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Monday, March 29, 2010

1960's Found Photography.

One of my first "found photos". I always wondered why someone would have kept this photo for so long. There is nothing to it but a couple pairs of legs & you can tell it shouldn't have been taken. Either way, I'm glad they kept it for all these years. I found it some time in 2005. As you can tell the photo was developed in July of 1961.

Remember The 80's?

I do. & it still has a key (see below photo). It also seems to be dusty. Note to self: make sure items are dusted before taking photos & if you don't dust them & notice they are dusty when you are posting, don't be lazy & retake the picture.

This diary is dated 1987-89 by Stephan J. Cannell Productions. Made in USA. Made by Webway Incorporated. St. Cloud, MN 56302. I just went to Google Webway Incorporated & was hit by a nasty malware site. Very nasty. Let's hope it didn't correct anything.

This diary features Johnny Depp from his 21 Jumpstreet days on the cover. It's in new, unused condition & even still has the key taped to the back of the cove
r. Good find! Had found it on my last trip to Windsor, was supposed to post photos of it AGES ago!

Here's the key!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Remember The 90's?

Remember the 90's? I do & it only cost me $1.99 @ Value Village.
A beautiful photo albumish, notebookish thing. Don't really know what it is, but I will be using it for school work when I go back to school.

South St. Burger Review!

South St. Burger Co Review!

Lately I have been a big Hero Burger fan. I'm not going to lie. One opened up in the gay village here in Toronto, took over the spot of a cafe I disliked, right on the corner! That place is BUSY! Anyways, mostly a big Hero Burger fan because my boyfriend loves the place & they use 100% Canadian Angus Beef. Now, ever since I got the invite from BzzAgent, I have compared South St. Burgers to Hero Burger - even before I had been to South St. Before I got the invite I had never heard of the place either.

Now, I took the Yonge line up to Eglinton to visit my closet location. The travel time is quite a distance for a quick, enjoyable, delicious meal, but that's OK. When I entered the place I noticed the atmosphere was quite swell & the trays & booths gave me a '50s diner vibe - which is excellent! The dim lighting in the restaurant is a plus as well. Florescent lights in your eyes which you're eating is never fantastic. Took me awhile to decide what I wanted to eat, but I ended up with ordering a original burger with cheese. The beef is from small co-op farms that practice natural farming. South St. claim that "better beef does make better burgers." I have to agree fully, 100%. Throw Hero Burger out the window & replace it with South St. Burgers are moist, tender & they cook it the way you want! A great thing is being able to see them cook your buger on the grill. It ads a little excitement to the meal. Their real cheeses are fantastic. I got the swiss on my burger & I tried a little piece of the side before it melted & it was one of the best pieces of swiss I ever had. They offer 25 toppings! Many toppings which aren't offered at your regular burger joint. Not only was the buger made infront of you, but the burger is topped right infront of you as well. Then it's gracefully placed on your steel, circle tray. Another great thing - FREE REFILLS!

As you may or may not already know South St. is owned by the same company who owns New York Fries. As you should know, NYF has legendary fries, poutine & from what my boyfriend says, mouth watering onion rings (not an onion ring fan). The sides that you can choose you already know taste swell. I say go to the nearest South St. Burger Co & try yourself a combo. I'll be bringing my boyfriend this weekend when we go to an estate sale. I plan on trying the chicken burger. Will let you know how it is. I was blessed with some 'buy one combo, get the second free' coupons, so besides my boyfriend I'll be bringing a few friends all on different trips. I already asked another friend of mine & we'll be going next week. She's never heard of the place either. I think she's going to like it.

I am a BzzAgent. This review was made possible by BzzAgent & South St. Burger Co. If you'd like chances like this, sign up! Just click the banner below.

BzzAgent Badge

Now, would I go again? Definitely would plan on it, but only if I am in the area, which is not too often. I could see myself visiting more often is there was a location in walking distance, which is a location right downtown Toronto. I hope there would be one soon! One thing before I go - the staff was very uninviting & cold. A definite con. I have never felt like more than a # when in a NYF & now a South St. Burger Co.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bonus Shoppers Optimum Points With Scratch Tickets!

OK, I am a big scratch ticket fanatic. I`m also a Shoppers Opitmum Point fanatic. I`ve had a card since the beginning. Until the 26th of March, so 2 more days, Shoppers has a promotion that will land you 300 bonus points when you purchase any 2 $3 Instant Crossword Scratch Tickets. Pretty good deal. I wish the staff had been prepped for the promotion as you do not usually receive points for lotto, so I never both presenting my card when purchasing... I`d have thousands of bonus points if I knew that this promotion was going on. Pretty disappointing.

