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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Isn't Marriage A Ball?

Isn't Marriage A Ball?

What about being lost for 4 hours in Hamilton, Ontario? Isn't that a ball? No, not really. This was $1.99 in Hamilton, picked up at Value Village on the way to Niagara Falls. Didn't win anything at the Casino, but I did have a lot of fun!

On the topic of weddings..
I am getting married something. Don't know when, but I am entering a contest, the deadline is next month & it's to get married in a castle. For free. Everything's paid for. I'm making a collage. It's going to be awesome! It's going to be cutouts from thrifted magazines. You'll definitely be seeing the finished product.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Thrift Share Monday!

OKAY, I love, love, LOVE my finds this week!

A retro metal globe had been on my list, knocking on a few along the way, never finding one to my liking, as they were usually priced $19.99 or more (can you believe that, LOL?). As you would have guessed, the pricing was at Value Village. Picked this beauty up at Goodwill for $6.06. I think they were just about to toss it.

Same trip I found this vintage photo albums. The plaid one I am absolutely in LOOOOOOOVE with. It's perfect. Absolutely perfect. Now I don't have photos to fit the slots, besides ones I've found, but it can make an excellent scrapbook or I can print my own to fit the slots! The red one was hiding in the same spot as another item I bought recently - The Cracker Barrel Pyrex jar. Looks like we have a hider on our hands & lucky for me, they have some taste! When I took the photo albums out on the subway, I found some lovely photos inside. They were still in the Kodak package, from Sweden, so I am taking it these albums are from the late 60's & are from Sweden. But who knows. $2.02 each! Goodwill.

This thing. Wow. I love it. So amazing. Absolutely amazing. Retro. Vintage. Whatever. Just amazing. Kitsch. I love the tackiness, tapestries, vintage & I love having other peoples souvenirs, photographs. This incorporates many of my likings all in one & at an amazing cost - 49cents! Goodwill.

A great Thirst Aid mug for the collect found in Niagara Falls, 99cents. An amazing 443 Spring Blossom Green bowl from Value Village in Hamilton. It was $5.99. I love the Spring Blossom pattern, I love good condition Pyrex. They had the 444 Spring Blossom as well, but oh my, the condition wasn't so perfect! PASS!

Here is some progress in the move... can you believe I pack the truck on Thursday & I have 100's of items to still back? & here I am blogging??? hah. I am told I am not allowed to shop until we move. Not a nice rule, but I will listen, for once.


Friday, June 24, 2011


This has got to be Pyrex & I just adore this pattern, love it. Although, I am not familiar with the marking on the back - this is truly the common marking for this piece? I don't have a piece of Pyrex marked like this.
Also, this piece isn't smooth like all my others, you can describe it a little bit rough, a likeness to a chalkboard maybe.
Got it from Goodwill.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mushrooms, Turtles, New Kids, Clowns & An Ashtray

Another Monday. I'm going to feel horrible this week. I am already exhausted. Thrifting in the next couple weeks will be at a minimum, I am moving July 1st & Toronto Pride 2011 begins shortly & ends the same weekend with some excellent, crazy celebrations. 10 days & I still have to pack up 90% of our house, not good.

Anyways, here are so great finds!

Some funky mushroom drinking glasses from Salvation Army, 99cents a piece. One glass is a little more "dishwashed" than the other, but it still has kept it's funk factor.

Some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie bumper stickers. 10 to be exact. They are from 1990, Mirage Studios, done by Button Up, Troy, MI - same as some buttons I've bought before. I paid $3 for the lot, bought off line. eBay.

A 99cents ashtray, a nice addition to my hand collection. Value Village.

& I caved. I didn't buy them all, but I did buy at least some of the New Kids On The Block comics. You can also see a selection of my DVDs if you look closely. Value Village.

Clown mirror. Surprisingly, boyfriend approved! Value Village. One of the clowns looks eerily like John Wayne Gacy.


@ Her Library Adventures

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fire King & Pyrex

A store that`s rarely been good to me has yielded some items I bought for resale. I don`t know what to charge, I looked online & people were charging a lot for the Fire King bowl - even $100. I`ve listed it on craigslist for $45 - too much? The bowl is in amazing condition. I`m surprised! Also at the same shop I came across some Pyrex I haven`t seen before - triangle refrigerator dishes, for cake I imagine. Have you seen them before? I couldn`t find a price online, so I listed for $30 for the both. Too much? If you`re interested let me know, make an offer, shipping will probably be deadly though..


I missed it, but last week Diann let me know my crazy Made In Japan shot glasses were featured on her blog! Check it out RIGHT HERE!


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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Finds.

This past weekend I visited a Value Village I've never been too, the results were OK, I enjoyed the experience & I can see good results coming from that location, so I will return. It's a bit far, but not to far out of the way after visiting another thrift I often visit.

It's cool witnessing the different thrifts in the different areas of the city. I've spoken before about my crazy Goodwill, which in in a very poor area of the city where a lot of crime happens, a lot of city housing & a lot of mentally ill people. This new Value Village happens to be in a part of the city were people have LARGE families, it is not quite within the downtown core either. I've never been to a Value Village with so many children running around. It was nuts! I held on to my breakables for dear life. The electronics area was amass with electronics and people. I've never seen so many people diving for used microwaves and DVD players. At least nobody was diving for the following...

