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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Born to Rock!

On my recent trip to Goodwill they were having a clearout on vinyl, CDs, DVDs & VHS. A buck for each, except two bucks for a DVD. I looked though all those heaps of CDs in hopes I'd find something I've wanted & could get cheap! Nothing of interest though.

I always love arriving when they wheel out a new buggy full of vinyl, but whenever it happens I always have to wait in line to take a look. It's usually slim pickings for good stuff, but sometimes it's still there.

Anyways, so I got "Born to Rock" by The Chipmunks & The Chipettes!

The Chipettes look totally hip on the cover. This LP is still sealed, so that's fantastic! It's one of those items I bought "just to have" so out of curiosity, check it out on eBay. The only finished auction had the sale price of $34.99. xX here's hoping Xx. I'd love to get a NEW IN BOX PEE WEE HERMAN DOLL!

I also scooped up some VHS that I've wanted to see or have already seen, but want to be able to watch them while in bed since the wife has yet to hook up the DVD player in the bedroom! We're all VHS up in there. What did I buy you ask?

Pretty Woman, Better Than Chocolate, Steel Magnolias, Baby Cakes.

I've heard of them all, except for Baby Cakes. Just had to buy it! A 1993 movie with Ricki Lake? I'd be crazy not too.

recommended listening after reading this post: La Bamba by The Chipmunks & The Chipettes

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  1. I would consider that Pee Wee in the original box a great buy. Hang onto it. It will be worth something someday.