I just want you to know that I used to hate Crossword tickets. It used to be me scratchin`Bingo & the wife scratchin`Crossword. Since Scrabble has come out, I`ve been playing Scrabble & it`s basically the same thing as Crossword... so now I`m hooked on Crossword.

Back from the Falls!

Niagara Falls!

Welcome home! Thank you! Unfortunately, we didn`t stay at the Happiness Inn. The secluded pool & the open serene are quite big selling points.. but you know, the Hilton is much cozier & probably cleaner. Note one thing about the Hilton in Niagara Falls - they didn`t have cable!! Since when can the Hiltons not afford cable? I should have been on the phone with Paris the minute I found out, but, we did have better things to do, I suppose. The place was nice though. Had a large water slide in the pool (only open after 5PM!), beautiful view of the American Falls
& the everso misty Horseshoe Falls, minutes away from the Casino & Clifton Hill.

So, it rained the whole time we were there. My boyfriend & I ended up paying $7 flat rate to get us to the Value Village there, which ended up being a 20 minute walk from the Hotel. We know that for next time though. Below you`ll see my first purchase - a beautiful Federal bowl for $4.99. I just love the pattern, don`t you? I knew it. They had a lot of Fire King cookware, but I don`t use anything along those lines & have limited space in my condo. But bask in the glory of the Federal bowl for a minute or two. Bowl has slight discoloration inside, very slight.

I haven`t found a setting on my camera yet to take great, clear photos yet, so the markings on the bowl & the copyrights on the magnets below I can`t include photos of. The magnets however, were 99cents for all 3. They are copyrighted 1978 in Hong Kong. I deem them very unique. The wife says I`m not allowed to put them on the fridge since I won`t allow his tacky Hersey Kiss & Bahamas magnets up - his loss.

For some reason I have seen an increase in taxidermied animals. Have not seen one once & saw a crocodile last week & this guy in The Falls. The wife tells me he is a wart hog. I guess this will be my first installment of WTF? WEDNESDAYS. This poor little guy was going for $7.99.

I`d like to thank National Post for making this wonderful Niagara Falls. If you are not aware, in December I won $2,500 in Via Rail gift cards. They have also made 3 trips home to Windsor possible for me too.

Federal Mugs

Federal Mugs.
two of them!

The first mug, which is above is from Upper Canada Village. It is a Federal Mug. Paid
49cents at Value Village. Got it along with the mug below which was 49cents as well. Anyways, I wanted to post this mug because I noticed that a fellow Toronto blogger, Toronto Yard Sale Snoop, has a quite similar mug! I thought it was the same, but upon closer inspection, it wasn`t. You can check out her mug here. The mug below is from Old Fort Henry. Enjoy it`s sights.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yesterday I had my first depressing thrift trip. I ended up having to leave the store because I couldn`t concentrate afterward. My first stop in the thrift shop is always the photo albums to look for any sticker collections from the `80s. I have only found one other collection of stickers in the past 2 years, which I bought. The collection wasn`t that great & it only had a few pages. When I arrived at the photo albums yesterday at Value Village a guy just picked up a photo album, sat on a chair & started looking at it. It was full of stickers.. from front to back.. looked to be 30-40 pages thick. I waited around.. followed him (heh) & was waiting to see if he`d put it down.. never did. I`m kicking myself, hard too, for not getting there 5 minutes earlier. I felt sick to my stomach afterward.

On a "briter" note, Niagara Falls on Monday morning.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Found photography.

Found among other photos in the bottom of a box for a photo album designed by Polariod for Polariods.

PS: I'm going to Niagara Falls on Monday! Hope they have some exciting finds. Of course I'll be writing about everything I thrifted. Stay tooned!

Cherry Coke.

Cherry Coke!

One thing that doesn't rock about Canada is the fact that we don't have Cherry Coke (or Wild Cherry Pepsi or Payday bars or Winter Green Gum or Red Vines, but that's besides the point). Only a handful of stores carry it here & by handful of stores I just mean one. He travels across the border, picks it up & jacks up the price just a little bit. We can't find Cherry Coke here in mass quantities like in the USA. Pretty depressing, eh?

Anyways, today I am offering YOU, my readers, two iCoke (that's what we call it in Canada..) points! They are posted below for the taking. All I ask in return is that you be mature & nice & post that you have used to codes so nobody else tries them. Thank you!

free coke rewards codes:


Check back for more in the future. Now that the Loonie is doing good, he'll be bringing them in more frequently & I'll be about & about since it's so nice. 65degrees on a Canadian winter day? That's how nice it was yesterday. Anyways, don't get me started on Wild Cherry Pepsi.

recommended listening after reading this post: "Tiny Cities Made of Ashes" by Modest Mouse.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Born to Rock!

