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Saturday, November 30, 2013


❄ Thriftasaurus!

The weather outside is frightful
The finds aren't so delightful
& since I've got nothing to show
Thrift stores blow, yeah they blow, they blow.

Okay, so that isn't entirely true, I do have some stuff to show & some of that stuff is from thrift stores, however, none from this week! & thrift store finds have been so far & few in between, I've been thinking on getting a part time job instead of spending my time shopping & just buying the stuff off eBay! Saves the disappointment of coming home empty handed all the time now. Ya know? The only thing I brought home from the thrifts this week were 2 vintage Vera tea towels that I'm hoping will hit eBay one day so I can buy some knee huggers. I did have enough strength to leave a few pieces of Pyrex, even mint pieces, no more "I'm desperate", so I'll buy my 7th Verde divided, but they were nothing special - trust. 

Some eBay buys to show off this week, came all the way up from Ohio! My BF didn't get to make it down to Ohio, but his aunt & grandpa came to visit his mom in the hospital, so she brought the stuff we ordered. I've got a few more things, obviously, but those have got to wait.
Two Pyrex refrigerator dishes, one 502 turquoise & a 501 red, both with lids. I was surprised with the turquoise, great condition, but new the red was in just good shape. Lids coming off & it's becoming some kind of organizer in my medicine cabinet. These were $15 BIN, shipped. 

More eBay buys! These came shipped to my home in Canada. I didn't realize what poor raggedy condition some of them were in from the pics, I must have been blindsided by the knee huggers... no wonder nobody else bid!  Knee huggers, a Dream Pet & um, a plastic Santa.

I got these Santa mugs for $2 each from an antique market, both made in Japan. Did anybody ever use these? All the ones I have found have had their original stickers. I mean, no complaints or anything, but yeah. Just wondering.  

Some Christmas cards, a full box & some singles. 

& one more thrift store find from a while ago, $1. I love crying towels, don't know what it is about them. Fisherman ones not too much, but when they have mermaids, yes please. 

Hope everybody had a great week second hand shopping. I've been downloading Hallmark Christmas movies for the past few days & my BF wants to kill me. I made a deal with my BF (cost me $80), but I'll be going somewhere shopping this week. Hope it's fruitful! I'm Pyrex & Christmas hungry.
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Dream of Pixie

I am a man obsessed. 

So many varieties, so many styles, how in the world am I going to collect them all? 

lovin' that sinister looking guy...

plastic surgery knee hugger. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013



Welcome to another week of Thriftasaurus, it's nice to have you. As you might have noticed, I am a late host this week. I'm rather punctual, but this past Friday we had a family emergency which is still ongoing, but all we can do is sit & anxiously wait for results & try to go on about our daily business.

I posted a Mid-Week thrift this week, which I rarely do lately with expectations of bringing a huge haul home as we had a full day of shopping planned out for Friday, but had to come home shortly after beginning our thrift expedition, which is OK. Much more important things going on. 

Some Christmas cards (that you stick your pictures in) & some vintage gummed labels.

I am happy to be able to post 3 new knee huggers. They are my current obsession. I've always loved them, but now I am obsessed. I'm watching hundreds on eBay (a few in lots & a quite a few singles), but not bidding... just watching. The one with the extravagant gold fringes is from an antique market & so is the red guy. I am psyched that I found this gold guy at the thrift store. They seem not to be easy to find in thrifts around here (maybe they weren't as popular as they were in the USA?), I know you got them as promos with dish soap in the USA! Anyways, extravagance gets you a pic of your own & so does being found in a thrift store. 
If you happen to decide to orphan any pixies/knee huggers, please let me adopt! 

This pink fridgies I picked up from my cousin when I was in Ohio. I had ordered them off eBay, $18 shipped. They were described as MINT. NAH UH! I had ordered a Fire King bowl too, which was described as mint (have yet to post this), NAH UH! This fridgies, one I would say in excellent condition the other sitting just below very good with a chip in one of the lids are not mint. My boyfriend had already left feedback. I might be done with eBay Pyrex purchases. Even Craigslist people misrepresent. I went to pick up a primary set, ad said, "great condition"... woman seemed disappointed when I wanted to look at the goods, can you believe one bowl had about 40 scratches on it? How is that great condition? Look, I'm sorry you dragged the bowl 2 hours downtown, but don't lie to make $40. & even fellow Pyrex collectors misrepresent, "no chips, excellent condition, mint"... doesn't mean flea bites on the rim. I mean, I bought it anyways because I trusted the person since they were a collector. Lesson learned. 

Anyways, that's it for me today. Hope you all had a good weekend.
I have a great booklet I am going to scan this week! I can't wait to share it, check back Wednesday.. 

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mid-Week Thrift

Mid-Week Thrift

Looks quite RED, dunnit? 
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I picked up these Santa decorations not knowing they had holes in their feet, but yeah, you can stick these flocking Santas in a bowl & nobody'll ever know (except for us... shhhh!)! The one Santa that's not all flocked up, is still kinda flocked up, more flocked up than I could have expected. So, I flocked up on my purchases of this Santas, but they will do.

Also got two sets of mugs. The other ones you can make out in the top picture & are Anchor Hocking & this set is Termocrisa. Why is Termocrisa sooooooo000oo0o0oooo0  unappealing to people? There are patterns similar (if not identical) to other highly collectible names, but Termocrisa gets tossed aside like trash. I guess it's really all in the name, huh?

oh, maybe next time I'll pick up that Cookin' With Coolio cookbook. I guess he has to have been doing something with himself since Gangsta's Paradise.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What I Didn't Buy At The Thrift Store

Nothing from the wall of 1990s tampons for me today, thank you.

Some empty Voss Water bottles priced at & higher than retail.

I actually know a woman who would proudly wear this shirt.
Who knew?
$5? Nahhh.

Saturday, November 16, 2013



Hope everybody has had a good week! Even though I still have some Ohio finds left (can you believe how lazy I am?), I've decided to mostly showcase my thrift finds this week. It has nearly been a month since I can post a "thrift haul" - craziness!!

The 444 pink Gooseberry Cinderella came from the thrift shop, my 3rd & everything else was Craigslist. Has been so dry everywhere, resorted to Craigslist. It's OK though. Both Delphite fridgies are in good to very good condition (one was described as excellent, but it has flea bites...). I really need that pesky 502.

I also picked up some vintage Christmas. A set of green Noel candle holders made in Japan by Napco. There were two letters in each bag. At first I could only find the one bag... was getting a lil' aggitated! Anyways, the set was $5.98. Pretty much mint. I seriously can't believe these survive both the backroom & the grab bags!

I bought a table runner that was similar material & size a few months back, which was made in Germany. Not sure if this one was too, but it's cute!

Last Christmas find... a full set of Ren & Stimpy Christmas cards, how cool is that? 

and a Madonna magazine from the '80s. (not pictured... next week maybe?)

I guess that's it!
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