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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Thriftasaurus #89!


Hello! Welcome to the last edition of Thriftasaurus from my current home! I am just about to settle down for the night & we move tomorrow so want to get Thriftasaurus posted tonight. To the dismay of my boyfriend,  I thrifted this week... but stopped in 2 thrifts (same plaza) after dropping off donations, which pretty much all came from thrifts.

Well, I did get to a thrift another time & I found this glass. I'm in love! I was going to leave it & buy some online because as you can see, someone quite enjoyed this glass (visible ware one the bottom). However,  it was 69cents & I didn't think I'd remember what it looked like enough to search... so here it is on a box, at home.

If you know the maker or where I can buy them,  let me know please.

And if you ever see one or a set, please buy them! I'll buy them off you! !

Hope you had a great week. I listed some Pyrex on kijiji but no one really bit, oh well. I got some more to list after I move. 


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thriftasaurus #88!

Thriftasaurus #88!

Hey thrifters... how was your week? I'm running a little late this week, been packing up a storm. I made a couple discoveries - a couple Pyrex pieces I never knew I had, had a Pyrex ER in my kitchen & found long forgotten treasures & long forgotten thrift mistakes & horrors. I seriously think this one thing I bought was made out of rat hair & it keeps flaking off. Ew! 

I ran out once after work this week, just a quickie. Not my favourite, but should you really be bringing in more stuff when you're packing & purging? 

I can't leave one of these behind. Just can't!  

That's a Pyrex lid. You know,  I pulled these things out of what seems like every nook & cranny... I bought this one this week. I think I may just need Space Saver & Fridgie lids in the future! But I imagine I will have a hard time telling myself that when or if I see some on the shelf..

Some 1980s greeting cards!

& a set of vintage made in West Germany Easter Eggs. Wonderful! Guess I missed this the last 2 times I was in the store... sometimes you miss a thing or 2 I guess when looking through those 200 bags of misc things! 

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Hope you thrifted hard & garage sales have paid off! Looking forward to living through you this week - I gotta stay home all week & pack! BOO!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

From Arkansas: A Newsy Letter

Here's A Newsy Letter For You
From The Wonder State: Arkansas

I bought a lot of vintage ephemera off eBay. Vintage paper crap is one of my favourite things. The lot was a little of a let down, it was more damaged than I thought it was. Actually, I didn't even think it was damaged, so I don't know what I am talking about. I had no clue what these were in the photos, but I think they are just fantastic! I've got just a mini handful of them, but now I want to collect every single state! They are from the 1950's, so not at all politically correct.

These are already complied letters meant to send to your friends, family, whomever while you're on vaca. Since they include some history of the state as well as being vintage, when I saw them I thought they would be perfect to include at Dawn's">History And Home Link Party
at We Call It Junkin


This particular letter, is copyright 1953 - Newsy Letter Co., Chicago 5, Ill.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thriftasaurus #87!

:: # 87 :: number eighty-seven :: # 87 :: 

Welcome to the 87th Thriftasaurus! It was slim pickings for me this week, how about you? 7 thrift stores this week, 4 twice. I wish I had the energy to do estates & yard sales. Maybe one day. Just seems like hard work to do on public transit.

I've been saving this bowl for a time like this. I bought it off eBay last year.. it's been on display since I got it from my cousins in Ohio. I bought 2 sheets to resell to replace the Jadeite bowl I broke inside Value Village, I know, right? Anyways, I was going to replace it with the money from the sheets, well I bought 5 Jadeite bowls & had money left over for this! WOW! Aside from a slight wear on  one dot the seller described it as MINT, never used. No trick, what a liar. It's in pretty good condition, my any nitwit could tell it has been used & has marks on other spots. I think it's the second largest?

I collect these writing tablets. Most are by Vagabond Creations & Paula Co., but there ones produced by other companies, too. There retro graphic tablets like Snug As A Bug (Vagabond Creations) are my favourite.

my fav page from this particular pad.
I bought this to resell. My seller instincts have really been off. I have been selling/trading online since 2001. I was going to buy this, but then I wasn't. Then I googled it & similar items have sold on ETSY. I have no idea for what price, but I assume for at least $10. Anyways, cute German grocery list wall hanging "What Am I Missing?". You move the clips (pictured with Snug As A Bug) to which items on the list you are missing! Anyways, yeah. Reselling. The exact same things will sell for other people, mine will flop! Very frustrating.

I am moving at the end of this month, not too far - just a block south & 2 blocks east, however, I have to pack all my shit up. This is becoming quit a challenge. Not something I want to be doing at all. However, I am having some fun going through some boxes that are in the closet. I am picked up from them, looking at it like an ex boyfriend thinking, "WTF WAS I THINKING!?

Here is one example that is headed back to the thrift cycle! This clown actually had similar hair to some idiot I once dated in my early 20's.. 

I did buy 2 very small presents this week, too. I bought a 1997 Sailor Moon gift card for a friend & a Vera scarf for Jill at A Little Big of Everything.

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend... 

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

1980's Candy!

1980's Candy!

I recently took a timewaster Buzzfeed thing, not a quiz, just a "how many foods have you eaten" & it says, "you have eaten 87 out of these 200 foods!" & it made me reminisce of my favorite, long forgotten candies of the past... 

