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Saturday, May 29, 2010


I almost forgot! I did see an item I would have purchased, it was 'Nevermind' by Nirvana cassette. I asked the woman how much & she's like, $2, so I tell her, "Nevermind". I don't think she got it though. She's not going to sell that cassette. I would have paid 50cents, a $1 at most. $2 is just a rip off. Someone had just walked off with something of hers, I had heard her talking & she's all like, "people are so rude!" My sister bought a couple books for my niece & she never even said, "thanks!" - Some people are so rude!

Nirvana needs no introduction, so here's my favourite Nirvana song. Enjoy!

Garage Sale!

Well, I'm in Windsor! Took the Via rail (the train!) with the $2,500 worth of gift cards I won from National Post in December. They were a blessing. They are how I am getting around. We're hoping to go back to Niagara Falls soon. Anyways, my sister picked me up & had texted me about this street sale near her house; so we went after getting some Starbucks with the $120 gift card I found at Vaughan Mills, pretty decent eh? This garage sale was the first I've been too in years - it was a total bust. There had to be at least 30 sales on the street, we left with a bag of Kettle Corn that cost $3. It was delicious. Pretty depressing. Was hoping for a score! Hopefully the Value Villages in the city have a little more exciting items.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Free Coke Rewards Code.

Yes! That's right, another Coke Rewards code for my fabulous US readers! Again, the only thing I ask in return is that you post when you've used it so anybody else who might want to use it will know not to waste their time! Thanks!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spin, Spin Sugar.

Recently came across 2 Sneaker Pimps albums, my favourite & probably many of yours - Becoming X & another one I don't care about. Anyways, Becoming X is already in my collection, which I picked up from a thrift shop many years ago - Goodwill. So, spin spin sugar & give these a lesson. Idiots for kicking Kelli out of the band, but whatever.

Spin Spin Sugar

6 Underground

That's the power of Pine Sol, baby!

Was in Wal-Mart earlier today picking up some dog food for Charlie, when I noticed they had Pine Sol on display. I think I've passed this display for the past month & a half going in there, but this is the only time I remembered "The Pine Sol Lady", Diane Amos, & her '90s Pine Sol commercials with the slogan, "That's the power of Pine Sol, baby!" My friend had no clue what I was talking about, even though she's a few years older than me. I myself have never used Pine Sol, I guess soon is a great time to start. Tell me some inspiring Pine Sol stories if you've got any.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We're Moving!

The other day I had a run in with a man in the elevator inquiring about whether my dog (pictured above) was a pitty & I said yes. He then went on to tell me that they were illegal in Ontario, which they are not. It is illegal to import into Ontario or to breed them. My beautiful boy, Charlie, is 7 years old & about 100lbs & was as happy as could be. Anyways, after I explained that to him he said, "well it's supposed to be muzzled." Firstly, my dog is not an "it" he is a he, you miserable old man.

So, the dude complains to the concierge of the building, a guy who used to be a supervisor, but now is just a little 'ol concierge & still hasn't gotten off his high horse. Now, it's this miserable old mans dog given right to complain, but why in the bloody hell would that damn concierge call Toronto Animal Control on us? What an idiot!

So, we're moving. I have to muzzle my dog & it's absolutely heartbreaking to have to do it. Rumor has it, this old mans wife had died a couple weeks ago & he's been a crank ever since. Anyways, we're moving back to the side of the city we came from - just east of Yonge Street in Division 51 which will be walking distance to my favourite thrift! Lucky me. & we'll be in a more friendly area were everyone is GAY (in both senses).

Wish me luck! We might get out of this high rise bull & get a place with character.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The beautiful Divine.

Never would I have thought that I would have found a Divine vinyl, which was found at Value Village on Queen East where they have taken it upon themselves to STICKER EACH & EVERY ALBUM ON THE JACKET! C'mon! & Value Village has those pesky large, extra sticky stickers. Very depressing. Now All I need is an Edith Massey album. Also found another neat item, nothing I would buy though, as the shirt itself wasn't my style, but I have bought shirts from them in the past. They had a T-Shirt Hell shirt, with tags. The "I Support Single Moms" shirt.. it also had a promo for Reno 911 on it, why, I may never know. I still don't have a record player though, don't know if I'll ever get one. Just like I buy cassettes, yet don't own a cassette player anymore.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jingle Bells..

I made a recent trip up to Vaughan Mills mall & outlets last week. I went on the day I had a grand mal seizure. I had to work that morning, 5 hours after I had it. I felt horrible. I had told my friend I'd go up with her & didn't want to bail. Well, 15 hours of sleep later I'm fine.

