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Saturday, December 28, 2013



Hello fellow thrifters! How was your Christmas? - merry I hope. Any thrifty, vintage presents this year? Ski vacations with the fam? Pyrex mishaps? Do tell.

This wasn't an ideal Christmas for me, but that aside, we had a delicious dinner cooked by my boyfriends sister. No presents to be had for anybody, but everybody is just happy that they get to spend another year together.

 Nothing to show off this week besides this beautiful set of turquoise Hazel Atlas dishware. It cost somewhere around $35 in an antique market. I was iffy on the purchase, but then broke it down. I would freak out if I saw these dishes in pristine condition in a thrift store & would most likely reluctantly pay $3.99 for each, so... did it here, too. 

Thank you to everyone who links up every week & thank you to everyone who reads every week, I love doing Thriftasaurus. I will be taking a break from thrifting until next year (I know, right? just saying that is killing me), but still have some finds to show off (like that beautiful mint Hazel Atlas above!). A couple weeks back I finally figured out how to tweak it so I can reply to comments via email, instead of only directly on my blog. I felt so accomplished. Now if only I can make myself a beautiful banner.  

Have a happy new year! 


Thursday, December 26, 2013

My First Pyrex Ad

  I picked this up on my way to Ohio in October from a 1964 issue of Good Housekeeping. The June issue. Here's to many more. 
Scanned this using my phone, so not tip top!

This vintage Pyrex advertisement features one of my favourite patterns - Butterprint, along side some Early American, Golden Honeysuckle, a percolator & a carafe. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013



Only 2 more thrifting days before Christmas! 
Christmas hunting season is for the most part over (for me) - 50% off Christmas goods at most thrifts. I had a thrifting adventure planned on Friday, with a few markets to hit with the boy, but with the impending doom of the winter ice storm that meteorologists were predicting to start Friday morning, I thrifted locally bringing home a few gems. 

At 2 different thrifts were salt & pepper collections - the first is where I picked up all in this post, the second they were the grodiest salt & pepper shakers ever, all chipped, dirty as hell, orphaned, just gross! I felt terrible leaving behind a Holt Howard orphan kitty shaker & wall hanging, but too damaged too bring home! I did, however, get to bring home these kitties with the stretched necks - I've wanted a stretched neck set for awhile. I wanted the Poppin' Fresh, they came with the kitties, but gotta try to clean these ones up. I almost bought some from a market. The snails were bag extras.

survived 50 years in someones kitchen, a thrift stores back room,
thrift store grab bags, but couldn't survive 12 hours on my counter
Poor ballerinas, I got some superglue, but somehow it busted open in my bag on the way home from work & the botr quarter. I collect these in my change & sell them on eBay in lots. 

I haven't found Butterprint in such awhile! It used to be an almost weekly thing for me. Friendship in the same store. Love it!

I also got these.Dick Tracy items, some pop culture fun! Can you believe I found these at (the mug set & pitcher) at 2 different thrift chains in 2 different cities?

That's it for me!
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A Living Space.

I probably won't be back until after Boxing Day, sooo... MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Hope it's a good one.  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vintage Christmas Tea Towels

Vintage Christmas Tea Towels
 Vintage Chuck Gruen Christmas Santa tea towel
picture credit.

Vintage Chuck Gruen Dancing Elves Tea Towel, Fallani & Cohn
picture credit.
Vintage Santa & Candy Canes Tea Towel - Unknown Maker

 Vintage Town House "Merry Christmas" Tea Towel
picture credit.

Vintage SANTA by Ulster Tea Towel, Ireland
picture credit.

Vintage "Santa's Workshop" by Kay Dee Tea Towel
picture credit.

 Vintage Pat Prichard Merry Christmas Tea Towel

None of these are mine, all from eBay, just admiring them from afar. Which ones do you own (if any)? Which ones are your favourite? Do you own any vintage tea towels?
The Pat Prichard is my favourite of the lot, but I also love the lettering on the 4th tea towel. 

We're in for some nasty weather this weekend, anyone traveling to see family for the holidays - stay safe!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas In The Thrift-A-Lot House

Christmas in the Thrift-A-Lot House

This year in our home, there's on one little set up of decorations. It's hidden away on the top of the shelf we picked out of the trash this summer in the corner of the bedroom. This is my new 2 foot aluminum tree, eBay purchase. The red bulbs are newer, they were extras in a grab bag from the thrift. I outfit my 4 footer in vintage red (although, I'd really love some deep pink!), so these are cute for now. Not the best lighting in that deep dark corner sometimes & cella bloggin', but kneehuggers, Pyrex & a Dream Pet!

These are my newest knee hugger additions.

They also came with these elves. If anyone wants to trade all these elves for two standard kneehuggers, let me know! Or have any interest in buying, email me (in profile).

So this is my set up! Another year of vintage Christmas shopping will be upon us before I'm out in full decorating force. I've accumulated about 3 standard file boxes full of vintage Christmas this past year, so lots to look forward to!

Hope everyone gets in some more Christmas thrifting before the season is out.

PS: I also have a pair of NIB kneehuggers that I got from Goodwill about 7 years ago I want to say, but they are put away with my decorations. Just wanted to say! First ones I ever found.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Thriftasaurus #65

Hello.everybody! Thank you for the well wishes after a tough week, although not all problems are solved, we might be struggling financially for a month or two, so that'll put a damper on the thrifting. I have high hopes that it won't happen, but you never know... If things go right, I can fit in one more thrifting trip before Christmas. Thinking we may be broke for 2 months is making us eat meals at home. Can you believe.we usually eat out almost 8 times a week? Hope the trend continues... save some money for some fancy eBay buys!

 got out there once this week, fitting in 5 stores, but finding everything at my fav thrift aside from the orphan Lefton shaker. I got a set of these cheap sometime last year because this exact shaker had a large chip! 

