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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Thriftasaurus #85

Thriftasaurus #85

Hey thrifters! How was your week in thrifting? I'm glad I was able to successfully do both a scheduled post & and scheduled link up! As you may or may not know, last week I went to Ohio! You know, I've always convinced myself that Ohio will have amazing Pyrex & it never really does! Michigan does, but Ohio.. not so much. I was able to hit one vintage shop, so overpriced it made my heart hurt & eyes bleed, 4 antique malls & a handful of thrifts. I went to a flea market, but it was 20 minutes before it was closed, so all the vendors had packed up. 

These are my finds. I was going to split them up into posts, but these are going to be immediately packed up. We are moving at the end of may - 2 blocks! So yeah, here's everything!

I found one of these ice buckets not to long ago. Can you believe I found another? Same price at the antique market as it was at the thrift. This is one of my favourite finds this year, so ecstatic to have a backup! 

seein' double

 Lots of salt & pepper shakers! I have been wanting a set of the winking owls to go with my thrifted winking owl cookie jar, I have seen them priced previously anywhere from $15 to $49. I knew one day I would find them cheaper - $9! Same market had the cookie jar for $95.. jeez. I had never seen anything like the birds before, them! They have 4 real feathers on each shaker!

Vintage RCA Nipper dog statues. $11 for both at a market. The bigger one goes for $50 on eBay. Good buy!

My Pyrex buys. The Bluebelle/Delphite/Whatever bowl was a $3 thrift store find & I bought the fridgie from the market for $5 mainly for the lid. 

I was surprised to find out on Pyrex Trading FB group
there was some Delphite hate... weird.

This box is just fabulous! It's a box of Sealtest Ice cream, Gay 90's Toffee Fudge & is from 1956.

A trip to the USA isn't finished unless it includes vintage Christmas... 
also includes some duck that was $2, made in Japan. Easter? 

Some very small smalls. I've been wanting that Wrigley's gum keychain for my collection for awhile. Love it! Some Valentines picks, love them! Sealed made in Japan reindeer. Love it! & some amazing pins for my collection ("REAL SWINGER" will be for sale... I want ORGY ORGANIZER... not REAL SWINGER!"

Look! It's Lefton!

Hope you found some great goods this week. I've got a huge week a head - fun dentist appointment, haircut.. hah, but most important, I have an interview on Friday, let's see how that goes! I had an interview for the same job maybe 2 years ago? Didn't go as well as I would have like, but 2 years to grow. Need more money for more stuff & a bigger house to fit that stuff in!

PS: I just realized I have more stuff from this trip I forgot to post - oh well, next week!

Link up below with your latest second hand finds. Can't wait to see what you've unearthed. 




  1. Oh my days I WANT those bird shakers!!! Blimming brilliant with the feathers on. Loving the gay fudge.
    Haven't been linking up anywhere or posting for a while.. but I'm back every now and then!

  2. Nice finds, owls were my fav. I thrifted a truck and then embellished it a bit. Always wanted to try dotted paint. I am linking up my tomorrow post tomorrow morning, full of thrifted. Thanks for Thriftasaurus.

  3. I wasn't aware of the Delphite hate but some of those people on those FB trade groups can get a little crazy!

    Glad you found some vintage Christmas! And I do believe the little duck is for Easter.

    Good luck with your move!


  4. I always find different stuff when I head to the US - there is just so much occasion stuff - love those knee huggers, of course!! I am heading there later this month, so hope I find something great too!!!

    Why would anyone hate Delphite? I think it's pretty special!!! Especially the fridgies!

  5. You brought home some good stuff!! :) And if you ever get the chance to come to Indianapolis, I will show you some good junkin' times!

  6. Wow, amazing group of finds! Love the little owl S&P, had them, sold them, always wonder later, why? Birds with feathers? How unique, and so cute. Of course love the Lefton, and the knee huggers, well everything.

    Linking up with some cool dishes I didn't need. :)

  7. Looking forward to seeing more of your finds.

  8. Oh the kitties are too cute!

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting

  9. Ahhhhh, I want those Lefton kittens!!

  10. The kitties win hands down as the best find. Thanks for having us over!

  11. Lots of cute stuff. Thanks for hosting.

  12. So what's wrong with "Real Swinger"??

  13. I love the reindeer, thank you for hosting:)

  14. Those Miss Priss are adorable! Nice finds :-)

  15. As usual I'm jealous of your Pyrex find love the RCA dog figurines and of course the Christmas stuff. All in all I would say you got some good stuff.
    Have a great weekend.

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