Lucky for me she took me to the West 49 outlet.. where I got 3 pairs of jeans (DVS, Circa, DC) & a NY 59Fifty cap for $73. Pretty decent. Right next door sat a Value Village & yes, we went in. I spotted this little lady from the door. I loved her. My friend laughed after asking me if I spotted it from the door. Anyways, here she is:

Do you like her?

I also got a World Industries Flameboy figure. He's standing in front of my mushroom salt & pepper shakers I've meant to take photos of so many times.

Also, sometime in December I had picked up these jingle bells from Value Village. They were like a buck. Pretty good. I was going to put them on my dog, who is a 110lb pit bull, but misplaced them last year, so there is always this year. They still had the original tag from Eaton's, which was 25cents & then marked down to 12cents. I'm guessing the mark down was after Christmas. Bells made in Japan.

They also have a Goodwill opening soon on the way to Vaughan Mills. When it does open I'll be there with bells on.

Saturday, May 15, 2010



Now, anybody who is anybody will tell you that I am not a huge fan of Ikea. For months & months (maybe even a year & a half?) I have been going on about our current TV stand. It shows all the wires, all the dust, the cats go in & out of all the electronics & chords, so shoeboxes have to be placed in different areas to block access. Now that all looks messy, depressing & gross. I hung out with my friend Michelle earlier this week & we went to her friends house in the village & he had an amazing TV stand in his minimalist apartment building. I asked him if it was designer or Ikea. Ikea it was. When he scurried off to the bathroom, I told Michelle that I wanted it. I wasn't in the mood to carry it home, so I took some photos & said I was gonna go out & buy it. She too, took some photos & told me she's been looking for it & they no longer carry it. So, being a non-believer, I had to check for myself. It's true, they don't. But, they do carry this other excellent one.. we're going to buy it! What do you think? I'm cheap & it's out of my price range at $429.99, but when you like something is it worth it?

I Am An Elastic Firecracker!

I always feel a bit like a loser when I see half my CD collection in the thrift bins, so I'm gonna do a few right ups on some bands as I sees 'em.

I Am An Elastic Firecracker, the second full length album from the band Tripping Daisy released in 1995 on Island Records. Remember their hit single, "I Got A Girl?" It's about the only thing I remember besides how fine the lead singer, Tim DeLaughter, looked in the video. The band broke up in 1999 if I remember correctly & members went on to form The Polyphonic Spree, never liked them though.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Here are some thrifted pillows. The NKOTB one I posted about not too long ago.. bad news though, my cat Kleo scratched up the back of it. Depressing, I know. Very depressing. On the bright side, there is one on eBay right now that will be shipping to Canada, so I will be buying. This wreckage of my pillow just goes to show that it's true, I cannot have nice things. They get torn up or urinated on. The other pillow was picked out by an old fried, the moon shaped one. It matched my old heart chair. It was 99cents. The Minna pillow with the little yellow birds was recent, still in the plastic wrapping & still with tags - $2.99. The pillow with the black bird was quite pricey & was not bought thrifting, but bought at Wal-Mart - $9.97 for that thing!, but I loved it. It still has it's tags to this day & it also has a little secret zip up compartment in the back. I'll let you know if I get that NKOTB pillow off eBay. All 3 pillows were found at Value Village.

In the above poster, I already had touched a bunch of stuff that was resting on that plunger. Now I suppose this is another thing you won't catch me buying at the thrifts! True, the plunger could be new, but I reckon it's not! & you really can't tell if a plunger is used or not..

The "Worlds Greatest Grandpa" statue (along with the other 1,000,000's of "Worlds Greatest" statues) kinda depress me since odds are the grandpa who owned it has now passed own having it dumped at the thrifts. Hopefully the memory can live on & someone picks it up to give it to their grandpa! I kinda liked the boot, too, but not my style, would never have it in my home.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Alright. I made my way to Wal-Mart today to look at their selection of Tic Tacs. I plan on entering a Tic Tac contest & was going to buy some.. then I remembered how small Tic Tacs were & how large I am & my plan went out the window, but, when I got home I was telling my boyfriend about it & I thought up something else. Anyways, my point is - I stopped at Value Village. Here is what I found.

I have been looking for a new [to me] alarm clock as I am weeding out some bad memories & my current clock, which I have had for years, probably 12 or 13 holds many bad vibes & bad memories, well I picked up one today. I bought that rooster one, but I don`t trust one that JUST runs on batteries. The rooster one is sitting on my shelf. Well, this one cost me $7.99. My boyfriend told me it was worth it and that he liked it, surprising, he`s never said that before. What`s it from? The early to mid `90s? Ew, I just added the photo now above, I really need to wash that Nelly bandana that I`ve got sitting there.. btw, 49cents for that last year.

