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Saturday, November 30, 2013


❄ Thriftasaurus!

The weather outside is frightful
The finds aren't so delightful
& since I've got nothing to show
Thrift stores blow, yeah they blow, they blow.

Okay, so that isn't entirely true, I do have some stuff to show & some of that stuff is from thrift stores, however, none from this week! & thrift store finds have been so far & few in between, I've been thinking on getting a part time job instead of spending my time shopping & just buying the stuff off eBay! Saves the disappointment of coming home empty handed all the time now. Ya know? The only thing I brought home from the thrifts this week were 2 vintage Vera tea towels that I'm hoping will hit eBay one day so I can buy some knee huggers. I did have enough strength to leave a few pieces of Pyrex, even mint pieces, no more "I'm desperate", so I'll buy my 7th Verde divided, but they were nothing special - trust. 

Some eBay buys to show off this week, came all the way up from Ohio! My BF didn't get to make it down to Ohio, but his aunt & grandpa came to visit his mom in the hospital, so she brought the stuff we ordered. I've got a few more things, obviously, but those have got to wait.
Two Pyrex refrigerator dishes, one 502 turquoise & a 501 red, both with lids. I was surprised with the turquoise, great condition, but new the red was in just good shape. Lids coming off & it's becoming some kind of organizer in my medicine cabinet. These were $15 BIN, shipped. 

More eBay buys! These came shipped to my home in Canada. I didn't realize what poor raggedy condition some of them were in from the pics, I must have been blindsided by the knee huggers... no wonder nobody else bid!  Knee huggers, a Dream Pet & um, a plastic Santa.

I got these Santa mugs for $2 each from an antique market, both made in Japan. Did anybody ever use these? All the ones I have found have had their original stickers. I mean, no complaints or anything, but yeah. Just wondering.  

Some Christmas cards, a full box & some singles. 

& one more thrift store find from a while ago, $1. I love crying towels, don't know what it is about them. Fisherman ones not too much, but when they have mermaids, yes please. 

Hope everybody had a great week second hand shopping. I've been downloading Hallmark Christmas movies for the past few days & my BF wants to kill me. I made a deal with my BF (cost me $80), but I'll be going somewhere shopping this week. Hope it's fruitful! I'm Pyrex & Christmas hungry.
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  1. Thrift shops in my area are pretty sparse for good Pyrex as well. I am finding Church and School Fund Raisers ok this month. Thanks for Thriftasaurus this week.

  2. It seems hardly worthwhile to be even going into VV looking for Christmas, it's so bad, hardly anything bagged up and even less on the shelves and what is there, is junk!

    I didn't realize I have a Dream Pet from last year but I do!!

  3. Forgot to say, I called about that blue knee hugger I left behind last weekend, gone! Sold! Poor stupid me!

  4. Thanks for the party! I can't wait to see what is next!

  5. I have had decent luck at the thrifts stores lately. I think some people clear out stuff to donate before the holidays come, because it does seem like the stores around here are pretty full. I also find after Christmas, it gets well stocked again. Full of new stuff, after xmas. Stores will sometimes dump there leftover overstock from the heavy shopping season, and people will donate gifts they got but didn't really want. So I am trying to do as much shopping as I can for now.

  6. oooh those knee huggers are just too cute! there's a serious lack of knee huggers in Australia- the only one I have ever found was in New Zealand and I've never seen one since :-(

  7. Love your song, made me chuckle. You got lots of new knee huggers, so that should make you happy! Love that turquoise Pyrex, I don't have any :( I have no finds to share this week, just seeing what y'all have. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  8. Amazing song that I will be humming to myself every time I hit the thrifts from now on. That plastic Santa looks to be an old candy holder. Those go for some serious money in the antique malls here. You should try and sell it! Your Santa mugs made me smile. Wait until you see my mantle. You. Will. Die.


  9. I really love the knee-huggers on the mushrooms! I've got a thing for christmas mushroom decorations :)

  10. Pyrex and kneehuggers as usual I'm jealous great vintage card box I like vintage boxes why I'm not sure.
    The crying towel with a fishing theme would be something I would pick up for the fiancé.

  11. That was a great deal on those 2 Pyrex dishes!

  12. Ahh! I LOVE the "Young Folks" x-mas cards!! Great find. That plastic Santa candy container is a good one too. He's by "Irwin" or Rosbro and he's a bit more valuable on his snow shoes than he is on his skis'. I have him...but he's on skis'.
    I totally agree about spending a little more and just buying what you want on EBay instead of wasting tons of time running around, and then coming home empty handed. Can you believe that I haven't bought a single thing in 2 WEEKS??? Haven't been to a single store. Stick a fork in me, I'm done...for now! :)

  13. I hear you about the thrifts! Not much there. I guess eBay is the way to get vintage now. Thrifting - or lack of it - makes it hard for me to part with my vintage stuff when I have trouble finding it to buy anymore! Love the turquoise Pyrex. I have yet to find any of those.

  14. You have introduced me to a world of knee huggers I never knew existed!

  15. LOL, love the song! Oh, and those Santa mugs.

  16. Did my collecting with my camera, had fun. Have a god week.

  17. I love your finds. I especially like the graphics on the card box. Thanks for hosting!

  18. I really don't think people ever used their Santa mugs. Or maybe they just never washed them and that's why the stickers are still there. That's a scary thought.

  19. I'm not really sure I've ever seen a crying towel, it's pretty cute!
    Your little ditty made me giggle! I kind of have been feeling the same way. Stupid disappointing thrifts...grumble grumble.

  20. Love the mermaid towel! And everything else, too. Nice color scheme you have going on here.

  21. Love the blue fridgey!
    I finally had to beg my blogging friends for a knee hugger! I've never seen one in the thrifts or even my local antique store! I finally have one snug in my hutch and am content. ♥