Can you believe I was watching this vintage pixie tablecloth on eBay? I don't think I have ever started watching something that was a bit obscure & then found it at the thrifts.  Gotta love the stain! I think that's what made the previou shopper tossed it back on the shelf. I bought another linen that I thought was SO another blogger friend. I was going to gift it, however it has a stubborn stain. It's adhesive from 40ish year old sticker.  Any advice? I have no idea what type of fabric, but my best guess is a cotton polyester blend.

Some vintage flocked Christmas decor! The larger Santas are a bit much for me, so I may gift them to another blogger, but it won't be for awhile. The little Santa clipper is cute, too. Santa mugs are newer, the one on the right is kinda ugs, but they will still look nice on the bottom shelf.

3 things of unopened 1980s Care Bears stationary! Whohooo! 

& hope you had a great shopping week! Link up below with your latest second hand finds!

Saturday, December 7, 2013



Since Thriftasaurus usually starts sometime Saturday evening/night, it usually marks the end of my week. I usually kick off my shoes & relax my feet, just kick it, just kick it after writing & posting Thriftasaurus. This week, I have looked forward to it more than ever. This single week has been the most stressful week for me that I can remember, it was one thing after another, work, home, family, money, sickness, backstabbing almost nothing was left out & I honestly don't have any actual friends to turn to which makes things worse & even more stressful. I thought that I would get some joy out of thrifting on Friday, but it's wasn't very enjoyable, I did find a couple things - the Golden Acorn was sorta maybe "empty hand syndrome". I gave one away last year & thought, "I can pack this away with my Christmas decor & use it next year." Everything around here seems to be picked to hell by resellers (which is why this trip wasn't enjoyable, it was extremely disappointing) - even packages of dollar store pencils I saw at the thrift store for $1.99 popped up on a local resellers page for $2 a pop!

Gold vinyl tree from an antique market. I paid $25, which I still thought was pretty decent. By Tinsel Manufacturing Co. Is vinyl & aluminum the same? Just wondering. It feels exactly the same... (could be a different box). Don't have the energy to put it together. 

Also got this Gremlins pennant from 1984. The tag seemed extremely worn, which tells me it's been in the market for quite some time. Wonder why I've never seen it before?

These vintage oversized Halloween cards by Norcross came from Ohio trip in October, along with the Hallmark paper candy things. The cat is my fav, it's flocked & the eyes are that thing (I don't know what it's called).

One last thing to show... we picked these yup yesterday at Value Village as a gift to mail our cousin, totally her (& me). My fav - "a clean house is a wasted life". It's my new motto. This are by Fiddler's Elbow.

Sorry it was I was so depressing this week!
I have a couple things to share this upcoming week, since I'll be spending lots of time at home. I set up a small tree with all my kneehuggers in my bedroom, but I doubt I will be doing anymore decorating this year, I'm just not into it anymore this year. I'll still be buying for next year, but this year... not so much.
On the plus: I found a $100 gift card. It's not a store I enjoy, so I think I am going to sell the card on Card Swap. Has anyone used it? 

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The Thrifty Groove.
Hope you had a fun week full of wonderful finds! Link up below. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013


❄ Thriftasaurus!

The weather outside is frightful
The finds aren't so delightful
& since I've got nothing to show
Thrift stores blow, yeah they blow, they blow.

Okay, so that isn't entirely true, I do have some stuff to show & some of that stuff is from thrift stores, however, none from this week! & thrift store finds have been so far & few in between, I've been thinking on getting a part time job instead of spending my time shopping & just buying the stuff off eBay! Saves the disappointment of coming home empty handed all the time now. Ya know? The only thing I brought home from the thrifts this week were 2 vintage Vera tea towels that I'm hoping will hit eBay one day so I can buy some knee huggers. I did have enough strength to leave a few pieces of Pyrex, even mint pieces, no more "I'm desperate", so I'll buy my 7th Verde divided, but they were nothing special - trust. 

Some eBay buys to show off this week, came all the way up from Ohio! My BF didn't get to make it down to Ohio, but his aunt & grandpa came to visit his mom in the hospital, so she brought the stuff we ordered. I've got a few more things, obviously, but those have got to wait.
Two Pyrex refrigerator dishes, one 502 turquoise & a 501 red, both with lids. I was surprised with the turquoise, great condition, but new the red was in just good shape. Lids coming off & it's becoming some kind of organizer in my medicine cabinet. These were $15 BIN, shipped. 

More eBay buys! These came shipped to my home in Canada. I didn't realize what poor raggedy condition some of them were in from the pics, I must have been blindsided by the knee huggers... no wonder nobody else bid!  Knee huggers, a Dream Pet & um, a plastic Santa.

I got these Santa mugs for $2 each from an antique market, both made in Japan. Did anybody ever use these? All the ones I have found have had their original stickers. I mean, no complaints or anything, but yeah. Just wondering.  

Some Christmas cards, a full box & some singles. 

& one more thrift store find from a while ago, $1. I love crying towels, don't know what it is about them. Fisherman ones not too much, but when they have mermaids, yes please. 

Hope everybody had a great week second hand shopping. I've been downloading Hallmark Christmas movies for the past few days & my BF wants to kill me. I made a deal with my BF (cost me $80), but I'll be going somewhere shopping this week. Hope it's fruitful! I'm Pyrex & Christmas hungry.
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