Also bought this journal. The gothic one. It came in one of those bags along with the other journal, which I just had to include. These ones cost a $1.99. I bought this journal when I was 16 from Hot Topic (hah..) & had all my friends write in it & put some unmentionables inside of it. Well, it reminded me of good times, so got it. Love it.
Technotronic & Korn cassette. Love Technotronic (anybody know what I can get a Technotronic tee?) & this Korn cassette I imagine is somewhat rare as it`s a promotional cassette from their self titled release from 1994. I remember rocking out to Shoots & Ladders with my dad in the car in Chicago when I was 9. It was our favourite band at the time.

Down below you got some nice troll carrying cases. I`m guessing that`s what they are or custom Timnbits boxes. 99cents for the lot.

P.S. Incase you were curious - I never won that Pee-Wee Herman doll.

One more day for the mock giveaway!

You have one more day not to be lame & to enter my mock giveaway! Check it out here:

Feel free to tell me I`m beautiful, too. I need to pick me up.

Thrifting Dreams

Dreams about thrifting - do you ever have them? Earlier this week I had a dream about a thrift shop in my hometown, which is actually a recurring dream oddly enough. There is one Salvation Army in the town that has been there as long as I can remember. It however was once burnt down after I started going there by people I used to go to school with - what bloody idiots. After that it closed & when it reopened, I had already moved out of the town. I have never been back. Before my grandfather died we had a plan to go with my grandmother to a place called Colasantis. We used to go there with her when we were young - quite a remarkable place. Before going, I was going to make my sister stop at the Army before, but then he passed & I never ended up making it there, but that`s OK, no problem whatsoever. However, even since I have been having that dream. It`s always in the old Bi-Way building near the tracks & I`m always afraid to go in. This time I did venture in & was being rushed by my family who had entered with me. I found a treasure chest full of vintage photographs, but passed them up. I never followed my golden thrift rule - if you find something & don`t know you want it - pick it up anyways. You may decide you want it later & then it will be gone. I went back & all that was left was one photo & it was now full of rocks. I asked the staff where it was & they pointed to a woman who looked quite like a vampire & said that she purchased them all.

That was it. That was the dream.

I had another dream regarding vintage last night. My boyfriend had said something to make me go into the closet & inside were all these vintage shirts that I`d never wear since they weren`t my style. I can only remember one & it was dark blue, Screen Stars & it had a small drawing of a whale on it.
& since posts without pictures are quite BORING, here ya go, since I am waiting on an eBay auction of a talking 1987 Pee-Wee Herman doll. Will let you know if I win. I never won the stool. I have no where to put it & the cats would just ruin it. How horrible.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Help! My Antique Furniture Smells!!

This is a problem I have been battling for quite some time. When I bought my credenza off Craigslist (OH MY, it's almost been a year!) the woman delivered it & she delivered it FAST. $100 for the credenza, $20 for delivery. She had the whole thing at the bottom of the stairs of my condo before I even took the elevator down.. granted that's 49 floors.. but... Anyways, point is - it has a musty smell. That I've been in a damp basement for years smell. You know it? Thought so.

I did some searching online & even asked around on some forums I belong too. Found many suggestions, none of them worked.

Crumpled up newspaper.
You are supposed to crumple up tons of newspaper & shove it in there & leave it for 2-3 days. At least this is what the suggestion said. OK, I picked up about 15 unread copies of Now Magazine from near the lake, crumpled them up & left them for 2.5 weeks. Smell remained.

Odor Absorber.
Bought one of those, left it in there. Of course the thing ended up being the size of a peanut in a couple weeks, but the smell remained.

Leaving the door open so it can air out.
Did it, actually was the first thing I tried since it seemed the most sensible & being sensible you'd think that I would have put this first on my list.

Cotton balls with a touch of vanilla extract.
I tried both - vanilla & artificial vanilla extract. It did nothing but make the smell worse.

Any ideas?
Leaving it out in the sun is not an option; as I live in a building with tiny balconies that are full of little bugs & big spiders. The credenza probably wouldn't even fit out the door.

(i do find it necessary to say that I haven't tried everything under the sun.. is a link I came across).

Mushroom, Mushroom.

I'm considering buying this online. The company WILL ship to Canada & it's not as expensive as I thought it would be ($44 USD). Never knew that these had existed until I posted about that awfully hideous, but glorious mushroom home stuff from the '70s (you know the stuff) & someone had told me that they wanted to buy one for the longest time.

Where would you put something like this? Of course I don't have any furniture to match, but I still love it.