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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wanted Wednesday: Freddy Krueger Talking Doll by Matchbox

Wanted Wednesday
Freddy Krueger
Talking Doll by Matchbox

If I lived in the USA, I'd probably own one by now. Shipping costs are a bitch.
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What I Didn't Buy At The Thrift Store

What I Didn't Buy At The Thrift Store

Is this a thrift store gone to far? or do you think lose bagged tampons are cool?
A lot of people I go with laugh at Depends, butt, I don't think selling them in the thrifts is that bad - those things are expensive (not from experience, lol). If you can get past the reason they are most likely there: an elderly person died & their family thoughtfully donated them. They are still packaged, they are used externally, & unlike tampons & we all know what is going to end up in them. 

This person had good taste in what they were making, but just didn't progress as far as I would have liked to have added it to my collection. 

I took these especially for Erica over @ Pyrex Thrifter Sisters, just to show some stocked up Pyrex shelves at Value Village. In the second photo, it was a full set of mint Butterfly Gold & a full set of Blue Horizon (I bought 2 & had already taken 'em off the shelf).

These are naked women golf tee's... IDK if you can make 'em out. 

Remember my dogs ear? I never posted a picture of how bad it was (before surgery). It's now fully healed, no scaring really. It looks really good. It was hell & I guess at one point my BF (it's his dog) had a discussion about putting him down because it wasn't healing (I found out)... but that's when the ultimate healer stepped in & fed the pup with a syringe, wiped the cone down 6x a day, monitored the pills to a T. HEALED. Anyways, just a picture before. The doc & vet assistant both said they never seen so much come out of one dogs ear. I felt so bad. 

Doesn't that look so painful?? It would fill up within hours of getting drained & an you believe the one girl wanted us to wait 2.5 weeks for the surgery!?

Friday, July 26, 2013



Another stressed week. This is the first time in almost 5 years that I have started to seriously actively seek employment. Not something I want to do & hopefully won`t be hard to match what I am currently making.. keep you updated. 

I didn`t thrift much, but did manage to scour up some decent finds. Oh yeah, posting early this week since I will be out of the house all day tomorrow (Import Fest & I`ve got a date.. with the BF). 
Vintage Literals. I don`t have many of these. I have a radio that says radio, but that`s all I can recall on the spot. I have been searching for a magazine rack for quite awhile but haven`t been able to find one perfect enough to bring home... this is it. Welcome home. Home sweet home.   

I bought all these swizzle sticks at Salvation Army for a quarter. Rarely buy anything at SA, but brought home 2 items this week. I am really found of these swizzles, especially the Royal York. This is where the Queen stays, I know right, when she comes to Toronto. From what I understand, gold dust is in the windows. or something. I was told during Doors Open Toronto one year that the room is never the same when she comes. Wouldn`t that be nice? The vintage Esso glass is in my ever growing collection. 

More Holly Hobbie stationary.

Sealed Herself The Elf party plates & some buttons/badges for my collection. 

I also found this fabric, which I listed on eBay..
I wouldn`t mind keeping it, but whatever.
I couldn`t leave it. It`s got 2 watchers. Drives me cray when watchers watch but don`t bid, lol.

Thanks for linking up last week.. can`t wait to see what you found if you link up this week. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013



I haven't been impressed with this past week (not talking on the thrifting front, but yea, that wasn't that impressive either), it seemed to drag on & on. I missed out on great things. It was sweltering. Work is a bitch. & most of everything is going to flow into next week (yippie). I'm not very happy. This post will be pretty Negative Nancy ish.

Lone piece of Pyrex - Town & Country, lidless. Saw lots of other Pyrex in the city, all nice & dishwashered & chipped. Lovely. That's pretty much all that's ever left in this city anymore.

(i never took a picture)

These two scrapbooks are nice. The one canvas/plaid/whatever one is my fav. The one with the horses is pretty weird & not my style, but it was cheap enough I picked it up for that "eventually booth" - I feel like I'm kidding myself. The most fantastic part of these scrapbooks are those thing separating pages. If you look closely, they are spiderwebs with spiders (harder to make out in photo).  They are by KeK.

These tea towels by Kreier are quite nice, normally nothing I'd go for, but the colours seemed to flow nicely enough for me. These have original stickers & are from Switzerland. Also that pot holder thing in the middle.

More linens, some 1980's He-Man sheets - full set. I don't normally buy fitted, but at the time thought I would actually one day do something sewingish with the fitted - probably not. 

I don't really know why I HAD to bring this home. 

Some stationery. 

To anybody that emailed me or contacted me in the past week about anything. I will get back to you soon. I'm sorry.

link up with a living space.

