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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thriftasaurus #100!

::number 100:: 

Welcome thrifters to the 100th edition of Thriftasaurus! I don't have a special giveaway this time, but I did pick up something last week in Buffalo to include in the giveaway (it's vintage Christmas). Giveaway in the future to coincide with the launch of my Instashop - shopsirthriftalot. I don't know when that will be, the shops there, I just need a little more organization, you know?! 

My Buffalo finds are all over the place, so just my thrift finds for the week... which I am pretty psyched about! 
Look at all the vintage glasses! Don't you love? There were 2 of the Amish print, but had the gold totally faded off. Someone loved it the way it was since it was gone the next time I was in the store. I am not sure if these are sets of 2... what do you think?  (First 2 pics are same glass), but the king & queen set all the suites are accounted for on 2 glasses. There is a D on the bottom.. who is the maker??? 

I really don't understand how this vintage tablecloth could last 7 days in the thrift store. It has a few manufacturing flaws, but that aside, the graphics are amazing, I don't think it's ever been used & where else are you going to find one like this? Stained ones with mushrooms don't even last a day or two! Is this for a wedding? Or what would you use it for?

Friendship bowls. Great addition to daily rotation. 

This week it felt good to thrift. I didn't notice one dealer in the store, I am sure there was a couple, but none of the ferocious ones. It felt good to walk into a thrift store & find vintage treasures. It felt good to see Pyrex at thrifts I haven't seen Pyrex in in ages (even though I didn't buy it). & it felt good to get a break from the delusional people I have to spend my days with. 

& last, but not least, this cute little made in Japan elephant. Love? 

Thanks everybody for taking part in Thriftasaurus for the last 100 weeks! Can't believe how much crap I must have brought into the house during that time period, lol. 




  1. Dying over that tablecloth! You are so lucky to have found it after a whole week. USE IT! A lot of my tablecloths don't fit on my dining room table so I fold them into runner sizes. And those glasses are amazing. Vintage glassware is just one of my many weaknesses. They are so dang pretty!

    Have an awesome week!


  2. I love the vintage tablecloths. That one could be used for a baby shower.

  3. I've never seen Amish Print on a glass before, what a lucky find! I also love that elephant very much. I've been drawn to elephants a lot lately, a new collection may be starting :)
    Happy Monday,

  4. Happy 100th! Thanks for hosting. The tablecloth is so lovely - maybe for a May Day lunch.

  5. Congrats! I hope to get back to sharing my thrift finds and linking up! That tablecloth is wonderful and would work for a bridal shower or any other girly event! Fun glasses you found!


  6. Great finds. Congratulations on the 100th thriftasaurus.

  7. Congrats on the 100th haul. And those tumblers are goooorgeous!

  8. Wow, congratulations on #100! Great haul. I have that tablecloth in blue, will check to see if I have the maker noted. Yes, used to weddings, bridal showers, all that good stuff. Lots of mine don't really fit, but if I can get them on the table, I use and enjoy.

    LOVE all your glasses. I just can't seem to leave them behind. You got some great ones. Love the king & queen ones. I'm picturing my Mom and her friends at the card table playing and drinking out of glasses like that. :)

  9. "D" = Dominion Glass

  10. a very happy hundredth! awesome glasses, again!