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Monday, January 9, 2012

Goal Link Up!

It's that time again - time to be late for Van's Sunday Goal Link Up over at Thrift Core.

(one of the photos I took to meet my goals (see below). the mirror isn't dirty, it's the glares & Ziggy's leg is coming apart from the heat of the shower - I think). THINK THIN.
Any camera recommendations are highly appreciated!

Here were my goals last week:

1. Clean up that mess at the bottom of the credenza.
2. Start a new book.
3. Take 7 photos for my "A Photo A Day: Your Year In Photos" book.
4. Gym - at least 4 days this week, 5 would be lovely.
5. Make a header for my etsy shop.

All done. The etsy header (which you can check out here). I'm not happy with it. Maybe using Paint isn't the right way to go. Maybe I will have to try Photoshop or something. Credenza bottom is cleaned. I started a new book, on page about 120. It's called Suburban Hustler: Stories of a High-Tech Callboy - very adult reading right there. Found it in the trash along with various books on the same subject, Mein Kamof by Hitler, a Michael Jackson biography, a book from the early 80's about orgies, a Ghandi bio, a Disney VHS, a bootleg video on wigs for drag queens, some nude used birthday cards... very weird collection! Gym was 5 times a week! And photos are well on their way.

Goals for this week:

1. Clean up the top of my credenza (see embarrassing photo).
2. Gym 5 days this week.
3. Get my daily Canadian sweepstakes organized into a Wordpad file.
4. List at least 5 items in my Etsy shop.
5. Again,
Take 7 photos for my "A Photo A Day: Your Year In Photos" book.

Goals may be hard to meet this week. I've come down with a kinda gross cold & only want to spend time in bed.


  1. The cold is sweeping the nation, I tell you! I hope you feel better soon. Congratulations on completing the entire list, especially on getting to the gym 5 times a week. My fitness goals are the hardest ones to accomplish!

  2. It totally is! & thanks Van.

    Don't congratulate too soon. I go to the gym then vedge out on fast food & pop!

  3. Now that I know what you look like, haha
    I know for sure that i've seen you poking around Value Village.
    It was probably almost half a year ago, at the Value Village dundas/dixie i saw a guy who i swear was you with another girl poking around the shop.
    I've seen a blurred picture of you before so I had a feeling it was you, and now im almost certain! lol

    I think you were wearing a green shirt!

  4. you did enough! i think you earned a nap and a cup of tea. just sayin.

  5. You are right Robbie. Tea & nap it is!

  6. c_mcarthur - I wear green shirts!! & I thrift with a girl all the time! Since you're next going to be thrifting at that Value Village after your jeans fiasco, if you ever see me at Talize come say HI!!!