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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Thrift Share Monday!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot
Thrift Share Monday

In the snowiest day of the year so far, we thrift.
Driving through the city at 40 miles an hour, we thrift.
(not pictured - mint #441 Blue Horizon from Value Village)

Vintage 1966 Linus & Lucy figures. Generally not a fan of Charlie Brown, but I couldn't say no. They were in two different bags of random toys, one had 7 iDogs in it, for $2.99 each. These are going on my new toy shelf located in the bedroom.

An amazing orphan shaker - vintage pink deer. My how I want the set now, you can buy them for me on eBay RIGHT HERE for $39.00 even or a starting bid of $10.99 with a BIN for $25.00 RIGHT HERE. A pair recently sold for $3.24 & another for $29.99. I cannot wait to own them! I paid 99cents for this little guy.

Does anybody else go look up the price of things on eBay when they get home after buying them? I'm just always so curious!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Flea Market Finds

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

in Flea Market Finds with Her Library Adventures.

Not very vintage this week, but here's what came home with me:

A set of "Here lies salt, here lies pepper" gravestone shakers that were new in the package from Value Village. Also from Value Village, a canister of "creative pegs" or mini-clothespins made by Mollettine & retail for $18.75. I bought them in a bag full of junk along with a Rubix Cube keychain in need of repairs, two sets of Hematite magnetic gemstones & a bunch of other unmentionables. From a bag at Talize for $1.99 some Transformers & Spiderman cupcake cups & a very neat set of adjustable Hershey's measuring spoons. Lastly, a nice little owl mug picked up awhile ago set to be sold in my etsy store.

I am hoping this week will have a little more vintage in store.

Also joining:
Sunday's Best Linky Party!
[Sunday's Best].
where my feature is my new salt & pepper shakers!

Lids!! Lids!! Lids!!

Earlier this week I showcased my recent finds of Pyrex lids, picked up from both Value Village & Goodwill. Just the other day, I happened across 4 470-C lids for 99cents each at Value Village! This is the Value Village that lacks Pyrex (well they all lack Pyrex within the city...), but lids seem to be bountiful! This winter season the lids seem to be outnumbering the casseroles. I'll be prepared for spring cleaning.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Butterprint & Bingo in Vintage Thingie Thursdays

Today I am joining up with COLORADO LADY for
Vintage Thingie Thursdays.

This week I found two more Pyrex Butterprint bowls at Value Village, 441 & 442 - $3.99 & $5.99. I've completed now my second set of Butterprint Cinderella bowls & have additional, working on a third. It's my favourite pattern. I cannot wait to own it in pink & orange!

Below is another addition to my drinking glass collection! The one on the left I had bought in Windsor, Ontario awhile ago & the bestie picked up the one on the right in Cambridge not to long ago, never thought I would find a similar one, but one thing thrifting has taught me.. you never know what you are going to come across. There are some notable differences in the glasses making me think the one on the left is older. It does not have the card # in the top, the maker "Bazaar & Novelty Co." in the lower right. The left one also has the "FREE" spot marked as well as the number ranges per letter just under the letter. I've made the conclusion that the one on the left is older than the one on the right. These are definitely neat glasses!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dumpster Dived!

Take a peek at what I've been picking out of the trash...

A Bjork CD, a Charlie & the Chocolate Factory DVD, Weekly World News magazines, Rainbow Brite, Care Bears & Donald Duck Christmas record (among about 20 others), Working Girl on VHS, 4 great condition EGG magazines & 6 professionally framed Tom of Finland prints that had never been taken out of their original wrapping.

This isn't all. Not to long ago I picked about 200 cds out of the trash with my bestie & we kept what we wanted, sold 7 or so for about $25 (they gave us a quarter for Britney Spears) & another was sold on eBay for $30, the rest were donated to Goodwill. I've got a Boy George & Madonna poster, not pictured & a stack of books and other magazines. Funniest thing yet..? A garbage bag full of gay VHS porn. I guess it has to go somewhere, right? That stayed down there right next to the dumpster, but it was gone the next day. Another book in my "to read" pile is selling for $60 on Amazon - picked from the trash!

PS: this is only in the past few months... wonder what's to come? Will Sir Thrift-A-Lot have a monthly Dumpster Dived! post? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WTF Tuesday: Odd Festival

Must have been quite the festival...

