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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thriftasaurus #93: Pyrex & Poodles

Thriftasaurus #93!

Welcome thrifters! It's the 93rd edition of Thriftasaurus! It's been going on so long that my phone now auto completes Thriftasurus! This past week has been a crazy, beautiful blur. Beautiful & crazy ALWAYS includes at least at least one thrift store stop in. 

Thank you everybody for the support & comforting words about my friend, buddy & dog - Charlie. I still have a few emails to respond to about him. He gained some weight because he has a new addiction to Benny Bully's. He's also now obsessed with my vintage The Black Hole comforter.

Here's the things I picked up this week. This was once my most hated thrifts. I swear they got new management who doesn't sell stuff out the back. This is my 2nd baking dish, I have flamingo pink! I found the yellow loaf not too long ago, too. The yellow looks great. Good find, this one. Something different. I am surprised that the 475 lid was still there,  from last week. No chips! 

Super nice vintage poodle planter/toothpick holder. didn't recognize the maker, but was told on Instagram that it's Nippon Yoko Noeki Co.  a company I have never heard of. Can't find this exact one online.

Have a great week!! 


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Thriftasaurus #92

Thriftasaurus #92

Hello thrifters! This weekend is the beginning of World Pride here in Toronto, anyone visiting & wanna thrift or have some coffee? Anyone local want to thrift and/& meet up for drinks? I need it.

My thrifting front has been a little sad, but I guess it's to be expected when there is a dealer attacking the bins in every store. With gas prices the way they are right now, I can't talk my boyfriend into driving anywhere outside the city. I had planned to go to my first auction today, however, we had to take my dog to the vet on Thursday (he lost 20 pounds since his last visit, moans constantly all night... he is 13)... $600 for blood, x-rays & consultation. So, I didn't have any money to pay to get out to the auction & wouldn't have had any extra money to buy anything. Although the auction looked great from the pictures. I still need some money for tomorrow as a seller has stored some wares away for me.

Vernonware. I had never heard of it. Made in California, 1950s. I thought it would be great to serve up some tiny salad or something? I'm not really sure. They had a relish dish, but it was chipped. Had I known they had some pretty cool designed dishes, I would have checked the dish stacks. I don't normally look those over. This pattern is called, "TICKLED PINK". 

Why isn't Vernonware more popular? It seems to have all the right things that people enjoy...

You'll be tickled pink to find that ad here.

Next up, 
a 1989 Batman glass! I have 8 of these in different patterns (although this one is a duplicate) & a Vera scarf (that I hope isn't a duplicate) for Jill over at A Little Bit of Everything. She is THE VERA QUEEN!

If anyone local (Toronto, GTA) is interested in a NIB Tupperware play set or anyone in the blogsphere would like to purchase or trade, comment or contact me. Here's what it looks like!


UPDATE: on my dog
We got the blood results back for our dog. The news isn't good. My boyfriend didn't describe it properly because he wasn't supposed to be on the phone at work, but basically there is a problem with my dogs white/red blood cells & it is probably cancer. They still want to do like an ultrasound (we still have to pay for the X-Rays.. they will do them on Thursday), to see if it's in the marrow. I feel like I am being extra ("dramatic"), but if we have to put him down, I just don't know how I will drag myself out of bed in the morning. This guy is literally my best friend in the world. I have never been so close to anyone or anything ever in my life. My boyfriend knows I like the dog more than him. He is 13. This has problem been an issue for awhile since he has been losing/gaining weight back for 6 or so months. I feel horrible for not recognizing it sooner. We thought it was a number of different things & when we changed what we thought it was, he would eat it again. Then he started moaning at night time... horrible noises & we finally decided he must be in a lot of pain & took him to the vet. We don't have the money for all these tests. I don't know what I am going to do. I want to get a fast food job because that is a job that is widely available and easy for me to get, train, make the money to pay for the tests & then just quit. For now, a friend of ours is going to loan us the money so we can get pain meds & meds to keep his protein up. Aside from the things the seller has put aside for me tomorrow, I don't know how my thrifting will be, but I will keep up Thriftasaurus. I want to get a lot of time in with my dog. I'm honestly so distraught.

