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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WTF Tuesday: Douchebag Jar

Let me start of by saying "thank you" to everybody who has participated in the last 17 WTF TUESDAYS, but I'm going to be disbanding the inlinkz party due to lack of interest. I will however continue to post my own WTF's.

This week... WTF,
the only douchebag who would buy this from Urban Outfitters is a uncreative hipster douchebag with too much money. $10 for this canning jar, labeled with what could be a canning sticker & a hole in the top. I get it. It was on a show. Make your own. One of the stupidest items I've ever seen in a store.

why the... didn't I buy it?
They were way too big, probably 7-8 pounds each & wouldn't hang off my walls. They have a few chips in the feet, too. They were $12.01 each, with 20% off for spending over $20 at Goodwill. Had no place for them, totally would have bought them... couldn't live with myself if I didn't take a picture of them.

I did however buy this vintage ET doll from 1982. I've wanted one for quite some time. He'll look great on my shelf. $2.02.

2 pounds of strawberries I cut up into perfection in a great condition Woodland bowl passed down to my fiance & I from his mother. Yum! Healthy, healthy!


  1. Well thanks for making WTF Tuesdays a sharable link event. I've certainly enjoyed them. That ET doll just seems to be a little sad. Glad he found a new home. And as for the douche jar...why...just, why!?

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  2. Whoever buys those jars has to put money in it right away for buying it...

  3. Is it wrong that I want to give douchebag jars as gifts? They're just too funny. Every time someone acts inappropriately, money can go in the jar.

  4. I enjoy your posts very much. I have added you to my blog roll. :)

  5. Too bad about the FTW tuesdays; it was great fun!

    However, I had trouble finding crappy ftw finds. Is Toronto a haven for tasteless crap? LOL I'm sure there's plenty of it in Montreal...Maybe I don't have the knack of finding it.

  6. I love those owls but I would have had to pass them up as they are a little pricy. I havent been able to find any good WTF items and I keep forgetting my camera

  7. Jackie, thank you very much. ET does look a little sad, but dude has made himself at home.

    De tout, de rien - my thoughts exactly.

  8. Råchel Opål, no but hopefully you'll make your own & not buy these ones from Urban Outfitters!

    Deana - AWWWE, thank you. :)

    Vonlipi - there's lots of crap around here for some reason, but I do frequent a lot of thrifts... often. At least 8 or more a week. If you ever come here send me a message & I'll hook you up with a list of where you should go!!! & thanks for joining it when you did.

    beckyp - they were expensive, but when you think of it, they were gigantic, probably more than 15 inches tall, so it is reasonable Someone thought they were worth it, they're gone now!

  9. O, I love WTF Tuesdays! I've been bad at posting in general the last few months due to my (very dumb) time-consuming job. :( I thank you for letting us participate and I will continue to laugh (rolling on the floor) at your seriously WTF finds!

  10. dang I was looking forward to wtf tuesday so i link my clown on a toilet planter i brought. I love reading wtf tuesdays.