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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WTF Tuesday: Odd Festival

Must have been quite the festival...

Off the subject of WTF & just a fun LOL, I was searching "Value Village" on Youtube, first time ever, BTW & quite funny enough I came across a video with the description: "Zipcar Makes Dreams Come True. Value Village Haul.
Oakville. Burlington. Hamilton. Stoney Creek. St. Catherines. Value Village = Dream". Never thought that there would be anybody else who would rent a Zipcar for the sole purpose of visiting thrift stores. & quite funny enough, my boyfriend is sitting next to me watching the video naming off what city each Value Village is located in as they popped up on the screen. If you are interested in the video it is below. However, when I go south to visit the thrifts, I hit up Salvation Army, Talize, Goodwill..


  1. Funnily enough, 79 probably WAS a festival of poo, at least for my mum...

  2. Oh wow, I actually recognized some stuff I saw at the Burlington VV!!!!

  3. De tout - wow, good memory.

    I've found my first refrigerator dish there - 501, Aqua, lidless.

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