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Thursday, February 28, 2013

What I Didn't Buy At The Thrift Store

What I Didn't Buy At The Thrift Store

This was a set of 2 from an antique market. Too expensive too buy, too pretty not to take a photo of. 

I've got a collection of bootleg cassettes of bands like Babes in Toyland, Lunachicks, Hole from the early 1990's that would have fit perfectly into this case, but $5.99.. just wasn't feeling that price. 

Ziggy's always got the best advice

"Do a little more each day than everyone expects... and soon everyone will expect more." - ZIGGY


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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wanted Wednesdays

Wanted Wednesdays

The name originated from one of the division of the Toronto Police force new (and cleverly named) initiative - Wanted Wednesdays. When I heard it, I knew I had to try to keep up with posting a weekly "wanted" post. There is just so much crap out there I want, can't afford it all & there is so much more I've discovered everyday visiting everyone's blogs & with my weekly linkup, Thriftasaurus. Once a week I'll post a beautiful vintage item, complete with photo credits that I'll be determined to hunt down & buy before I die.. 

This week, these jock strap coasters! 25-30 would be great for an apartment sized Pride party, but I'll settle with 4 for a small get together. These are sure to impress among my group of friends.  Haven't been able to find a box in the thrifts & eBay hasn't had a price I'd like to buy at yet as when shipping is cheap, the item is usually priced too high.. or vice versa.


Saturday, February 23, 2013



Very light thrifting for me this week, will probably trend into next week. Only found a few smalls this week. 

A 502 Pyrex Butterprint fridgie, at Goodwill. Have been to this Goodwill 200 or more times, can count the # of fridgies on one hand. Thank you to the person who hid this, otherwise I might not have found it. 

Some NIP Lisa Frank pencils from the 1980's "Girl Talk" & "Splatters". My sister & I used to be addicted to Lisa Frank stuff. This particular pencils are from 1989. Also a package of paper owl coasters by Monogram California, originally priced at 75cents.

Link up below if you found some fab thrifted finds this week!

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Saturday, February 16, 2013



Did anybody get any great vintage items from their boo for Valentines Day? Not me, but I did get taken on a grand thrifting extravaganza the day after (had to work on VDAY) & found some nice items. Still seems like slim pickings all over (went to about 10 thrift & antique stores).

My favourite Pyrex piece found this week was the 1959 Compass Snack Server Promotional. It was on sale at a new antique mall we discovered in a town so small that it wasn't even found in our GPS. They didn't take cash, so my BF had to take a trip 1KM into the city to an ATM. 

Also in the market there was a stash of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pins & some vintage NOS Russ pins as well as some 75% off vintage Valentines. I'm set for next year.

This pattern isn't my favourite pattern, Shenandoah, but I can buy Bake Serve & Store until the cows come home & they were in near mint condition. Also was called to the sporting goods area of the store (which I never venture into) & laying on top of everything was something I've been meaning to cross off my list for $1.99 - this 1990 New Kids on the Block duffel bag. 

One more item to check off my list - this snowflake space saver. I need some spare lids.. I've found 2 spare space saver lids in the wild. I've got 3 space savers to lid up

A 1978 Garfield towel for the beach! A Ms. Pac Man game. Should have double checked this.. missing a ghost. Damn. When will I learn? 

I was lucky enough to find a scroll in a thrift... it has a few deep scratches on one side & needs a good cleaning. We'll see how it turns out. These Glasbake mugs are my fav ever pieces of Glasbake (maybe the only pieces of Glasbake I would ever buy). Anyways, finally found one - 99cents. 

Can't wait to see what you've found.. 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cute Vintage Linens

I was tidying up my linen closet so I could buy more linens (it was literally busting at the seems) & I came across a few linens that have been in there for a while that I have been meaning to blog about.. some for about a year & a half!

This cute, never used, made in Brazil tea towel for 99cents is my favorite, bought a long time ago in Windsor. 

Some kinda tea towel or something, it folds out & has the same pattern. My favourite part of it is the birds. 

These napkins that need to be ironed & is missing one of the set. Really didn't know how to photograph them, but it gets the job done! 

Which is your fav? Or are you like my BF & do you hate them all?

