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Saturday, September 28, 2013



Hey everybody... it's a mess over here for me blog wise. Something happened to my computer and it seems everything has been wiped clean and it doesn't turn on past the startup screen. I am trying to problem slove, but not going to well. Looking for my discs and I gotta dig through 2,500+ discs in white sleeves. I am new to the internet on my phone, first time blogging from it right now, dunno how to do images (LOL), so this week at least here will be a little messy. Messy or not, still wanted to see what everyone picked up this week.

No pictures, but this week I picked up some: Lefton, Fire King, 1980'S linen, matching kitschy vintage Christmas decorations and some 1970's pop culture salt and pepper shakers. Stay tuned next week for more dets and pics. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I Didn't Buy At The Thrift Store

What I Didn't Buy At The Thrift Store

Hey it's the 1980's, you called? 

Pink tease. I've only got 2 501's. Wonder if I can complete my set this October?

As much as I needed this vintage mushroom ironing board, I left it. 

Totally cool retro toaster. 

& just don't have room for this guy.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wanted Wednesday: Vintage Pin-Up Girl Beach Towels

Wanted Wednesday:
Vintage Pin-Up Girl Beach Towels



Love 'em!

Saturday, September 21, 2013



A few finds this week. I have been sick for over a week. I abhor it. I very rarely get a cold/flu, I can't remember the last time it's happened, but I've been sick since last Thursday. I'm still rockin' on, working, a bit of shopping & social. My thrifting date flip flopped - she took a shift at work, she's flat broke. I don't blame her, but I did make fun of her for flip flopping. It's rescheduled for a day this upcoming week. 
My favourite find were these cards, the insides are NSFW (even some covers I had to cover). These are from the late 1980's & ones you'd only find at an adult shop. The taller ones below, that look like some 1960's or whatever just plain vintage cards, oh no, they're more than that. You can ask the old women on the subway who saw the huge vibrator on the inside of the card when I opened it. 

Colourful Dansk Gourmet containers. 

I'm digging this flip calender (do they have a proper name?). My grandfather used to have one that I believe they got on their honeymoon to Niagara Falls (or one of their anniversaries) & he would flip it every morning when my grandmother made us toast & jam on Melmac plates (blue for me, pink for sister).
(shoulda put today's date in the first photo...)

Nice retro towel. 

Santa. I think he's been there a while. Might have been empty hand syndrome, but I guess he'll still look good on Christmas. 

I bought these coasters not to use as coasters, but to use as leg warmers on my dog (if they'll fit). The cards are cute enough. At this particular store they put a lot of stuff in them grab bags & some bitch (sorry...) always rips open all the bags & not just a tiny bit to see the cards inside, but a lot, so all the stuff falls out when you move the bags in front. It's extremely annoying & it's possible the cashier may refuse the sale so STOP IT

My lone piece of Pyrex (pictured here with it's sister that I already own) this week - the Compass Promotional Snack Server (without handle). I feel like I've basically given up on "the great Pyrex hunt" here in the city, even though it's the first stop still in the thrifts, but it's just not there for me anymore in the quality/quantity it once was... even the antique markets are bust. I have a rant coming soon... 

Thanks for linking up last week, can't wait to see what everybody turned up this week. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wanted Wednesday: Popsies

Wanted Wednesday:

photo from popsie lot on eBay - $1,250.00

Yeah, I know. It's Tuesday. In 23 minutes it's Wednesday. I'm at home, I'm sick. It's a cold or flu or something. I'm not sure, but it's not pretty. I'm working through it. I'm bored & I might not be home tomorrow despite this cold or flu or something, but I wanted to post these because I'm loving them. I don't think I will even own all of them (possibly I hear, 175 of them as some phrases differ on the popups of the same figures), but maybe a couple eBay buys. They are 3D greeting cards from the 1960's by Pride Creations.

"Come on Down" devil. 

"You Need LSD"
(best photo available from here)

Anything you've been dying to own?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thriftasaurus: One Year Anniversary


It's been one year already, eh? Time definitely flies when you're having fun thrifting. I had planned on coordinating a giveaway with the one year anniversary, but it crept up on me & I had yet to find anything suitable to giveaway! I'll be going to a couple neat things these next few months, so I'm going to keep my eyes peeled & I can make the giveaway closer to the US Thanksgiving in case the winner is from the US & I can save on shipping. 

Thank you everybody who joins up every week for making it a success, love seeing your finds!

I got out a little more then I anticipated this week. Tonight, I feel like the bags under my eyes are down to my lips & I could fall asleep at any given second. I was going to force myself to go shopping tonight, but co-workers advised against it. I look like someone beat me up. 

I found this splash proof Fire King bowl. So, I was once reprimanded by someone before for calling a similar blue (not by Pyrex) Delphite, what does Fire King call this colour? They had said only Pyrex items can be called Delphite. Anyone? I have 2 other splash proofs from thrift stores: one tulip & one opal. This one was in a bit of rough shape, but cleaned up nice enough. I can't help but wonder if the whole set had been donated. Also some Butterprint. It's been a long time me & Butterprint.

I picked up these anthropomorphic salt & pepper shakers thinking they were a set. When I left the store I was like, "why did I buy them? they aren't really my style." When I got home, I found out that they are from 2 different sets & have each been separated from their mates. I've since come to grow fond enough of them. I do have a few anthropomorphic shakers in my collection, but only the silverware.

Gordon Fraser vintage wrapping paper, always fun. 

This was a buck. After buying it I hated myself for wasting the dollar. Now I can't live without it. I'm starting a new collection & this is going to be on display with it. I just need to find a very, very small plate holder. 

I bought two of these Red Deer Village shirts - vintage, 50/50, cute, don't look worn & $1 a piece. 
pretty tacky shot. sorry.

I'm posting early tomorrow because in the morning I am leaving to go to a cottage, wish the heatwave would be staying around. A cottage & I, I don't really see us mixing too well. No internet, no thrift stores (don't even get to stop anywhere in cottage country or on the way, bummer), I get to fish? I'm really much more of a concrete prince.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013



I didn't spend a lot of time outside the house this week, next week probably won't be any different. Focus this week at the thrifts this week seemed to be: Halloween. I work all week & will be going away to a cottage.. not allowed to make any stops on the way (torture, isn't it?).

I found these vintage, made in Japan metal canisters... 

...this Spring Blossom Green Pyrex...
it's a 475. 

...this push button salt & pepper souvenir set from Florida, a buck & I just love the box... 

& these t-shirts. The ADIDAS t-shirt is vintage, probs early '80s? I don't know how to date, didn't see a similar one on eBay. I really liked this other shirt, 50/50 made in 1990 by Larry Lubin, but can't find anything about it. I just found it a bit funny.

& here are some stickers I recently got.. 

Well, I can't wait to see your finds! Have a great week.
I have a thrifting date coming up, how exciting. I'm usually all by myself.

Friday, September 6, 2013

New Additions: Fire King Jadeite

New Additions:
Fire King Jadeite

Like my new additions? Not home until November, though.
They cost $21. Good price?