If you read that, thanks. 

On that note, here is Thriftasaurus #92. 


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thriftasaurus #91!

Thriftasaurus #91!

Hey thriftaholics, how was your week in treasure hunting?

Things are slowly creeping back to normal around here. I still have tons of boxes packed up, but what you going to do, right? I have sorted, downsized & donated a bit. I was surprised to see my lidless Spring Blossom green 475 dishes in "very good" condition for $9.99 at the thrift! No lid!! 

I went to my first estate sale, but 2 hours after it started. Don't think I am ready for the madness yet! The main things I wanted were a Pyrex Snowflake Turquoise space saver (which was obviously gone) & these made in Japan tulip cups! It was also funny to see some of the items from the photos pop up at the antique market this morning, too. You know, I was thinking,  regarding estate sales... I don't think I have it in me to spend HOURS in line for something that's not super rare (like this space saver). I would have had to spend about 8 hours waiting for it, when my BF could work an hour & buy one off eBay or something.  Plus, I love my sleep. ♡. A lot. 

I also got these for free.  

Some other buys...
The Independent Truck Co. Alarm clock is no longer being produced,  bought it for the BF. Also some Alf party plates! 

I bought these this morning, Napco marked 1957, cute Santa candle holders. Do you love? 

Well, might go thrifting for the first time since I moved this week, hopefully find something great!


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thriftasaurus #90

Thriftasaurus #90!

Hey all! No thrifting for me at all this week! Too much drama, work & boxes to unpack! Here is one of 2 Pyrex treasures I found while packing....

When I bought my last piece of Orange Butterprint, I thought it was a duplicate & even offered it for trade (luckily no takers). Little did I know & too lazy to check, it was actually the 3rd piece to my Cinderella set! I think the next 441 on eBay might be mine. I really want this beautiful set completed! 

Hopefully I get some thrifting in this week!
Thrift on...


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

moved it! (sorta)

Moved it... sorta!

This place is a mess... take a look!

Whoa!, right?
Majority of that has no place to go, so I think.  Nuts, eh? Luckily, ghetto as they are, lockers in this place are plentiful & free! 
If I have one piece of advice for my fellow collectors, it's this never move! My tastes have changed gradually & I have held on to everything.  Can you believe I had 3 packs of used Mr. Sketch scented markers that didn't even work? A calligraphy set from the early 1990s that I bought in 2006 that had dried out completely? I could go on.. Also,  never throw anything out or donate before looking on eBay! I was gonna donate a polyester "mod" "retro" shirt I bought 14 years ago before it was trendy for $8, $30 on eBay. $25 for my pillow person, too! 

We had a wonderful welcoming to the building, BTW. My BF wasn't thinking (maybe it was the breakdown he had not in my presence about how much stuff I have) & placed a black Brinks box with very sensitive information & our birth certificates with our stuff & someone lifted it. The woman is taking her sweet ass time checking the cameras (definitely will confront whoever stole it). Contacted cops, can't do anything. I had old Canadian $1 bills in the case & posted some on my blog in the past & the serial #s are visible, so I will be going to pawn shops (or calling them) to find out if they had a handful of bills pawned (about $50 in bills). So.. I would assume the cops could then do something as the person would be stealing the box, pawning the stolen stuff. I have proof the bills were once mine & proof that they stole the box. Maybe that's just wishful thinking.
I hope his or my identity doesn't get stolen. Only reason we moved here ($1179 a month) was so we could pay off debt & get approved for a mortgage sooner than later! Would suck to find out we already own a house & don't even know it! 

On the Pyrex front, aside from a few exciting discoveries when I was moving, my sister picked up this 024 Horizon Blue for me off Kijiji. I won't have my hands on it for a few months. I was set to go down on Fathers Day weekend, but she is moving the weekend after, so she's too busy. I had heard this is a rarity. 

●•° Sir Thrift-A-Lot °•● 

If anyone in the TORONTO area is looking for any Butterprint 401, 402 or 403 mixing bowls & would like to trade or buy, contact me.