Rooster salt & pepper shakers, probably made in Japan - $1.99
Paint is a little chipped, but that means that they're a little loved. One more for the collection.

If you're like me & everybody else I know who actually remembers Punky, you only remember the episode where her friend hid in the fridge when they were playing hide & seek. Although, I do remember I watched this show all the time. Also watched Heman & Shera. Though, I am experiencing THE MARKER. They write in Sharpie to file them in a binder so people don't steal them. You don't need to write on the discs themselves, but what do I know!

Is there anything sexier than Smurfette? This is classic. Only $1.99.

That's all that came from that Value Village, I did stop at another one & passed up on 2 pieces of rarer Pyrex. No buying just because it's Pyrex. No room. They had the full collection of New Kids on the Block comics, but I passed... would have ended up costing me almost $50. I did however, find a NIP NKOTB button, packaged with a neat Ghostbusters button, 1989. Also came in a bag with two other interesting buttons. The lot was $1.99.

Also, a Rainbow Brite puzzle. Now, a bit sad, it's missing 2 pieces. Not much for puzzle buying because of the missing pieces, but I love it just for the box.

A couple people asked me where I was moving where I would be at a thrift constantly. I'm moving to the other side of the city will have to take the subway to work daily. Right now, lucky me, I just take the stairs down, live & work in the same building. The thrift is at the subway stop I get off at. A 5 minute stroll through the aisle is just what the thrift doctor called for.

I totally scratched my throat today on a burnt potato. Not very happy!

Going to be joining APRON THRIFT GIRL today for THRIFT SHARE MONDAY.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

99¢: Pyrex, Ghostbusters & Stationery.

All these beautiful items were 99¢ each at Goodwill! I'm lovin' it..

First you've got the Pyrex. The REDS aren't in the best condition, but so what? They weren't even a buck! Lidless, but I'm confident that not only will one day find lids for these, but also this fantastic condition brown speckled one I found today to for the same price.

Here is a closeup of a fabric owl sticker that I took off something in the store. I didn't want to pay for the ugly box, sorry! Digging the sticker though.

Promotional Ghostbusters glass from 1989, Columbia Pictures. SIX EYES. Doesn't look like it's ever been washed. Might have been used though, lol.

So nice stationery cards. If anybody ever sends me anything nice in the mail, lol, expect one of these. My fav is the little girl.

20 more days until I move... 20 MORE DAYS!!!
That means I'll be at Goodwill constantly, at least 5 days a week... does anybody know if there is a large market for resale on vintage martini shakers?


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do you want a hand with that?

Do you want a hand with that?

99cents from Value Village.
I've got like 9.. 10.. of these now.

Please post when you have used the code, THANK YOU!


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Monday, June 6, 2011

Windsor Haul.

Windsor Haul.

Windsor brought a few good finds! It brought all my favourites, retro '80s sheets, Pyrex, '80s nostalgia, NKOTB.. it was fun!

The biggest purchase was the Smurf tray - it was $15 from the curiosity shop, also purchased from the curiosity shop, ceramic shoe to add to the ceramic shoe collection - $2 & the vintage metal Bingo carrying case. As a Bingo player, I absolutely love this item & it was at a great price - $2! I had been looking for a great Bingo carrying bag for a while & almost bought a piece of crap made in China one for $1.49 from Value Village a couple months ago. Glad I waited it out. As Toronto Yardsaler would say - START THE CAR!

One thing about the curiosity shop is that they lack Pyrex, weird huh? It's quite large, but they have one shelf of Pyrex & it's all shoved in there like it could all be stuffed animals or something. There was one piece I was totally digging for $12, went back to get it before I left, they were closing as I was leaving. It wasn't the owners of the store who were closing the front, but two old woman. I asked them if I could come in & grab a piece of Pyrex I saw the day before & the one woman said really all nasty: "WE DON'T SELL PIE HERE!" uhh, OK. So, no, I never got the piece. Wasn't meant to be, I guess.

Value Village...
Unfortunate news, one VV that had been open for years, I have been visiting it for 14 years, closed it's doors. A new one had opened in a booming area of the city & this one was lurking in a dying plaza were there was nothing but a Bingo hall, a sex shop & about 6 closed businesses, so I guess it was a great business move. Between the 2 VV's in the city, I picked up the Pac-Man sheet ($3.99), Rainbow Brite sheet ($3.99), owl lantern ($2.99). I'm quite fond of the owl lantern. I move in about 25 days & this little guy will be a hoot on the balcony. He creeps out everyone who has seen it, especially with his glued in marble eyes.

& from Salvation Army for $2.99 you get this beautiful piece of 1.5 QT Pyrex. The lid was donated by the same size piece of Spring Blossom sitting in my cupboard.

I bought this. For $3.50. I don't know what it is, I have some guesses, but I liked it. Can you shed some light on this for me? I'd really like to know it's use! St. Vincent De Paul.

Bibles for Missions yielded nothing but this New Kids On The Block books & a large woman wearing barely any clothing following my friend & I around picking at her belly button, BEAUTIFUL. 25cents a piece.

Once again it's Monday, once again taking part in Apron Thrift Girl's THRIFT SHARE MONDAY.