Off the subject of WTF & just a fun LOL, I was searching "Value Village" on Youtube, first time ever, BTW & quite funny enough I came across a video with the description: "Zipcar Makes Dreams Come True. Value Village Haul.
Oakville. Burlington. Hamilton. Stoney Creek. St. Catherines. Value Village = Dream". Never thought that there would be anybody else who would rent a Zipcar for the sole purpose of visiting thrift stores. & quite funny enough, my boyfriend is sitting next to me watching the video naming off what city each Value Village is located in as they popped up on the screen. If you are interested in the video it is below. However, when I go south to visit the thrifts, I hit up Salvation Army, Talize, Goodwill..

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Sunday Goal Link Up

Sir Thrift-A-Lot
in Sunday Goal Linkup
Thrift Core with Van

revisiting last week..

1. The gym WILL NOT BE IGNORED! haha, considering I am feeling better. 2. Get those Canadian dailies in shape! 3. Start a collage or scrapbook IF I find a suitable, usable one this week. 4. Go out and have fun! Perhaps visit, Snakes & Lattes. 5. Feel better.

Last week I was still feeling sick early in the week & came down with a horrible headache late in the week. The gym wasn't ignored, when I was feeling good, visited it two days... had some fun! Went on a thrifting spree, found some nice Friendship bowls & spent a nice night driving with my fiance. Drove by Snakes & Lattes, but the place was bustlin', I guess late Saturday evening is not the time to check it out. Thrifting was minimal though, so no scrapbook was found. Six days of work this week didn`t help me accomplish my goals.

This week:
1. Gym. Four days. No excuses.
2. Healthy eating. Eat more at home. Save some $.
3. Get those Canadian dailies in shape, finally get it off my goal list.
4. 5 items in my ETSY shop, not eBay shop.

Only four this week. I`m still not feeling well, the cold still lingers, I still feel exhausted. Here`s to making goals & keeping them!

I did make a pretty decent sale on eBay this past week. With their 50 free listings a month I`ve taken a "list high first" approach. If the item doesn`t sell, I will relist at a lower price. Have you ever heard of `Baby Cakes` featuring Ricki Lake & Craig Sheffer? The VHS actually sells for a pretty penny. I listed at $14.99 expecting one to no bids, but it actually ended up selling for $26.00. Currently the lowest listed one on Amazon is $45. I had bought this one a whim when VHS` were still a buck at Goodwill.

Baby Cakes on Amazon

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Flea Market Finds

Once again, Sir Thrift-A-Lot in...
Flea Market Finds
with Apron Thrift Girl

Some neat finds this week! A quick run down with some pics...

A set of vintage Niagara Falls salt & pepper shakers brought back from Cambridge by my friend Agnes for me. I've wanted these ones for awhile, have been on my want list & have been tempted by an eBay listing or four. Finally have a set in great condition for only $2.99. Also $2.99 a 401 brown Pyrex bowl - very simple & plain, there is something about the brown that I do enjoy. The owl planter was $1.99 from Talize. Vintage Playboy shot glass was $1.99 from Value Village.. a little expensive for a shot glass, but I definitely wanted this one for my collection & people pay up to $19.95 for this on eBay... Also been finding quite a few lids for Pyrex lately. Hadn't looked for them before, but now that I am they seem to be there.

Here are the pictures!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012



443, 441. Absolutely beautiful. My mouth
literally dropped when I saw these on the shelf. Friendship, it's been so long...
Well, not that long. I bought another 441 Friendship not to long ago that I never got around to posting about. These are my third & fourth pieces.

I searched long & hard for a great, dirty quote to go along with this post, I didn't find what I was looking for, but I did find one that I find suits this Friendship, & Pyrex in general, perfectly.

"Be very careful, a friendship that has lasted for years can be completely changed in an instant & never be the same again."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WTF Tuesday: Douchebag Jar

Let me start of by saying "thank you" to everybody who has participated in the last 17 WTF TUESDAYS, but I'm going to be disbanding the inlinkz party due to lack of interest. I will however continue to post my own WTF's.