On my recent trip to Goodwill they were having a clearout on vinyl, CDs, DVDs & VHS. A buck for each, except two bucks for a DVD. I looked though all those heaps of CDs in hopes I'd find something I've wanted & could get cheap! Nothing of interest though.

I always love arriving when they wheel out a new buggy full of vinyl, but whenever it happens I always have to wait in line to take a look. It's usually slim pickings for good stuff, but sometimes it's still there.

Anyways, so I got "Born to Rock" by The Chipmunks & The Chipettes!

The Chipettes look totally hip on the cover. This LP is still sealed, so that's fantastic! It's one of those items I bought "just to have" so out of curiosity, check it out on eBay. The only finished auction had the sale price of $34.99. xX here's hoping Xx. I'd love to get a NEW IN BOX PEE WEE HERMAN DOLL!

I also scooped up some VHS that I've wanted to see or have already seen, but want to be able to watch them while in bed since the wife has yet to hook up the DVD player in the bedroom! We're all VHS up in there. What did I buy you ask?

Pretty Woman, Better Than Chocolate, Steel Magnolias, Baby Cakes.

I've heard of them all, except for Baby Cakes. Just had to buy it! A 1993 movie with Ricki Lake? I'd be crazy not too.

recommended listening after reading this post: La Bamba by The Chipmunks & The Chipettes

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Bingo Boutique!

Bingo Boutique!

As you may or may not know - I love playing Bingo. You know, the type of Bingo the shirt states. I've only ever had the extreme pleasure of calling out, "BINGO!" twice. Once I shared the $50 pot with another winner. It would have been the full pot if I hadn't overlooked a # that my sisters boyfriend had dabbed! & another time I split another $50 pot with 6 other winners. & on the topic, a friend of mine was at Bingo earlier this week & a woman won $19,500!

I recently purchased the shirt above & below from Broken
Heart Vintage on eBay. Never purchased from them before, but anticipate the transaction to go smoothly.

I haven't been able to find any information about Bingo Boutique, but I do know that this shirt was copyrighted in 1984. Anyone know anything about them?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Funky Junky!

Funky Junky!

Funky Junky is one of my new favourite shops. It's here in Toronto in Kensington Market. Definitely has some amazing items, where they find them I don't know, & it's also a blast from the past. I've been in only a handful of times & have seen so much stuff I had owned growing up.. including gigantic New Kids On The Black pinbacks. They have a wide selection of vintage photography. My main collection of photography is found, not bought & I also would like to own a few post mortem photos.

One of my favourite items from this stop - still sealed Michael Jackson Glitter Glove from 1984, the real deal, original. $8.

Since it's my new favourite shop, I'm going to give it my own tag in the blog.

recommended listing after reading this post: "Black or White" by Michael Jackson.

Found Polariods!

Found among other photos in 2007. If you are afraid of clowns, which I am not, the boarder doesn't help much..

Element Search & Win!

Sick of Swagbucks!? I'm not either, BUT, just in case you are Element Skateboard Company has come out with a search engine that you collect points when you search. Every time you search you are not guaranteed point rewards, but you "win" them on the occasional shirt. Collect & redeem for such fantastic prizes as decks & wheels (as of now). Element also has a giveaway going on right now too. The only way to receive an entry is to "win" one on the occasional search. So get searching!

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Never knew this stuff was a line. Besides the pin I posted the other day, I'd never heard or seen anything of the Human Bean line. I like it though. Saw it at Value Village yesterday. I also saw another odd item, it is posted below. The picture isn't amazing.. as I wasn't the photographer (the wife was), but hopefully you get the point.

Friday, March 12, 2010

You're telling me..

49cents at Value Village. Can you believe it? It's a pin!
recommended listening after reading this post: 'Pin' by Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Photo Booth Photos

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

$50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

$50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway.

This week I won a gift code for Amazon as a secondary prize in a contest. Unfortunately, the gift code is for & not & being the friendly Canadian that I am added to the fact that sadly, not very much exciting stuff is shipped to Canada from, I am passing this onto you, one of my readers who never leave any comments on my postings. & it's a special thank you to people in online communities for sharing valuable information & links that have assisted me in winning things in previous contests.

This giveaway is open to US & Canadian residents.
* Canadian residents please note gift code is in US FUNDS *

Ways to enter:

01. Tell me what you would buy yourself, a friend or a family member if you won, or if you're really nice, me. Or tell me it's a secret or none of my business. [1 entry = 1 comment]. required.
02. Follow my blog. [1 entry = 1 comment]. optional.
03. Subscribe to my blog. [1 entry = 1 comment]. optional.
04. Take a look around & comment on your favorite item. Come back & let me know you have commented on one of my other posts. [1 entry = 1 comment]. optional.

