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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mushrooms, Turtles, New Kids, Clowns & An Ashtray

Another Monday. I'm going to feel horrible this week. I am already exhausted. Thrifting in the next couple weeks will be at a minimum, I am moving July 1st & Toronto Pride 2011 begins shortly & ends the same weekend with some excellent, crazy celebrations. 10 days & I still have to pack up 90% of our house, not good.

Anyways, here are so great finds!

Some funky mushroom drinking glasses from Salvation Army, 99cents a piece. One glass is a little more "dishwashed" than the other, but it still has kept it's funk factor.

Some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie bumper stickers. 10 to be exact. They are from 1990, Mirage Studios, done by Button Up, Troy, MI - same as some buttons I've bought before. I paid $3 for the lot, bought off line. eBay.

A 99cents ashtray, a nice addition to my hand collection. Value Village.

& I caved. I didn't buy them all, but I did buy at least some of the New Kids On The Block comics. You can also see a selection of my DVDs if you look closely. Value Village.

Clown mirror. Surprisingly, boyfriend approved! Value Village. One of the clowns looks eerily like John Wayne Gacy.


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  1. Awesome finds! I love those toadstool glasses. You made the right decision on the New Kids comics. I know way too many people that would freak out in finding something like that.

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  2. LOVE the groovy glasses and the TMNT movie bumper stickers! Memories come rushing back to me! Woah, the New Kids on the Block comics and even the Clown Mirror is amazing, too. I love the bold colors and shapes, it's too fun!

  3. Moving is SO much work, nice finds except for the clowns - have to admit they scare me a little, must be that Gacy thing.

  4. Thanks for the reassurance Jackie! Even though I didn't get them all, I'm feeling good about it, because a good chunk went to a girl I work with who likes the New Kids. She went on the NKOTB cruise & she followed them on tour recently & she wears the jacket to work all the time, LOL, she rocks!

  5. Thanks Van!

    Jil - probably is the Gacy thing, lol.

  6. That is six clowns too many for me on the mirror. I hate clowns thanks to Stephen King.