeks ago. Great price! I had been watching/seeking these out on eBay for quite some time. Glad these are off my list. 

This North Pole pennant is spectacular! This is one of those things I never knew I wanted, but now that I have it, I can't live without it. The night before I found this pennant, I had been looking at vintage pennants on eBay. What got me looking at vintage pennants on eBay was looking at Boblo merchandise on eBay. I'll tell you about Boblo another day, if you don't know what it is. 

My last thing for share this week is this pixie wall hanging. It was $2.50 at the antique market. I had passed on one in Medina, Ohio for $15 & kinda regretted it later. Such a good deal! 

That's it for me. Thanks for everybody who linked up last week! Looking forward to seeing everyones second hand treasures. Join in the fun below!

Sunday, January 19, 2014



Gosh, you guys, I am exhausted! I wish I could say it was from thrifting, but I haven't been hitting it too hard lately. I need a vacation. & a dip in a hot tub. I don't even have an excuse as to why I am tired. Even though I didn't hit it hard this week, I still have some fun, quality finds to show off. We ventured into the states last weekend with the main purpose being to see if our friend could get across the border (long story) & [long story] short - we made it across! I have to say, The Cheesecake Factory is insane! For those of you who don't know, we don't have it in Canada. I hate cheesecake, so didn't have any, but the food was all great & it gave me a new obsession: pumpernickel bread. We went to the antique market in Buffalo & I took advantage of the discounted Christmas stuff. Another thing we don't have here: a mass of vintage Christmas flooding the markets in December. Weird, isn't it? There is some, but not like in the USA. 

So first, I'm going to lay out all the vintage Christmas I picked up. It was all from the antique market.

The larger Santa is a Norcrest candle holder. It was $1. The small made in Hong Kong shot glass Santa party favours were also $1. 

After finding my first Napco Santa at Goodwill on the second last day of the year last year, I came home & researched... well of course I needed the other Napco Santa. Well here it is, $4. Another item checked off the list. Also brought home 2 kneehuggers. I don't quite understand the gold one & the green one has some fading, but WELCOME HOME. Also pictured, $2 for this made in Germany Santa bulb. There was another one in a case a few over for $15. & a repro in the same case as the one I bought for $2.

This set of Mrs. & Mr. Claus were something I kinda regretted bringing home, they were a couple bucks each & I didn't notice they were damaged. I wish I had bought those teeny, tiny little stockings instead! Oh well, these guys will chill out & watch over the deer next year. They are about 2.5 inches tall.

A package of vintage Halloween Betty Crocker napkins - 39¢ price, although Betty says 65¢ on the back. What year do you suppose these are from?

I picked up this vintage Napco (I think these are from 1956? Could be wrong) February Angel, perf for Valentines Day decorating at Goodwill. Also picked up some vintage Valentines Day wrapping paper from Value Village, alongside some other vintage wrapping paper... 

I think this one is my favourite. 

Some vintage cards. Not really my style.
& then some 1980's Valentines.

I have a few more items, but I think I will save them for next week, I'm so tired! I hope everybody had a great week, can't wait to see what you've all found. Link up below with your latest second hand finds.

Have a great week - thrift on!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Unmarked Delphite Bowl

I picked up this delphite bowl from an antique market this weekend for a buck - does anyone know the maker? Delphite is such a nice colour. It's 5 1/2 inches across & in really good condition. 

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Saturday, January 11, 2014



What a great [thrifting/antiquing] start to the new year! Of course, I hope the trend continues. This week I was able to check off THREE, yes THREE, items off my want list! Although, along the way another one was added. Ain't that always how it is? I spent way to much money at the antique market this weekend, money we don't have, but it's been so rare to find anything anywhere lately, it was OK with the boy!

Long time no see. I have come across the Pink Daisy Space Saver numerous times, even once in a thrift store, however they have all been so hideously damaged, I had to leave them behind. I need 3 more pieces to complete my Pink Daisy
(that I know of anyways): JAJ gravy boat, the other space saver & the open baker. There is however, that Pink Daisy 470-something that someone once bought off eBay, but I probably won't ever find that. Also, the 472 Barcode. I just picked up the 471 a couple months ago. We're off to a good start. They were both from an antique market. I was sick of the Pink Daisy tease, so there it sat, in the last booth of the day & it was nice enough to come home with me.   Two items off the list. I also got a Primary Blue 502, dish is in OK condition, lid is chipped. Got it for the chipped lid for display purposes.

I bought the Early American because I don't really know why. I may try to resell it to put some money towards how much I spent at the antique market. This was from the thrift store.
Also bought this Federal mug. Initially thought it was Fire King from the shape. I never knew Federal made mugs like this. This mug has remnants of a very old price tag. 

WOW! What thrifter is on a Hazel Atlas kick? $2.99 for this bowl.

This is a great score! I was psyched & at $2.99 a piece. 2 vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirts, one from 1988 & one from 1990... still with tags.  . & In my size! I have periodically been searching these on eBay, but what comes up, I can't afford, is ugly or isn't my size.

Ok, I paid $14 at the market for the guy with the beard. I don't have one with pointed ears & nose & beard. I don't recall ever seeing one. Who knows if I'll ever see one again. The lady who runs the booth overprices, but she is friendly. Both times I have seen her in the market she has spoke to me. A conversation. I have never had a vendor speak to me before, ever. I find it awkward as hell when I am in their booth & they are restocking & they don't acknowledge you. Is it just me? The other guy, pointed ears, in gold, don't have a gold with pointed ears. I needed him. He's mine! 

& finally, I have my second travel bar. My other one is better, but this one is still pretty cool, since i.ts complete, with key & original tag! You can see my other one HERE. It has a empty Holy Bible where you hide your booze. I got it from a church sale for $5. It's amazing!

& don't forget these marked, 1959 Holt Howard winking Santa mugs. 

Well, that's it for me! I'm still on a thrifting high. I wouldn't be surprised if one or two of these items showed up in "The Best of 2014!" I may be doing some shopping tomorrow, too, so maybe more nice things will make their way home.

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