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Friday, March 26, 2010

South St. Burger Review!

South St. Burger Co Review!

Lately I have been a big Hero Burger fan. I'm not going to lie. One opened up in the gay village here in Toronto, took over the spot of a cafe I disliked, right on the corner! That place is BUSY! Anyways, mostly a big Hero Burger fan because my boyfriend loves the place & they use 100% Canadian Angus Beef. Now, ever since I got the invite from BzzAgent, I have compared South St. Burgers to Hero Burger - even before I had been to South St. Before I got the invite I had never heard of the place either.

Now, I took the Yonge line up to Eglinton to visit my closet location. The travel time is quite a distance for a quick, enjoyable, delicious meal, but that's OK. When I entered the place I noticed the atmosphere was quite swell & the trays & booths gave me a '50s diner vibe - which is excellent! The dim lighting in the restaurant is a plus as well. Florescent lights in your eyes which you're eating is never fantastic. Took me awhile to decide what I wanted to eat, but I ended up with ordering a original burger with cheese. The beef is from small co-op farms that practice natural farming. South St. claim that "better beef does make better burgers." I have to agree fully, 100%. Throw Hero Burger out the window & replace it with South St. Burgers are moist, tender & they cook it the way you want! A great thing is being able to see them cook your buger on the grill. It ads a little excitement to the meal. Their real cheeses are fantastic. I got the swiss on my burger & I tried a little piece of the side before it melted & it was one of the best pieces of swiss I ever had. They offer 25 toppings! Many toppings which aren't offered at your regular burger joint. Not only was the buger made infront of you, but the burger is topped right infront of you as well. Then it's gracefully placed on your steel, circle tray. Another great thing - FREE REFILLS!

As you may or may not already know South St. is owned by the same company who owns New York Fries. As you should know, NYF has legendary fries, poutine & from what my boyfriend says, mouth watering onion rings (not an onion ring fan). The sides that you can choose you already know taste swell. I say go to the nearest South St. Burger Co & try yourself a combo. I'll be bringing my boyfriend this weekend when we go to an estate sale. I plan on trying the chicken burger. Will let you know how it is. I was blessed with some 'buy one combo, get the second free' coupons, so besides my boyfriend I'll be bringing a few friends all on different trips. I already asked another friend of mine & we'll be going next week. She's never heard of the place either. I think she's going to like it.

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Now, would I go again? Definitely would plan on it, but only if I am in the area, which is not too often. I could see myself visiting more often is there was a location in walking distance, which is a location right downtown Toronto. I hope there would be one soon! One thing before I go - the staff was very uninviting & cold. A definite con. I have never felt like more than a # when in a NYF & now a South St. Burger Co.


  1. I never heard of the palce but it sounds soo good. Anything that isn't mcdonalds or BK.

  2. Sounds great, you just made me hungry for a burger ;) Wish there's was one locally.