A total of 4 comments equaling 4 entries.

Winner will be chosen randomly via You do not need a blog to enter, just be sure that you include an email where I am able to reach you to deliver your code to. Gift card will be delivered electronically via email. You have 48 hours to respond to my initial email. If you do not respond within 48 hours you will forfeit your prize & I will pick a secondary winner randomly via Contest begins today, March 10th 2010 & will end March 31st 2010 @ 11:59:59PM.

Thanks & Good Luck!


A Favourite of Mine!

Antique Leather Book!

Antique Leather Book! This is an absolute favourite of mine since it's very unique & definitely old. I'm not sure what the book would have been used for as the pages are quick thick & very glossy. The book itself weighs in a 3lbs 8oz - I brought it into work to weigh it on the produce scale. Pretty darn heavy. It's leather bound & fabulous. As you can see, the photos do not do the book justice & you cannot capture the essence of the book. Wish you were here!

& what's up with the pattern?

Bought late last year at Value Village for $4.99.

Monday, March 8, 2010

All of the food in this picture reminds me of the site, This Is Why Your Fat. The outfit he is wearing is to die for. & speaking of This Is Why Your Fat, I totally think that majority of that food is made to look disgusting to be submitted to that site. But that's just me. A lot of the deserts looks really delish.

Photo found on the floor in Goodwill in 2007.

The time to be happy is now!

Wow, so very motivational. THE TIME TO BE HAPPY IS NOW.
$3.99 (i think) in a bag of random junk from VV.

Vintage greeting cards, my specialty & one of my favourite things to collect.
This lot was surprisingly cheap, purchased on the same trip as the item above for $1.99 for approximately 70. Included are ones from 50's, 60's, 70's & some newer ones that are plain & boring.

All items thrifted from a Value Village.

Unicorn - $1.99
Picture Frame - $1.99
Lamp - $6.99
The 3 Together - Priceless!

They are all sitting atop my teak credenza I got for $100 bucks off Craigslist. $20 for delivery, good deal.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

From the vaults: Thirst Aid Glasses!

Thirst Aid Glassware.

A favourite item of mine. Found at Goodwill two years ago or so. If you've ever been into my house, you know that these cups are not for drinking, just like your mother &/or grandma these are special & for use during special occasions.. in this case the only thing that would get me passing them out with vodka & Coke (not a rum drinker here) is the Apocalypse, so, December 21st, 2012. Come over for some drinks.

original text:

"Thrist Aid glassware. I saw this on Thursday night at Goodwill where I picked up a bunch of cards. The regular price was 99 cents a glass. Since I was there at 8:30PM & they closed at 9PM I decided that I would wait until Friday morning & go in at 9AM for the sale. I got six of this size of glasses & 4 zombie glasses. I also got another Blue Light crate @ 49 CENTS. The Thirst Aid glassware costs $22 for 4 glasses this size. Not sure how much the other size costs.

Paid $4.41 for 11 things at $0.49. She didn't ring something in, since 11 items would have cost $5.39. Good deal!"

ipath Footwear Giveaway @ Simple Finds!

ipath Footwear Giveaway @ Simple Finds!

Not thrift related, but damn, I love what I have seen of ipath footwear.

Have had bad luck with shoes lately, with the cat urinating in both pairs of my skate shoes & the Zoo York's I bought off eBay (with the Adbusters magazine winnings!) being size 13 & labeled 11.5, definitely dig a new pair of ipaths. Have seen them around at West 49, Boathouse & a local shop called Hogtown, but with being broke & spending all my ca$h on lame knick knacks I can only afford those black, boring, practical shoes that are work appropiate.

Anyways, over at Simple Finds they're having a fantastic giveaway for ipath shoes. Definitely check it out, While you're there, take a look around at everything else too.

While you're there & not here, check out ipaths website, Buy me something nice.

Remember, there's no "I" in hemp!

Friday, March 5, 2010

It's the weekend, have fun!

My Fire King cherry has been popped!

Ever since I found out that Fire King was collectable & sellable I have been looking for it among my local thrifts. I've come across many Federal & an endless supply of Pyrex which are all quite simliar. Anyways, Value Village popped my cherry for $2.99. Quite nice. I've been in need of a sturdy measuring cup as I've got, or had, one of those cheap plastic ones where the colouring wears off quite quickly. Out with the old, in with the erm, older?

Found a cheap - 49cent - Niagara Falls pin. I'm going there on the 23rd (will be stopping by at least ONE local thrift), so thought the button would be fitting. How old it is, I don't know. '70s?

Lastly, a beautiful Care Bear plate a steal at 49cents.

I always seem to forget my camera, however, I must say that I saw a Dance Mix '95 jacket with beautiful black suede arms & a logo on each arm & breast.