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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!


Hope everyone got some fabulous vintage gifts! I got an Ellen Degeneres book, some Lindt chocolate & that's about it!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

& in the 6th store he hit up.. he bought nothing!

Alright, so yesterday I did a city wide thrift extravaganza. 3 Value Villages, 2 Salvation Army (Sally Anne`s), 2 Good Wills. Monday isn`t the best day to go, since weekenders already cleaned it out. It`s also winter & near Christmas, so the top thing on peoples minds isn`t donations. All the purchases I made that day were from the first thrift shop I hit up, Value Village. This one isn`t as widely shopped as the ones downtown. I recently started visiting it & have found some very nice stuff. No clothing, though. I`ve come to the conclusion that this Value Village isn`t a place to score any nice clothing.

Alright, so I walked by this box. I thought it was cute in an ugly sort`ve way, but didn`t stop to check it out. I did the, ``I`ll check it out later`` thing, which isn`t something you do in a thrift shop. You pick it up as fast as you can, carry it around & make the decision later. If you leave it there for a second longer, it might be gone by the time you`ve made your decision to purchase it. Anyways, so 10 minutes later I go back & it`s gone. I gasped a little, but then saw that someone moved it. Cool. I pick it up & notice that there`s 4 boxes in total, all cute & all the same. I also noticed that the lid for the first & largest box is gone. This put me on a ledge, whether I was going to buy it or not. Decided to look for the lid. Looked everywhere, even in the toy section, but didn`t find it. Has the clever idea to get on my knees & peak under the shelving where I first saw the boxes. Lo & behold, way back there it is! Decision made. Price? I expected it to be much higher than it was, afterall, it`s Value Village. I expected anywhere from $8.99 to $19.99. To my surprise they were $4.99! I haven't decided what to put in them yet. One of them has my coupons, that were scattered all over our condo, in it.

Next it's my new Norweigan troll! Handcarved & mine for only $1.99. I thought the guy would be a little cheaper & almost passed this guy up. I only saw him because I picked up some hideous statue of a frog to see what it was made of. These guys sell on eBay for $15-$40. Not bad. The yellow tin was made in England, looks old, and was only $0.69. Not sure what's going in there either. Maybe I'll move my coupons into this one..

I also bought a bunch of cards.. miscellaneous holidays & occasions. $2.99 for a bag of them. There were 53 in the bag. I took out a few & left them on the subway in hopes someone would find them & decide to use them.

"Don't pee on my leg & tell me that it's raining." - Judge Judy.

Forever yours,


PS: I'm going home for Christmas to Windsor, Ontario from the 26th to the 30th. Besides seeing my family, I am excited to visit some of the shops. I anticipate these are less picked over, although since the economy went to crap there (highest unemployment rate in Canada) I haven't been to any of the shops. Hopefully people are still donating!

The Big Bang!

Well, this is it, the beginning of a revolution. My blog. I hope will enjoy it as much as I will.

I`m starting off with a few previous purchases made within the past year or so.

The scores above were all bought at Value Village. $1.99 for the unicorn & I think $2.99 for the picture frame, can`t remember right now. I like the picture frame the way it is, so I left it pictureless.

The heart chair. The heart chair is one of my favourite purchases. I have two currently, one is damaged beyond repair (didn`t buy it like that.. was a bit damaged, but it is now totally damaged). The one above was bought at Goodwill for $4.99. It`s eggshell in colour & it`s absolutely beautiful. I can`t sit on it myself, since I weigh to much. I found another one, exactly the same as above, same great condition too, in a store window here in Toronto on College Street. A friend of mine went into the shop & the woman wants $80 for it. I mean, I`d pay that much just because it`s something I really want, but you know. I have yet to buy it, but hopefully will sometime in the future.

More to come!