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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wanted Wednesday

Wanted Wednesday

Isn't this retro rolling skating poster absolutely fantastic? I have friends who roller derby, I sent her the link, but doesn't look like she bid. I'd love to put it up in my house, too. 
Where I grew up, we were lucky enough to have a roller rink called Wheels. I remember roller skating to Nirvana, Alice in Chains & other popular grunge & late '80s music. I was pretty decent.

You can buy it here.

This set of E.T. keychains WILL be mine, well, unless someone buys the 10+ lots that the seller has before I buy them in mid May. 6 keychains for $7. Wish I lived in the states.. FREE shipping.. like $8 to Canada. POO!

you can buy them here

Anything you're dying to own lately?   

Saturday, April 27, 2013



Spring has finally hit Toronto! I hit up a church sale this past Friday, it's the only one I go to regularly & I guess it's known as a pretty decent one in the city, as I was speaking to someone in line. Afterwards, I hit up a bunch of thrift stores & I did pretty good.

So, I got up for this church sale at 8AM. I got there for 9AM.. no one in line. I was like WTF? So I went to a thrift store. I got back there, no one in line. I was like WTF? Especially since it opened in 20 mins. Then a guy lined up at the door, a lady came out & told him it was around the corner... I confirmed as he walked by me. We talked as the 100ish people infront of us waited to get in. He pointed out some dealers who were there. I noted them. We just spoke about random things & I let it slip that I collect mugs - I try not to let it slip in places about what I collect or buy as people who are there to buy to resell who may not know it's collectible may start to buy it up. Anyways, doors open, first place he goes to, the mugs. He had known all about Fire King mugs when I let it slip. Whatevs. That wasn't my first stop. I got to the housewares table as a woman was handing a 8x8 orange Pyrex pan to the girl behind the desk.. I reached over to see what the 404 primary Yellow looked like (scuffed & damaged), the 403 Spring Blossom (ughish).. that was it! Within 30 seconds, one of those dealers had it in his hands. All I could think was.. "if he can peddle that shit at the antique market every Sunday, 50% of the stuff I leave at the shops I could sell.." I was surprised! 

I bought the Butterfly Gold napkin rings at the church sale for 50cents with the intention of including them in a giveaway on my blog in the near future. The Yankees MLB pin from 1988 was 50cents & this DC lanyard was also 50 cents. & I knew my pop culture collection was missing something, so this Popeye had to come home with me. The owl is a handpainted coin bank, made in Japan. Back in the back is a 25cent church sale sugar bowl (?) & also a 474 Pyrex lid!

I picked up a pack of cards (which only included the Annie & Holly Hobbie) at the church sale for $1. The self proclaimed "pay master" was a little old lady sitting on a chair, she told me how she packaged them up for the sale to donate since she no longer writes letters. I told her they're great cards, thanked her for donating them & that they're going to a great home. She invited me back to the Autumn sale & told me she'll have more cards. 

Drink anyone? I've eyed these poodle glasses at an antique market, but yea, I'd never pay antique market prices for them. A couple weeks ago I found a Batman glass, paid $2.99 (shhhh!) & I bought 8 in total this week (only 3 patterns), $4.99 for 4. I've already got 2 of each Cheap Wine carafe, but you never know when 2 will break & you'll never find another.. 

A 503 Butterprint fridgie found at the thrift 2 weeks ago & this vibrant, shiny red found this week. 

Strawberry Shortcake! This towel was never used - still has the manufacturer hanger on in.

Some very petite deer & a very retro kitchen set!

Well, that's it! Hope you all found some killer stuff this week. I'll be jealous if you found some amazing Pyrex!
gonna link up with a living space.


Saturday, April 20, 2013



Oh man, I'm getting frustrated with this weather. I went home this weekend & while making plans over 2 weeks ago, there was a first ever monthly flea market to be held, CANCELLED because of the weather. Just too cold. My dad was taking me to a flea market in Detroit, A BUST. 20ish of he 120 booths wee occupied - the weather. It's April 20th & some flakes of snow still fell from the sky! I found nothing this week at the thrift stores. If it wasn't for the antique mall, wouldn't have found a thing... I guess it's possible I worked up the trip a little too much in my head

I had played with the idea of buying this metal Biohazard/Radioactive lunchbox off eBay awhile ago. About 13 years ago, I used to carry it around (borrowed from a friend) inspired from The Spooky Kids. I paid $6 for the nostalgia. 

One of my favourite Pyrex types are space savers. I came across this Golden Acorn Space Saver with lid & cradle. Soooo... did this originally come with a cradle, or what? This was $7. 

At the same booth I got these vintage bowling glasses, I thought they were neat. I think that particular booth is going out of business, it was 30% off. There are some newer booths in that place (like 3) that are actually pretty good & would keep me coming back. I have been going there for 3 years I think & some booths have the same merchandise, some in the same spot. 

