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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Found in Goodwill 2007.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where is Bambi?

I have some very bad news - Bambi is dead. At least that is what the wife is telling me. This used to be a toothbrush holder in our old place & before it was cleaned & sanitized to become that toothbrush holder, it was a vase. I know it. Ever since we moved I`m unable to find it, but I have always thought it was a fantastic piece.

The glass in the background was donated to Value Village. It was the remnants of an old relationship & looking at it made me feel disgusted.

Bambi was bought at Goodwill.

Found in a dumpster in St. Jamestown summer 2007. One of my favs.

It's been a dogs day.

Now this item isn't from a thrift shop, but I have to say that the item was cheaper than if you would have found it brand new in a thrift shop, especially Value Village. I bought it from Winners. For you USA readers, the shop is like TJ Maxx. Winners is having a final clearance sale & was checking things out while the wife was browsing the racks for a new shirt or something. Had to get his OK with buying it, he is the man afterall. After buying it I couldn't stop talking about it for 3 hours.

Original price: $59.99, compared at $80. It sells on Amazon for $70, but they were out of stock.
Clearance price: $12.00, marked down f
rom the previous clearance price of $26.99.

Couldn't pass it up. Can't believe how cheap it was, very convenient as well. I live in a very small condo & have a very large dog. The closets are packed to the brim, so the bag used to sit behind the couch on the floor. Now the whole bag fits inside the storage area. I highly recommend if you can find one to purchase it! The ceramic bowls would have even cost more than the whole set up at Value Village. I`m digging it. Dog was weary at first since he`s been trained not to take stuff off the table, but has gotten used to it. I`m starting to thing he likes it.. he`s lazy & now doesn`t have to bend his head down to eat!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More found photography.

These two photos, which were found at the back of an old photo album in Goodwill, are a couple of my favourites. I do not remember the year I found them, but if I were to guess I would say 2008.

Found photography makes ya think, don`t ya think?

Ego stationary! The stationary with it's own personality!

As some people might know I refer to myself as a stationary addict. I've got hundreds, if not thousands of vintage stationary, greeting cards & post cards. Now I do not send very many letters anymore, but it's all fascinating to have!

Ego stationary! The stationary with it's own personality!

'70s era? Anyways, bought this for $1.99 at Salvation Army here in Toronto. I used a couple of the envelopes for snail mail sweepstakes, ones that do not specify a size, but didn`t win. Keep on truckin` I guess.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Found photography.

Found in a local Goodwill in 2007.
click on the photo to view larger.

Monday, February 22, 2010


life is an ashtray.

Here is one item that has sorta made me have faith in the West Side Value Village. It's what I like to think of as a vintage ashtray. They have look alikes at Urban Outfitters although the ones from there stand on a 2 foot pole. I'm not a smoker & I do not have many smokers over, so after a thorough wash & scrub I decided to use it in the kitchen to hold the dishwashing sponge. The little man soap dispenser was found at a shop that was having a 50% off clearance. Was marked down from $11.99 to $1.99 with 50% off. Great.

So, the eBay auction ended for the Adbusters magazines. Sold the McDonald's one for $26.02 & the other for $9.99. I love to find stuff in the thrifts to resell online. Getting paid to do something I love feels great.

Bought these S&P shakers recently too. I thought they were cute. $2.99 still in the package. They came with some of those '70s mushroom ones. They mushroom ones are hideous, but I think I'll keep them.

Also bought some Star Wars wrapping paper from 1978. Still sealed. Found it on the floor, marked $1.99, it was 50% off at Goodwill, so a buck! Not sure if it's a collectible among fans though.



Picked up 2 issues of Adbusters from the early '90s. 99cents each. In the spirit of Adbusters they are up on eBay for $9.99. Enjoy!


I do have to say that these issues are way better than Adbusters 2010.


I am hoping that I can sell for a few bucks since I would really like another Jolly Chimp. 3 just isn't enough.
I've gotten some cool stuff lately. I am definitely going to post some of these items. I've got a great sealed vintage address book & stationary set to giveaway. Keep a lookout!


Thanks for reading!


Burger King Gift Card Giveaway Winner!

Thanks for all the entries, lol!

I'd like to thank all that entered. D.Calvert is the winner of my first giveaway.

Congrats! Enjoy your Whopper!