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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Thrift Share Monday!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot
Thrift Share Monday

In the snowiest day of the year so far, we thrift.
Driving through the city at 40 miles an hour, we thrift.
(not pictured - mint #441 Blue Horizon from Value Village)

Vintage 1966 Linus & Lucy figures. Generally not a fan of Charlie Brown, but I couldn't say no. They were in two different bags of random toys, one had 7 iDogs in it, for $2.99 each. These are going on my new toy shelf located in the bedroom.

An amazing orphan shaker - vintage pink deer. My how I want the set now, you can buy them for me on eBay RIGHT HERE for $39.00 even or a starting bid of $10.99 with a BIN for $25.00 RIGHT HERE. A pair recently sold for $3.24 & another for $29.99. I cannot wait to own them! I paid 99cents for this little guy.

Does anybody else go look up the price of things on eBay when they get home after buying them? I'm just always so curious!


  1. I'm always looking up things on ebay to see how much I saved.

  2. I try to Ebay-price while I'm still in the thrift on my smart those instances where I am especially excited about my thrifted find!

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  3. I totally check ebay, find the cheapest price, then the outrageous why you want to eff me over price, then decide on a fair one somewhere in the middle and hope I got a bargain. Altho I usually do because I am CHEAP.

  4. I'm always drawn to the Charlie Brown items-so cute!

  5. I use my phone like Jackie does. Love it for that.

  6. Always looking on Ebay checking the prices, recently started checking Etsy too on the Vintage. Great Finds!!

  7. I wish I could check on my phone, but I guess I'm still in the stone age. If you can believe it, I didn't have a phone for just over 4 years... land or cell. Will ask my friend or my boyfriend to check out a couple items via text if I think they may sell if I am out shopping alone.

    Jill - they totally are!

    Thanks Cheapchick!

  8. LOVE that pink deer! yes, we research...ebay, etsy, and any where else!

  9. I have never been a big fan of Value Village, but you and your great finds have changed my mind. Love that sweet pink deer!❤