This week... WTF,
the only douchebag who would buy this from Urban Outfitters is a uncreative hipster douchebag with too much money. $10 for this canning jar, labeled with what could be a canning sticker & a hole in the top. I get it. It was on a show. Make your own. One of the stupidest items I've ever seen in a store.

why the... didn't I buy it?
They were way too big, probably 7-8 pounds each & wouldn't hang off my walls. They have a few chips in the feet, too. They were $12.01 each, with 20% off for spending over $20 at Goodwill. Had no place for them, totally would have bought them... couldn't live with myself if I didn't take a picture of them.

I did however buy this vintage ET doll from 1982. I've wanted one for quite some time. He'll look great on my shelf. $2.02.

2 pounds of strawberries I cut up into perfection in a great condition Woodland bowl passed down to my fiance & I from his mother. Yum! Healthy, healthy!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Sunday Goal Link Up

Sir Thrift-A-Lot
in Sunday Goal Linkup
@ Thrift Core with Van!

Cupcakes @ Loblaws, Maple Leaf Gardens
Well, last week wasn't as productive as the week before, it seems to be a COLD & FLU INVASION here in Toronto & I am one of the sufferers & have been since Monday! Started with a sore throat, morphed into horrible sniffles, left me feeling green (not with envy) & without an appetite, but luckily, it seems to be on the way out, taking on it's next victim.

Last weeks goals:
1.Clean up the top of my credenza (see embarrassing photo). 2. Gym 5 days this week. 3. Get my daily Canadian sweepstakes organized into a Wordpad file. 4. List at least 5 items in my Etsy shop. 5. Again, Take 7 photos for my "A Photo A Day: Your Year In Photos" book.

Credenza was cleaned. Now it's toppled with a bunch of other crap! You can thank the boy for some of that. SIX items listed in my eBay shop. I have decided that right now is not the right time for "A Photo A Day: Your Year In Photos" book. I am not happy with my appearance, so I'm not living life to the fullest. Not something I want to remember. Another reason: my camera sucks.

Camera suggestions?

vintage photos of girls in bikinis sell well on eBay - LINKAGE.
1. The gym WILL NOT BE IGNORED! haha, considering I am feeling better.
2. Get those Canadian dailies in shape!
3. Start a collage or scrapbook IF I find a suitable, usable one this week.
4. Go out and have fun! Perhaps visit, Snakes & Lattes.
5. Feel better.

Easy! Have a good week, see you next!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Awesome "Flea Market" Finds!

It's Sunday, so once again it's time to join HER LIBRARY ADVENTURES for FLEA MARKET FINDS!

Also joining up with APRON THRIFT GIRL for Thrift Share Monday!

I felt I had some great luck this week, even though I visited a ton of thrift stores & only had a few finds, but had loads of fun along the way!

First up is a set of high ball glasses featuring a burlesque/pin up stripper hanging off a stripper pole. I haven't been able to find anything online on these & had doubts that these were vintage, even though I had some input from a woman in the store walking buy telling me they were "neat" & "from the '50s". I'm not sure what I am going to do with them, have what seems to be 100's of glasses.

A vintage Strauss Canadian Time made in Japan clock! Got this from Value Village. The clock was $9.99, not bad, it's very neat & there is one currently on eBay for nearly $100. There was an expired C battery in the battery compartment upon purchase & when I finally bought some batteries today, the lock wasn't working. Does anyone know a thing or two about clocks?

Also from the same trip, destined for my Etsy shop, this pretty neat tea towel which says, "Thank God for dirty dishes they have a story to tell while others still go hungry we are eating very well." By Irish Linen.

A vintage ice bucket? I have previously bought two of these. I am using one as an ashtray for guests on my balcony & one on my kitchen sink for sponges. This one I picked up & it had a little utensil to pick up ice. This was either put in there by someone or this is actually a vintage ice bucket. I have no clue. It wouldn't hold that much ice... $2.99. Value Village.

Here is a fun, reto fun - a 1980's Ronald McDonald stuffed toy in a bag of toys from Value Village for $1.99. I might have had something like this growing up...

Well, have a good week & THRIFT ON!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WTF Tuesday #17: Used Underwear Discussion & Link up!

Here's to being single, seeing double and... buying used underwear!?!

