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Monday, June 27, 2011

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Thrift Share Monday!

OKAY, I love, love, LOVE my finds this week!

A retro metal globe had been on my list, knocking on a few along the way, never finding one to my liking, as they were usually priced $19.99 or more (can you believe that, LOL?). As you would have guessed, the pricing was at Value Village. Picked this beauty up at Goodwill for $6.06. I think they were just about to toss it.

Same trip I found this vintage photo albums. The plaid one I am absolutely in LOOOOOOOVE with. It's perfect. Absolutely perfect. Now I don't have photos to fit the slots, besides ones I've found, but it can make an excellent scrapbook or I can print my own to fit the slots! The red one was hiding in the same spot as another item I bought recently - The Cracker Barrel Pyrex jar. Looks like we have a hider on our hands & lucky for me, they have some taste! When I took the photo albums out on the subway, I found some lovely photos inside. They were still in the Kodak package, from Sweden, so I am taking it these albums are from the late 60's & are from Sweden. But who knows. $2.02 each! Goodwill.

This thing. Wow. I love it. So amazing. Absolutely amazing. Retro. Vintage. Whatever. Just amazing. Kitsch. I love the tackiness, tapestries, vintage & I love having other peoples souvenirs, photographs. This incorporates many of my likings all in one & at an amazing cost - 49cents! Goodwill.

A great Thirst Aid mug for the collect found in Niagara Falls, 99cents. An amazing 443 Spring Blossom Green bowl from Value Village in Hamilton. It was $5.99. I love the Spring Blossom pattern, I love good condition Pyrex. They had the 444 Spring Blossom as well, but oh my, the condition wasn't so perfect! PASS!

Here is some progress in the move... can you believe I pack the truck on Thursday & I have 100's of items to still back? & here I am blogging??? hah. I am told I am not allowed to shop until we move. Not a nice rule, but I will listen, for once.



  1. I'm terrified of moving now, I've accumulated so much vintage goodness in the 4 years I have lived in my current Chicago apartment!

    Love everything you found, my mom has a similar '80s photo wall hanging of herself. I've found my tin globes in odd places, one at a garage sale and the other at an estate sale. They go for a lot of $$$ here at antique stores.

  2. Leilani - thanks!

    I'm horrified things aren't going to make it for the same reason - accumulated way too much stuff since I've lived here & most of it's breakable. I just spent a bundle on bubble wrap from the dollar store.

  3. Wow! I am never able to find vintage albums with family photos inside. Those are awesome.

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  4. Thanks Jackie! Keep looking, they'll turn up eventually, everything always does!

  5. Good luck with the rest of the move!! Do you think the hider is another shopper waiting for a sale? Or employees who might have to wait 24h before buying something off the floor themselves?

  6. i love those photo albums! and the banner! so hilariously kitschy.

    i'm the worst about packing to move. i always have tons left to do on the actual day and end up just throwing everything in boxes.

  7. SixBalloons - it's gotta be someone waiting for the weekly 50% off sale. They don't price the stuff with dates, so there would be no way of knowing how long it was on the floor. I've seen people hide stuff everywhere in this place!

  8. Rae - Thanks! & I'm getting to the point where I just want to throw everything into boxes, but it's all my "good" stuff that's left & I need to bubble wrap it all so it all arrives safe & sound.

  9. O.M.G. The You Light Up My Life hanging. Ah-mazing.