My favourites: 

a sealed pack recently sold on eBay for $165.99!
(pic credit in that link, too)
These were my absolute tops. Made by Willy Wonka in the mid & late '80s, these "ugly tangy speckled bites" came in four artificial flavours - grape, blueberry, lime & strawberry! I can remember getting these from Becker's along with the ones below... 

Dina Sour Eggs
These were my second fav. Another Willy Wonka creation, the packaging for these "giant sour jawbreakers" is slick. The 'breakers were shaped like eggs, with 4 different layers that change colour & flavour - grape, orange, cherry & lemon. These were said to last between 30 & 60 minutes per candy. I can't remember what I was like with these, but I know I'm like the owl in the Tootsie pop commercial when it comes to Jolly Ranchers. 

I'm sorry, I lost the credit.
 Candy Cigarettes
Candy cigarettes... I had forgotten all about them until recently when I was in Columbus & on the hunt for Chewy Nerds, which aren't sold in Canada (just in specialty stores). In Canada, it's illegal for candy cigarette branding to resemble that of actual cigarette branding. I remember both the chocolate & chalky & carrying them around like I was a bad ass. Remember cigarette vending machines? Smoking in the grocery store? We still have ashtrays next to our elevators in the basement. I remember going to the corner store with a note from my step brother saying we could buy him cigarettes. How the world has changed.

Liquid Center Pop Gum!
This was the ultimate tops. Gum with brand name soda inside. Besides Thrills, this was my favourite gum ever produced. They had Dr. Pepper, too. Wasn't there like Moutain Dew, too? 

Pretty sure that's all I am really missing that isn't still being made today. What about you?  

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thriftasaurus #86!

Thriftasaurus #86

This has been a stressful, busy week for us at the Thrift-A-Lot house, so no thrifts were sought out, 2 happened, since we were in the area & we rarely go out that way.. since there isn't a point. One thrift has never yielded a thing, but I go there so rarely, I always think, "maybe it's just a bad day!" & I always do the, "you never know...", too. The second is hit or miss, lately it has been miss & I go to it more than the other (& this is in the past 5 years), however, it is always good for some vintage greeting cards! It didn't disappoint this time, either. All kinds of great ones!

These ones, though, were from a package I got on eBay. 

ugh. i hate the sun.

Some vintage black salt & pepper shakers... plastic.

Well, I had some more, but there seems to be technical difficulties & no more photos will upload, so another time. 

Can't wait to see what  you've uncovered. 

& HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! (another vintage card I found)


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Thriftasaurus #85

Thriftasaurus #85

Hey thrifters! How was your week in thrifting? I'm glad I was able to successfully do both a scheduled post & and scheduled link up! As you may or may not know, last week I went to Ohio! You know, I've always convinced myself that Ohio will have amazing Pyrex & it never really does! Michigan does, but Ohio.. not so much. I was able to hit one vintage shop, so overpriced it made my heart hurt & eyes bleed, 4 antique malls & a handful of thrifts. I went to a flea market, but it was 20 minutes before it was closed, so all the vendors had packed up. 

These are my finds. I was going to split them up into posts, but these are going to be immediately packed up. We are moving at the end of may - 2 blocks! So yeah, here's everything!

I found one of these ice buckets not to long ago. Can you believe I found another? Same price at the antique market as it was at the thrift. This is one of my favourite finds this year, so ecstatic to have a backup! 

seein' double

 Lots of salt & pepper shakers! I have been wanting a set of the winking owls to go with my thrifted winking owl cookie jar, I have seen them priced previously anywhere from $15 to $49. I knew one day I would find them cheaper - $9! Same market had the cookie jar for $95.. jeez. I had never seen anything like the birds before, them! They have 4 real feathers on each shaker!

Vintage RCA Nipper dog statues. $11 for both at a market. The bigger one goes for $50 on eBay. Good buy!

My Pyrex buys. The Bluebelle/Delphite/Whatever bowl was a $3 thrift store find & I bought the fridgie from the market for $5 mainly for the lid. 

I was surprised to find out on Pyrex Trading FB group
there was some Delphite hate... weird.

This box is just fabulous! It's a box of Sealtest Ice cream, Gay 90's Toffee Fudge & is from 1956.

A trip to the USA isn't finished unless it includes vintage Christmas... 
also includes some duck that was $2, made in Japan. Easter? 

Some very small smalls. I've been wanting that Wrigley's gum keychain for my collection for awhile. Love it! Some Valentines picks, love them! Sealed made in Japan reindeer. Love it! & some amazing pins for my collection ("REAL SWINGER" will be for sale... I want ORGY ORGANIZER... not REAL SWINGER!"

Look! It's Lefton!

Hope you found some great goods this week. I've got a huge week a head - fun dentist appointment, haircut.. hah, but most important, I have an interview on Friday, let's see how that goes! I had an interview for the same job maybe 2 years ago? Didn't go as well as I would have like, but 2 years to grow. Need more money for more stuff & a bigger house to fit that stuff in!

PS: I just realized I have more stuff from this trip I forgot to post - oh well, next week!

Link up below with your latest second hand finds. Can't wait to see what you've unearthed.