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Saturday, December 14, 2013


Thriftasaurus #65

Hello.everybody! Thank you for the well wishes after a tough week, although not all problems are solved, we might be struggling financially for a month or two, so that'll put a damper on the thrifting. I have high hopes that it won't happen, but you never know... If things go right, I can fit in one more thrifting trip before Christmas. Thinking we may be broke for 2 months is making us eat meals at home. Can you believe.we usually eat out almost 8 times a week? Hope the trend continues... save some money for some fancy eBay buys!

 got out there once this week, fitting in 5 stores, but finding everything at my fav thrift aside from the orphan Lefton shaker. I got a set of these cheap sometime last year because this exact shaker had a large chip! 

Can you believe I was watching this vintage pixie tablecloth on eBay? I don't think I have ever started watching something that was a bit obscure & then found it at the thrifts.  Gotta love the stain! I think that's what made the previou shopper tossed it back on the shelf. I bought another linen that I thought was SO another blogger friend. I was going to gift it, however it has a stubborn stain. It's adhesive from 40ish year old sticker.  Any advice? I have no idea what type of fabric, but my best guess is a cotton polyester blend.

Some vintage flocked Christmas decor! The larger Santas are a bit much for me, so I may gift them to another blogger, but it won't be for awhile. The little Santa clipper is cute, too. Santa mugs are newer, the one on the right is kinda ugs, but they will still look nice on the bottom shelf.

3 things of unopened 1980s Care Bears stationary! Whohooo! 

& hope you had a great shopping week! Link up below with your latest second hand finds!


  1. The money you'll save by staying at home will blow you away! It's crazy. My husband and I used to eat out a lot too, which always included a few beers so the bills were generally more than $30. That's a lot of damn money! Now I can spend that and feed us for four nights. And I"m not making crap food. I cook simple and quick but it's still good. Use your crockpot since you're busy and do themed weeks. Mexican one week, Asian the next. I found that helps to use up weird ingredients and save money. It's not so bad once you get used to it.
    I really hope these next few months go smoothly for you and give you a break on drama. That's just never fun and it's bad for your brain.
    That table cloth is an awesome score! So cool that you had been watching it and then just happened upon it.

  2. Well, at least if you have to take a few weeks off from thrifting, its good timing. I asked the thrift shop workers around here about when they get the big loads donating, and they said usually about 3 weeks before Christmas, then it slows down until after Christmas. Then they get massive amounts. Good luck to you!

  3. Such cute thrifty goodies! Joining in this week. We only eat out once a week, the money we save pays for our enormous Verizon bill, LOL!

    I'm going to check my info to see what best takes that sticker glue off and will come back and comment.

    Thanks for hosting!

  4. The table cloth is darling. Wish I could find something like that.

    I would rather eat in. I do hate the extra work, but home cooked sits better in my stomach and is easier on the pocket book.

  5. Love the pixie tablecloth!! I love it when you find something in the thrifts that you were watching on Ebay or saw on Etsy :)

  6. Thanks for carrying on carrying on. Appreciate your Thriftasaurus party.

  7. Ah, I've never seen a Lefton piece anywhere! Love it!

  8. Thank you for hosting this party. It is greatly appreciated! I love the tablecloth!

  9. Great tablecloth! Have you tried Oxyclean on it? I know it cleans up regular old dropped gravy type of food stains, not sure it would get old sticker junk off though. May be worth a try.

  10. So jealous that you always score pop culture goodness. All of the scores are beautiful :)

  11. I'd have fought you for that tablecloth!

    And you will be amazed how much money you will be saving by eating at home. It's so much cheaper and so much healthier. When things are looking better financially in a few months, you might decide to stick with the eating at home when you see how much money will be left over for thrifting :)

  13. The care bear stationary is amazing. I hope the new eating in regime works well for you. Thanks for hosting:)

  14. I have that exact knee hugger tablecloth but it doesn't have a scalloped edge. I bought mine a couple of years ago at VVs for $4.99! Too bad about the staining maybe an oxyclean paste?


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