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Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's been a dogs day.

Now this item isn't from a thrift shop, but I have to say that the item was cheaper than if you would have found it brand new in a thrift shop, especially Value Village. I bought it from Winners. For you USA readers, the shop is like TJ Maxx. Winners is having a final clearance sale & was checking things out while the wife was browsing the racks for a new shirt or something. Had to get his OK with buying it, he is the man afterall. After buying it I couldn't stop talking about it for 3 hours.

Original price: $59.99, compared at $80. It sells on Amazon for $70, but they were out of stock.
Clearance price: $12.00, marked down f
rom the previous clearance price of $26.99.

Couldn't pass it up. Can't believe how cheap it was, very convenient as well. I live in a very small condo & have a very large dog. The closets are packed to the brim, so the bag used to sit behind the couch on the floor. Now the whole bag fits inside the storage area. I highly recommend if you can find one to purchase it! The ceramic bowls would have even cost more than the whole set up at Value Village. I`m digging it. Dog was weary at first since he`s been trained not to take stuff off the table, but has gotten used to it. I`m starting to thing he likes it.. he`s lazy & now doesn`t have to bend his head down to eat!


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