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Saturday, February 9, 2013



How's the weather where everybody is? The snowfall has stopped here, yesterday was our biggest snowstorm here in Toronto in 5 years with 30cm of snow. I was going to attend an estate sale, but the weather sucked, it would take an hour & a half to get their via transit (plus anything I would buy, I'd have to bring home via transit...), my BF was going to stay up all night to bring me, but I just told him to go to bed. He was exhausted from the week & I didn't want him to be even more exhausted. So, I didn't go. This was some of the stuff they had:

Primary & Town & Country Pyrex - new in box.
Planters peanut guy S&P shakers
pale pink vintage canisters
I've only been to estate sales halfway through & they kinda sucked. How does everybody always seem to get what they go their for? I imagine there is crazy competition, especially after seeing about 50 people at one estate sale I had gone to hours after it already started. This seemed to be the nicest estate sale advertised in the city I have ever seen. Maybe next time. 

Here are my finds from the week, though: 

Leo the Owl, it's from Urban Outfitters for a fraction of the cost. Everyone is always saying, "they don't make vintage cards like they used to", can't wait until UO starts making carbon copies of the vintage ones we collect & selling them for $8.95. & another item I could see UO recreating, another vintage snack set.

A "Fashion Victim" brand shirt from 1995. I used to own a similar Fashion Victim shirt. I'm going to try to resell this, eventually. Never worn.

Two more of these cups to complete the set! I bought 2 for 99cents at Value Village. I paid $1.51 each before at GW. Yes, Value Village overprices everything. 

Thanks for linking up to Thriftasaurus last week. Can't wait to see what you've found this week. 



Thursday, February 7, 2013

What I Didn't Buy At The Thrift Store

yet another edition of.. 
What I Didn't Buy @ The Thrift Store!

I have a large collection of these hand vases. If you go back to the beginning of my blog, 2009 I think? You'll see how many I was buying. My heart would have skipped a few beats & I would have been all over these. I have them all packed away.

 I always had a thing for the red Power Ranger, especially after his post Power Rangers film & this Power Rangers comforter would be the closest I'd ever get to sleeping with Red... but for my BF's sake, I left it at the thrift store.*

I don't know about you, but busting nuts between Hillary Clinton's legs isn't my thing.

Cuteness. Would have bought the ribbon holder (elephant), but it was chipped. I already have one, too. The deer S&P, I have the set! It's one of my favs. 

Left behind an Old Orchard chipped fridgie & a yellow hostess, pretty beat up & I already got a nice one. 

& this, too. I left behind. 
chipped, chipped, chipped!

He can survive a trip around the world in one night, but a trip to the Goodwill backroom... 

* I'm just kidding. The red Power Ranger totally isn't my type. I left it there because I'm outta space!

Saturday, February 2, 2013



"I don't decorate, I accumulate.
- Dolores, NY (Hoarders, Season 6, Episode 12)

can you spot the Pyrex?
Dolores is a collector, not just a hoarder. I just started watching this episode, so far, there aren't piles of poop in her house, no used tampons on the floor, her toilet isn't overflowing, no piles of trash... she is just a collector of items. I kinda feel the same was as Dolores. I was actually thinking earlier today about the amount of stuff I accumulate & how I have absolutely no decorating skills & it basically all sits there. I don't decorate, I accumulate. 

This is my Pyrex haul for the week - 5 vintage Butterprint bowls all from the same thrift. I have been going to this thrift for a couple weeks now, I believe this is my 5th time recently, but I have been there in the past & never found anything. Walking up to the thrift, I was crossing my fingers & saying xx "it's gotta pay off this time. it's gotta" xx. 

It did. 

All that Butterprint. 403 ($2.99), 402 (2 x $2.99), 401 (2 x $2.49). Probably have 4 or 5 sets of Butterprint mixing bowls, but still missing the elusive 404.   

Also at the same thrift was the cute knee hugger elf I posted about & some Holly Hobbie table clothes.. can you call them that if they aren't cloth? 

I started following a blog, Mister True & Blackjack too. I don't remember what page it was, but the blogger had found the cutest devil knee hugger! Totally want one. 

image of devil from here

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I know donations have been down in our area, so can't wait to see what you've found. Please  link up below for Thriftasaurus!