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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Finds.

This past weekend I visited a Value Village I've never been too, the results were OK, I enjoyed the experience & I can see good results coming from that location, so I will return. It's a bit far, but not to far out of the way after visiting another thrift I often visit.

It's cool witnessing the different thrifts in the different areas of the city. I've spoken before about my crazy Goodwill, which in in a very poor area of the city where a lot of crime happens, a lot of city housing & a lot of mentally ill people. This new Value Village happens to be in a part of the city were people have LARGE families, it is not quite within the downtown core either. I've never been to a Value Village with so many children running around. It was nuts! I held on to my breakables for dear life. The electronics area was amass with electronics and people. I've never seen so many people diving for used microwaves and DVD players. At least nobody was diving for the following...

Rooster salt & pepper shakers, probably made in Japan - $1.99
Paint is a little chipped, but that means that they're a little loved. One more for the collection.

If you're like me & everybody else I know who actually remembers Punky, you only remember the episode where her friend hid in the fridge when they were playing hide & seek. Although, I do remember I watched this show all the time. Also watched Heman & Shera. Though, I am experiencing THE MARKER. They write in Sharpie to file them in a binder so people don't steal them. You don't need to write on the discs themselves, but what do I know!

Is there anything sexier than Smurfette? This is classic. Only $1.99.

That's all that came from that Value Village, I did stop at another one & passed up on 2 pieces of rarer Pyrex. No buying just because it's Pyrex. No room. They had the full collection of New Kids on the Block comics, but I passed... would have ended up costing me almost $50. I did however, find a NIP NKOTB button, packaged with a neat Ghostbusters button, 1989. Also came in a bag with two other interesting buttons. The lot was $1.99.

Also, a Rainbow Brite puzzle. Now, a bit sad, it's missing 2 pieces. Not much for puzzle buying because of the missing pieces, but I love it just for the box.

A couple people asked me where I was moving where I would be at a thrift constantly. I'm moving to the other side of the city will have to take the subway to work daily. Right now, lucky me, I just take the stairs down, live & work in the same building. The thrift is at the subway stop I get off at. A 5 minute stroll through the aisle is just what the thrift doctor called for.

I totally scratched my throat today on a burnt potato. Not very happy!

Going to be joining APRON THRIFT GIRL today for THRIFT SHARE MONDAY.


  1. Aww what a shame about those missing pieces. I love Rainbow Brite. But those kitschy salt and pepper shakers make up for the loss...adorable!

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  2. Love the roosters, I have a rooster problem, I have a hard time letting one go when I see one, hence, my kitchen is becoming overrun with rooster stuff :)

    I have also gotten to the point where I won't buy Pyrex just 'cuz it's Pyrex: it needs to be one of "my" patterns. It's hard though, the urge is so strong to grab it, especially if it has a lid or is in good shape.

  3. Hmm, I definitely watched Punky Brewster but can't remember the fridge episode at all. The one thing that sticks with me is the theme song, how someone steps over the homeless person. I found that so depressing as a kid.

  4. For the record, I remember a total of 3 Punky Brewster episodes:  [1] the one you mentioned where they're playing Hide & Go Seek and the kid hides in the abandoned fridge and they just happened to have just learnt CPR in school and Punky who was I think the only one actually paying attention in class saves the day;  [2] the one where Punky is wishing she had boobs (ironic because Soleil Moon Frye wound up getting a breast reduction later in life);  & [3] the one where they're watching the Challenger takeoff live in school because that teacher was onboard and witness it blow up and Punky questions her dreams of becoming an astronaut when she grows up...  I am a couple years older than you are though

    Man, I'd kill for that set of New Kids on the Block comics!

  5. Oh my goodness...I had that NKOTB pin. too funny

  6. Jen!! I'm coming over to your house next time I am in Essex, sift through your stuff. I remember going to once of your garage sales once. I think I might have told you that once. My mom bought a fake fireplace from you guys. I remember when Bi-Way went out of business. I used to buy my Pogs there.

  7. SixBalloons, I'm wondering if that ones on this DVD set.. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

  8. Elemental Mercury - I know, right? I carried those darn things around for 20 minutes. Juggling them with a bunch of other crap in my hands, a pop, other stuff I was buying, calling my friend (was going to a weird area later that day). PYREX.

    I hope I don't have a unintentional rooster problem. I bought some rooster plates a few weeks ago... too cute to pass up.

  9. Love that Smurfette! Also, you seem to have great luck with 80s vintage, which makes me totally jealous!

    There is a difference between American and Canadian Smarties?!

  10. You're always finding magical 80s-90s nostalgia! I guess ours is still languishing in attics around these parts, they're just never donated! Love that puzzle!

  11. Those rooster salt and pepper shakers are too cool! Love them.

  12. Flo, the Smurfette was my favourite purchase this week. It's going to become my new pill bowl. 10 pills a day, it's easier to pull them out of a gigantic bowl than pill bottles, lol. My cat broke my last one!

    Yup. Canadian Smarties are chocolate like M&M's, only tastier & have more funky colours. What you call Smarties we call Rockets.

  13. Fabulous finds. I love those rooster salt and pepper shakers. Great deal on those very fun buttons too.

  14. We love that salt and pepper set. Great addition to your collection! We are going to show our new additions soon!!

    Happy Hunting,
    Laura and Michele