I'll be out shopping next week. I did score some great retail shopping deals in Michigan.. Tiger Balm for $6.50 which is about $10 more in Ontario.

Next time I come down, 
I will be hitting up 4 antique malls on the way, 7 thrift stores on the way. 1 antique mall here, 2 thrift stores. Possibly the Detroit Flea, if not, there is a 100+ house street sale (it's famous in the area) & the cancelled flea market is set for the weekend.. but might not make it & one more market on the way home. Something to look forward to!

Saturday, April 13, 2013



Hi! Hope everyone had a good week thrifting. A few annoyances in my world this week - both on the same day, I was in my "sure thing" Pyrex shop & what do I see? A man with some black & yellow Gooseberry bowls in his cart & it's the 443 & 444 - the 443 I desperately need (haha). I was ticked! Then.. later in the day, I run into my thrifting nemesis in another shop. We collect the same stuff, so I get pissed when I see her around.

I guess you win some & you lose some. 

The polka dot Federal bowl is probably my favourite bowl. It's the first bowl I ever found & it's what got me started on my Pyrex craze. I also picked up this Snowflake 045, lucky for me probably abandoned by many by it's grimy, utensiled condition, but it cleaned up perfectly! 

It was the week of the lid. All elusive lids to me. A space saver lid (OK, I've found 3 of these), a 473 & a lid for a 043.. so grateful for all these lids! It's only a matter of time until all my pieces have lids. 

Some smalls. BUT.. I bought about 150 packs of these Super Mario Brothers stickers & have listed 3 sets of 5 on eBay so far... 2 of the 3 have sold for $30 with BIN. Hopefully the trend continues. If you can make them out, there is a CN Tower swizzle stick & smaller sticks. Also one of those fab vintage writing tablets called "Closing Comments: the LAST WORD in writing paper" by Carlton Cards & some vintage spaceship stickers.

Some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles plush dolls chilling with my winking owl cookie jar.. they need a wash though. 

This deer was in one of those baggies with all them chipped, ugly figurines. I had to tear a tiny hole in the bag to rub it to see if there were any chips - it was plastic! So.. no chips!

These mugs are Termocrisa. I have a full set of blue. Someone pulled the tag off, obviously weren't looking for Termocrisa, probably Fire King?  They put the tag back on. That's one of my pet peeves of collecting milk glass // bowls & stuff. When thrift stores place the stickers over the markings & when people can't tell WTF they are so they have to peel the tags off.

I bought this book. 

I always wanted one growing up. I don't have anything to hide in it now, but you never know. & it's possible. I have one already, but it belongs to a suitcase bar set & it's actually the Holy Bible.  Possible this one came from a bar set? 

Lastly some towels, I kinda regret the calories towel. 

Yeah, so link up your thrift finds. Can't wait to see what goodies you picked up.



Saturday, April 6, 2013



A shortage of items this week, considering I went to 11 thrift shops & 5 Antique Markets. Granted, one of them was going out of business & was empty. Competition too fierce? I'm getting too picky? That time of the year (it's still snowing here.. I was just outside & there were flakes coming down). & this week besides 3 regular day trips to Goodwill (where I found ET & a jacket), I didn't thrift for 7 days! That isn't like me at all.. 

ET was big this week. I picked up this figurine fresh out of the bin at Goodwill. At one of the antique markets I discovered a booth that I used to overlook because I thought it was all Star Wars items, but on the bottom shelf was a bunch of 1980's toys, pretty decently priced. I bought this ET linen for $3.. looks a little creepy. As well as these ET magnets from 1982, still in the package. & the kneehugger, paid a little more than I normally would, but was coming up so empty handed...

I'm not very big on clothes from the thrifts. I don't waste my time very often as I am a firm believer that they get picked over at warehouse sized sorting places by vintage pickers from vintage shops (and we don't have a shortage of those in Toronto) who pay a premium on them, especially after hearing that one shop has "secret picking places" & seeing photos of such warehouses on Kijiji in the city. Anyways, this coat was made in Canada by Shain. Look like it's never been worn. It's for myself. I love the way it looks. Doesn't fit right now. 

It isn't a good week without some vintage greeting cards. Rust Craft, Cards by Kay, Hallmark... they're all here. 

Some Pyrex. I picked up the Butterprint at the antique mall despite the chipped lid (I've got like a gazillion this size). This is an elusive size of dish for me & I think it's adorable. I had seen pie plates all the time last year, but thought WTF do I want one of these for.. well now I bake apple pies for my BF, so been looking for one. Found this dirt nasty one for $1.99.. we'll see how she cleans up. Another Horizon Blue, need one more to complete the set!

Another pic of the kneehugger cuz he's too cute.

I enjoy this 7-UP Uncola glasses, I think they are neat. & I do like this Dick Tracey glass. The glass is very thick.

Last find of the week, these toaster salt & pepper shakers. A set I've wanted to add for awhile. $5 at the market. 

An egg lamp with feet! My third one.. too many? 

Hope you all have a great thrifting week