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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas In The Thrift-A-Lot House

Christmas in the Thrift-A-Lot House

This year in our home, there's on one little set up of decorations. It's hidden away on the top of the shelf we picked out of the trash this summer in the corner of the bedroom. This is my new 2 foot aluminum tree, eBay purchase. The red bulbs are newer, they were extras in a grab bag from the thrift. I outfit my 4 footer in vintage red (although, I'd really love some deep pink!), so these are cute for now. Not the best lighting in that deep dark corner sometimes & cella bloggin', but kneehuggers, Pyrex & a Dream Pet!

These are my newest knee hugger additions.

They also came with these elves. If anyone wants to trade all these elves for two standard kneehuggers, let me know! Or have any interest in buying, email me (in profile).

So this is my set up! Another year of vintage Christmas shopping will be upon us before I'm out in full decorating force. I've accumulated about 3 standard file boxes full of vintage Christmas this past year, so lots to look forward to!

Hope everyone gets in some more Christmas thrifting before the season is out.

PS: I also have a pair of NIB kneehuggers that I got from Goodwill about 7 years ago I want to say, but they are put away with my decorations. Just wanted to say! First ones I ever found.


  1. Every one is so cute!! You really are hooked!

  2. Knee hugger madness going on in the Thrift-A-Lot household! Hanna has become obsessed too. She will be at my house tonight and I am going to have to count mine to see how many I have so I can check before she leaves to make sure she hasn't taken any!

    Happy Holidays~


  3. Very adorable collection! Someone I interviewed also found a small mid century modern tree on eBay, I need to get hunting on there for my own!

  4. Yes! That one display packs a lot of punch! Your decorations next year are going to be awesome!
    I found that same little Dream Pet recently. I think I'm getting started on a new obsession, like you and your knee huggers. : )

  5. I never saw or paid any attention to knee huggers until I found your blog. Now I can't get enough of them. Adorable!!

  6. Wow that is a ton of creepy elves. Love the tree! I have a 4 footer in silver. Paid 50c at a yard sale. . those things are awesome.

    I swoon over your holiday Pyrex. I am still on the hunt for one of those bowls.

  7. Cute and the little silver Christmas tree adds a nice touch.

  8. Great tree! I haven't put up my aluminum one yet. Love the devil kneehugger! I was eyeing one on Ebay a while back but it got too pricey for my liking! Keep the vintage Christmas coming!

  9. We always had knee huggers when I was growing up. I've been looking this year for one of my own but haven't seen any pop up at thrifts yet. I love yours!

  10. i get nightmares about them, particularly since the handicapped elf incident

  11. oh wow! such a great little corner! so many knee huggers!!

  12. Wow! Your knee huggers have multiplied like rabbits! Love your little Christmas display!
    Happy Holidays!
    Erica :)

  13. I'm impressed with your knee hugger collection! They look great with the silver tree. Do they all sit there and stare at you when you're sleeping though?

  14. I collect these too! Love your collection.