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Monday, February 22, 2010

life is an ashtray.

Here is one item that has sorta made me have faith in the West Side Value Village. It's what I like to think of as a vintage ashtray. They have look alikes at Urban Outfitters although the ones from there stand on a 2 foot pole. I'm not a smoker & I do not have many smokers over, so after a thorough wash & scrub I decided to use it in the kitchen to hold the dishwashing sponge. The little man soap dispenser was found at a shop that was having a 50% off clearance. Was marked down from $11.99 to $1.99 with 50% off. Great.

So, the eBay auction ended for the Adbusters magazines. Sold the McDonald's one for $26.02 & the other for $9.99. I love to find stuff in the thrifts to resell online. Getting paid to do something I love feels great.

Bought these S&P shakers recently too. I thought they were cute. $2.99 still in the package. They came with some of those '70s mushroom ones. They mushroom ones are hideous, but I think I'll keep them.

Also bought some Star Wars wrapping paper from 1978. Still sealed. Found it on the floor, marked $1.99, it was 50% off at Goodwill, so a buck! Not sure if it's a collectible among fans though.


  1. Star Wars wrapping paper kewl.

  2. wow little man soap dispenser is soooooo cute! omg I LOVE IT!

  3. I like the little man soap dispensor. You really know how to spot those bargains!

  4. Yeah the soap despenser is cute and all but...look at those satl & pepper shakers!! I am officially jealous.