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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

1980's Candy!

1980's Candy!

I recently took a timewaster Buzzfeed thing, not a quiz, just a "how many foods have you eaten" & it says, "you have eaten 87 out of these 200 foods!" & it made me reminisce of my favorite, long forgotten candies of the past... 

My favourites: 

a sealed pack recently sold on eBay for $165.99!
(pic credit in that link, too)
These were my absolute tops. Made by Willy Wonka in the mid & late '80s, these "ugly tangy speckled bites" came in four artificial flavours - grape, blueberry, lime & strawberry! I can remember getting these from Becker's along with the ones below... 

Dina Sour Eggs
These were my second fav. Another Willy Wonka creation, the packaging for these "giant sour jawbreakers" is slick. The 'breakers were shaped like eggs, with 4 different layers that change colour & flavour - grape, orange, cherry & lemon. These were said to last between 30 & 60 minutes per candy. I can't remember what I was like with these, but I know I'm like the owl in the Tootsie pop commercial when it comes to Jolly Ranchers. 

I'm sorry, I lost the credit.
 Candy Cigarettes
Candy cigarettes... I had forgotten all about them until recently when I was in Columbus & on the hunt for Chewy Nerds, which aren't sold in Canada (just in specialty stores). In Canada, it's illegal for candy cigarette branding to resemble that of actual cigarette branding. I remember both the chocolate & chalky & carrying them around like I was a bad ass. Remember cigarette vending machines? Smoking in the grocery store? We still have ashtrays next to our elevators in the basement. I remember going to the corner store with a note from my step brother saying we could buy him cigarettes. How the world has changed.

Liquid Center Pop Gum!
This was the ultimate tops. Gum with brand name soda inside. Besides Thrills, this was my favourite gum ever produced. They had Dr. Pepper, too. Wasn't there like Moutain Dew, too? 

Pretty sure that's all I am really missing that isn't still being made today. What about you?  


  1. I used to get the chocolate cigarettes every year in my stocking, what was Santa thinking???

  2. I loved the Dina Sour Eggs! There is a store where Hanna lives that has all these old candies. I always stock up whenever I visit.


  3. I used to LOVE the "chalky" candy cigarettes. I think we all carried them around thinking we were bad asses.

  4. Did they still make the wax (Coke?) bottles with the syrupy fillin' in the 80s? I always thought those were so cute!


  5. Well that brings back memories! I loved candy cigarettes!

  6. I loved chunky candy bars, the original version, so thick you could hardly bite through it. Oh yeah, I thought I was cool with my candy ciggies too.

  7. I remember that gum, but don't think I ate any of the others

  8. I remember those hard dots that were attached to a piece of paper. They may still make them. My grandma always bought Necco wafers. Now those taste like chalk!

  9. Love it! I remember most of those. The gum made me think of Freshen-Up. Had to google it just to make sure that still existed. I'll have to buy a pack of goo-filled gum soon. Lol.

    The candy that I most miss is Lifesavers lollipops -blueberry or cherry with a cream swirl or Strawberry banana. I loved those.

    Fun post!

  10. I I love this blog, I always look forward to reading it. I remember not only these candies, but going to the mom and pop store with a small amount of change and buying my jawbreakers. Sir thrift, thanks for the memories.😀

  11. Funny how the only candy I remember is the candy cigarettes.....I was 15 in 1980 I should remember these.....

  12. Punky’s was my fav! Also Slush Puppie Bubble Gum and Hot & Cold Nerds