Saturday, July 13, 2013



Hey guys! How was your week? 
I honestly must say, with visiting 10 thrift stores & one antique market yesterday, I was anticipating finding a lot more items, but the thrifts can't always make you happy.  I could have bought 100's of things at the market, but yeah, I haven't won the lotto yet & there was nothing that I desperately needed to add to my collection at a price I could currently afford.

Has anyone ever seen The Visible Woman? I passed on one in a box for like $20 at an antique market (maybe I can go back, it's one that isn't very far) & passed on one outside the box at another antique market (I don't want the box)... but I saw The Visible Horse.. just thought that was funny. Anyways, really want The Visible Woman!

My favourite find this week was this Jadeite Fire King mug. Besides in an antique market, I've never seen Jadeite before yesterday & yesterday I saw it in two thrift stores! But.. one was charging $49.99 for a bowl. Using this website to date the mug, it is from the 1960's. I was so psyched to find it & it made my day. 

I think I have like fourteen of these snowflake divideds. You an never have to many, especially when you're prepping for a booth one day. 

Some vintage cards. The second photo are cards from a company called FANTUSY. In spots of the beautiful retro cards there are hints of gold - it's fabulous. 

We had to make a stop on the way home at a thrift store we already ventured into on the way home, so of course, I ventured in to see if they put any more Pyrex out, all that was out was this Anchor Hocking bowl.. with what seems a very, very slight manufacturer defect. The other one had a chip, which makes me wonder if there were more & someone else left them. Lately I feel like I'm getting everyone's thrift store leftovers. I wonder if I am wrong & it's just not being donated & am upset over nothing or it's just not being donated?

& I almost forgot this! (thank God for editing!) one more addition to my bowling towel collection.. 

& I guess that's all folks!
Link up below with your fab finds this week.
I can't wait to see them.

If you are in the TORONTO or GTA area & are interested in possibly getting a booth in an antique market & possibly splitting the cost, comment below with a way of getting in contact with you so we can discuss further.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm Seeing Double!!

I went out after work today & a tiny thrifting adventure, just had to get out of the house. Can you believe everything today came in pairs? 

This Super Mario Brothers paper table covers have got to be rare, they are from the television show. 99cents each. I found them at the same Value Village as the 2 bags of patches. I really can't believe the patches were still there. I think I bought a bag about a month & a half ago? These are the same ones that were there then, I thought I'd buy them & try to sell a couple. I made $40 last time, spent $2. 

I don`t know why I bought these. I just love spending money! Scooby Doo from 1980. If I had a booth, they`d wind up in there. 

So would these! I`ve never seen these canisters in the wild. Are they the rarest of the canisters?

I'll leave you with one of my favourite quotes from high school: 

"Here's to living single, seeing double & sleeping triple!" 

We would probably be spending $50 each a month... for a smallish booth.. but let`s discuss!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wanted Wednesday

Anyone in Ottawa wanna pick these up & ship them to me?

I always KIJIJI Ontario & sometimes I get annoyed since Ontario is a large place, but I guess I do it to myself. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013



I think I lugged home some pretty decent stuff. I had to cut my shopping day short this week, though. I had an unfortunate incident on the bus at the start of my trip which resulted in me smacking my head against the ceiling of the bus as I sat down at full force - OUCH! I really knocked my noggin' around, dizzy, nauseous, didn't really know what was going on... I know this may sound dramatic, but the force was so hard, I thought I might have a concussion. Well, here I am blogging today. My head is still feeling knocked around & I don't feel all there. Totally whacked. All my Pyrex finds were from last weekend, except the Golden Grapes 441. 

Here are all my Pyrex friends! A Friendship underplate, a pink Gooseberry Bake Serve & Store #471.. just need the #473 & my collection is complete!, the usual Butterprint 401 & 403 & the 441 Golden Grapes. 

Some beautiful Federal flower mugs & a set of 2 poodle shot glasses. Remnants of someones garage sale... still had the price tag from the sale on them.

Holt Howard winking Santa candle/tea light holders - $1.99 for the lot. Also $1.99, the largest Dala horse, made in Sweden, with sticker, which brings my collection to 3.

One of my largest & my favourite collections is vintage greeting cards. I haven't found any in quite awhile, I have been getting extremely anxious about finding some. I bought these, they had a couple more in there, but they weren't too fabulous. What is that thing coming out of the ground on that one greeting card? LOL. Anyways, the owl one was in there too. Loved the vintage owl napkins too much not to buy them. 

When I picked this Easter table cloth off the rack, I wuz like, "do I want this?" I was on the fence about it, but then thought, it might be a thrift regret. We do have a table now, vintage Easter (I guess this is vintage.. the Easter bunny is evil enough) is hard to find & anyways, the old lady at the cash said it was nice. It's even boyfriend approved

Thanks for reading... hope to see your finds this week!
I will be linking up with A Living Space.
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How Sweet The Sound's Pink Saturday! (that Gooseberry - proud!).