I never got the underwear thing, does it actually sell? I've seen an older woman buy a bra before & I was shocked, but it was brought to my attention earlier today that bras are not in the same category as underwear & are not final sale at some stores. Bringing someone who has preconceived notions about thrift stores being "EW" & "GROSS", the used underwear rack, where pretty much every thrifter draws the line, doesn't do much to change their minds.

Find anything crazy, weird, odd or interesting this week?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Goal Link Up!

It's that time again - time to be late for Van's Sunday Goal Link Up over at Thrift Core.

(one of the photos I took to meet my goals (see below). the mirror isn't dirty, it's the glares & Ziggy's leg is coming apart from the heat of the shower - I think). THINK THIN.
Any camera recommendations are highly appreciated!

Here were my goals last week:

1. Clean up that mess at the bottom of the credenza.
2. Start a new book.
3. Take 7 photos for my "A Photo A Day: Your Year In Photos" book.
4. Gym - at least 4 days this week, 5 would be lovely.
5. Make a header for my etsy shop.

All done. The etsy header (which you can check out here). I'm not happy with it. Maybe using Paint isn't the right way to go. Maybe I will have to try Photoshop or something. Credenza bottom is cleaned. I started a new book, on page about 120. It's called Suburban Hustler: Stories of a High-Tech Callboy - very adult reading right there. Found it in the trash along with various books on the same subject, Mein Kamof by Hitler, a Michael Jackson biography, a book from the early 80's about orgies, a Ghandi bio, a Disney VHS, a bootleg video on wigs for drag queens, some nude used birthday cards... very weird collection! Gym was 5 times a week! And photos are well on their way.

Goals for this week:

1. Clean up the top of my credenza (see embarrassing photo).
2. Gym 5 days this week.
3. Get my daily Canadian sweepstakes organized into a Wordpad file.
4. List at least 5 items in my Etsy shop.
5. Again,
Take 7 photos for my "A Photo A Day: Your Year In Photos" book.

Goals may be hard to meet this week. I've come down with a kinda gross cold & only want to spend time in bed.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pop Culture Madness: Flea Market Finds!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot
@ Flea Market Finds

Recent days have provided some really neat finds! It's seems like after Christmas it's "out with the old, in with the new".

These very cool comic appetizer plates from CB2, still with their stickers for 99
¢ each from Goodwill. I had convinced myself there was a set of four, but further investigation online proved there was only 3 to the set, that they are no longer available & they originally only cost $1.95! From Talize I was stoked to come across this Saved By the Bell board game from 1992 by Pressman. Love owning the original 1992 & not the 2010 reissue! Kelly was always my favourite & the episode I always remember is the one where Jessie gets addicted to caffeine pills. It seems pretty popular. "I'M SO EXCITED! I'M SO EXCITEEEEED! I'M SO... SCARED..."

I had read that some other people were suffering from the same fate - a lack of owls. I was just about to leave the ghetto Salvation Army when I looked to my left & spotted the following: a vintage Otagiri made in Japan letter holder & tape dispenser, both $1.99. Unfortunately both have tiny chips & the tape dispenser is missing the tape holder, but still couldn't pass them up! And these two made in Japan napkin holders for $2.99 each! One has a chipped nose, but the other one is pristine. Chips are so unfortunate.

Michelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cake pan from 1989 by Wilton for $4.04 from Goodwill. I was lucky enough to score some discounted read & green decorative icing from Winners for $1.20 a tube, regular $3.99 at their discounted price! The Golf Gab notepad by Vagabond Creations from Value Village with such corny phrases as: "I'll be teed off if you don't write", "Thought I'd get on the ball & write", "You're my bag!", "Hope you're feeling up to par!". Love these little notepads, especially the ones from Paula Co! One of my favourite recent finds - a Dick Tracy corkboard made by Disney probably in 1990 or 1991! I had previously bought a corkboard to display my pins (badges), but never got around to it yet, was rather plan - this is killer! $2.99 from Value Village!

Some linen finds:
an almost mint condition vintage Strawberry Shortcake pillow case! 99cents from Goodwill.
a pretty decent yellow & mushroom table cloth, probably destined for my etsy shop!
a pretty rare Felix The Cat duvet cover!! I love the design. If I was crafty I would love to make some pillows out of it, but alas, I am not & probably never will. We'll see if this makes it in the shop!

Linking up with HER LIBRARY ADVENTURES for Flea Market Finds.
And Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday.