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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

moved it! (sorta)

Moved it... sorta!

This place is a mess... take a look!

Whoa!, right?
Majority of that has no place to go, so I think.  Nuts, eh? Luckily, ghetto as they are, lockers in this place are plentiful & free! 
If I have one piece of advice for my fellow collectors, it's this never move! My tastes have changed gradually & I have held on to everything.  Can you believe I had 3 packs of used Mr. Sketch scented markers that didn't even work? A calligraphy set from the early 1990s that I bought in 2006 that had dried out completely? I could go on.. Also,  never throw anything out or donate before looking on eBay! I was gonna donate a polyester "mod" "retro" shirt I bought 14 years ago before it was trendy for $8, $30 on eBay. $25 for my pillow person, too! 

We had a wonderful welcoming to the building, BTW. My BF wasn't thinking (maybe it was the breakdown he had not in my presence about how much stuff I have) & placed a black Brinks box with very sensitive information & our birth certificates with our stuff & someone lifted it. The woman is taking her sweet ass time checking the cameras (definitely will confront whoever stole it). Contacted cops, can't do anything. I had old Canadian $1 bills in the case & posted some on my blog in the past & the serial #s are visible, so I will be going to pawn shops (or calling them) to find out if they had a handful of bills pawned (about $50 in bills). So.. I would assume the cops could then do something as the person would be stealing the box, pawning the stolen stuff. I have proof the bills were once mine & proof that they stole the box. Maybe that's just wishful thinking.
I hope his or my identity doesn't get stolen. Only reason we moved here ($1179 a month) was so we could pay off debt & get approved for a mortgage sooner than later! Would suck to find out we already own a house & don't even know it! 

On the Pyrex front, aside from a few exciting discoveries when I was moving, my sister picked up this 024 Horizon Blue for me off Kijiji. I won't have my hands on it for a few months. I was set to go down on Fathers Day weekend, but she is moving the weekend after, so she's too busy. I had heard this is a rarity. 

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If anyone in the TORONTO area is looking for any Butterprint 401, 402 or 403 mixing bowls & would like to trade or buy, contact me. 


  1. I hate moving, I lived in my old house for 20 years and I had so much stuff. I couldn't believe how much I had accumulated. I got rid of a lot of it when I moved into my new house. I am never moving again! Hope the guy that stole your box is caught and you get your stuff back.

  2. Hope you get your stuff back!! Kinda hard to believe the cops can't do anything if you have security footage!

  3. How freaking aggravating that the cops say they can't do anything. So what is their job exactly? Annoying. Hope you get your stuff back.

    Good luck with everything else. Thank god for those free lockers, huh?


  4. When I move I will FREAK OUT for sure, with the garden shed full of Pyrex and Etsy inventory.....And the basement too!

  5. I hate moving too but just think how nice it will be once everything is put away. Sorry you had some stuff stolen, that is too bad.


  6. I love that sampler it's how I feel most days.
    I hate moving but to have someone take your stuff on top of all that what a bad day. Hope it all works out for you.
    LOVE the Pyrex.
    Have a nice weekend.

  7. You're lucky if you have free lockers!!!

    Sure hope you stuff finds its way back to you, real soon!

  8. I'm sorry your stuff was lifted! I moved last year and feel your collecting pain *hug*