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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thriftasaurus 101


I won't be posting any finds this week. There was a death in my family & I am not in the mood, but I wanted to post Thriftasaurus because I love seeing everyone's finds every week & hopefully people like coming here. I might not post next weekend, sorry, but everyone have a good week.



Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Vintage Postcards

Vintage Postcards

Sharing some vintage postcards to join up with Dawn's History & Home Link Party @ We Call It Junkin.

You all know I'm a vintage card hoarder, but postcards aren't something I am usually into, but I picked these ones up in when I went to Antique World the other weekend. I'll tell you about that soon. I only really looked through them to find vintage pitbull ones, but to no prevail. If you ever find any, let me know!!

These were both send in the early 1900's, back when it only cost ya a cent to mail a card & all you needed was a name, city/town & state! 

"Wishing the Children A Merry Christmas"
The Pink of Perfection, The Fairman Co, Cin, & NY.
This one is postmarked December 1913. 

"Wish They'd Bring My Milk" 
The Rhotograph Co. NY City, 1906
This one is postmarked August 15th, 1908. 
* yes, Rhotograph, not photograph

I bought the dog one to sell, but don't mind keeping it if it doesn't.  We think we know what kind of dog is it, but not sure. Do you know? I heard real photograph postcards can do really well depending... & this seemed it had potential. I heard there were some great bidding wars on them.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thriftasaurus #100!

::number 100:: 

Welcome thrifters to the 100th edition of Thriftasaurus! I don't have a special giveaway this time, but I did pick up something last week in Buffalo to include in the giveaway (it's vintage Christmas). Giveaway in the future to coincide with the launch of my Instashop - shopsirthriftalot. I don't know when that will be, the shops there, I just need a little more organization, you know?! 

My Buffalo finds are all over the place, so just my thrift finds for the week... which I am pretty psyched about! 
Look at all the vintage glasses! Don't you love? There were 2 of the Amish print, but had the gold totally faded off. Someone loved it the way it was since it was gone the next time I was in the store. I am not sure if these are sets of 2... what do you think?  (First 2 pics are same glass), but the king & queen set all the suites are accounted for on 2 glasses. There is a D on the bottom.. who is the maker??? 

I really don't understand how this vintage tablecloth could last 7 days in the thrift store. It has a few manufacturing flaws, but that aside, the graphics are amazing, I don't think it's ever been used & where else are you going to find one like this? Stained ones with mushrooms don't even last a day or two! Is this for a wedding? Or what would you use it for?

Friendship bowls. Great addition to daily rotation. 

This week it felt good to thrift. I didn't notice one dealer in the store, I am sure there was a couple, but none of the ferocious ones. It felt good to walk into a thrift store & find vintage treasures. It felt good to see Pyrex at thrifts I haven't seen Pyrex in in ages (even though I didn't buy it). & it felt good to get a break from the delusional people I have to spend my days with. 

& last, but not least, this cute little made in Japan elephant. Love? 

Thanks everybody for taking part in Thriftasaurus for the last 100 weeks! Can't believe how much crap I must have brought into the house during that time period, lol. 



Saturday, August 9, 2014

Thriftasaurus #99

Thriftasaurus #99

Good evening thrifters! Early party this week since I'll be out of the country very, very early tomorrow morning for a fun filled weekend hopefully filled with lots of vintage goodies to bring home! 

I hung out at the thrifts enough this week, they weren't plentiful, but I am happy with what I brought home.

This Butterprint butter dish has been wanted by me for a very long time. I had passed one up at an antique market once for $15 (I read something today that said... something like "what haunts us most are the things we didn't buy" - so true) & have seen them only at markets - faded, chipped or priced high. I had convinced myself I could eventually find one cheaper than $15 since Butterprint is common enough. Wasn't looking good as I was witnessing pricing climbing, but looky here! *I will find the Shamrock salad set complete with holder* 

Here is what the butter dish looked like at the thrift... 

Never used vintage Made In USA Christmas tea towel. 

& these very suggestive, lol, patches. 

These 2 are my favourite.


On to the party!


    An InLinkz Link-up

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Thriftasaurus #98

Thriftasaurus #98!

Good evening, how was your first weekend of August? It's a long weekend here for some/a lot of people, so hopefully everyone is making the most of it. I am working, which is fine, I can deal with time & a half anytime, especially since I have a shopping trip planned in the upcoming weeks to the USA. Need every penny I can get, you know? 

I didn't buy much for myself, aside from these Easter tins. The guy was a pretty good salesman, I will tell you. I wasn't sure if I wanted the one, but before I knew it, I was at the ATM & I was buying 2 (he gave me a deal, obviously, which gave me 1 for basically free). Then I was walking to work & I was like, "whoa.. good salesman!" I don't even fall for impulse items at retail stores & get angry when my BF does, can't believe this guy was so slick into talking me into something I wasn't sure if I wanted! I didn't need to go to the ATM because they cost a fortune, I just didn't have any cash. At all. Don't want anyone out there to think I overpaid for something, no, no..

I have this set of bowls NIB, I paid $15 for them (which was from a woman who was just getting rid of them because she had them in her house since her wedding shower). These were about the same price at the thrift, pretty near mint condition except for one minor issue. For trade or sale, if anyone is interested. Will be listing on Kijiji. Spring Blossom Green Mixing bowls, 400-series. 401-403.

The price & condition was right on this Colonial Mist. Hate the pattern, but it's for sale or trade to anyone interested. Will be listing on Kijiji. 

I have this vintage sheet, too. I didn't do any research, but I thought the colours were right & it might do well enough. What do you think? I bought for my Intsashop, but might try eBay first.

I have been doing OK on eBay sales. I had 2 sales totaling $110, which cost me $6, free shipping on both. I also bought some sure sellers this week, so will be listing those & expect them to fly. 

& this stuff (among other crap!) was in the tins. The seller must have not known these were in here, as they were still priced ($20 altogether). Are they actually arrowheads?

Hope you link up this week! I feel like this is one of those weeks that is going to fly buy, so to the horror of my BF, I hope I can get some shopping squeezed into there. 

now it's time to party... 




Friday, August 1, 2014

Wedding Stuff for Thrifty Things Friday!

Thrifty Things Friday! 

27 more minutes left during this first Friday of August, so still got time to join in the wedding theme over at Melissa's Antiques

Now I've got the inside of the cards. 

Which one was your favourite?  SUCKER is mine, hands down. The second one is cute, but not my style. These are from the late '40s & by Novo Laugh. They are probably my favourite card company because there hasn't been a card yet by them that I haven't enjoyed. 

On the topic of love, I have a few things. First things first, guess who is going to be hanging out with his beau in one of these soon? Ultimate kitsch! Picked the hotel & room specifically because of this tub, obviously! Who wouldn't!?

One more thing I'd like to share. In our area we have an estate auction site called Max Sold. There is currently a downsizing auction going on in Toronto & you have to check it out. The husband & wife had been married for over 47 years until the wife, Kathleen, passed away several years ago. The husband is downsizing from their home of 42 years to a condo. He has an introduction video about his wife (on the link above), but also on the auction listings, giving a short history or story about some of the items. I personally found it really interesting to watch & thought I would share. 

One of the videos,

You can see any other ones RIGHT HERE.

Linking up with Melissa's Antiques.

TTF @ Melissa's Antiques

See you later this weekend for THRIFTASAURUS!