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Friday, August 1, 2014

Wedding Stuff for Thrifty Things Friday!

Thrifty Things Friday! 

27 more minutes left during this first Friday of August, so still got time to join in the wedding theme over at Melissa's Antiques

Now I've got the inside of the cards. 

Which one was your favourite?  SUCKER is mine, hands down. The second one is cute, but not my style. These are from the late '40s & by Novo Laugh. They are probably my favourite card company because there hasn't been a card yet by them that I haven't enjoyed. 

On the topic of love, I have a few things. First things first, guess who is going to be hanging out with his beau in one of these soon? Ultimate kitsch! Picked the hotel & room specifically because of this tub, obviously! Who wouldn't!?

One more thing I'd like to share. In our area we have an estate auction site called Max Sold. There is currently a downsizing auction going on in Toronto & you have to check it out. The husband & wife had been married for over 47 years until the wife, Kathleen, passed away several years ago. The husband is downsizing from their home of 42 years to a condo. He has an introduction video about his wife (on the link above), but also on the auction listings, giving a short history or story about some of the items. I personally found it really interesting to watch & thought I would share. 

One of the videos,

You can see any other ones RIGHT HERE.

Linking up with Melissa's Antiques.

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See you later this weekend for THRIFTASAURUS!


  1. The 'Sucker' card is my favorite also!

  2. Oh man. I hope my kids don't make videos about my stuff like this someday :-)


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