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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What I Didn't Buy At The Thrift Store!

What I Didn't Buy At The Thrift Store. 

I don't see these often, so needed to capture the moment!

I've got some treasures that I've left behind. I haven't been posting as much lately as I have only been able to blog from my phone & I find it quite hard to do. Finally, trouble shooted the one piece of crap laptop we have left & the mouse works & so does the other USB, so we're back in business!

I've started a new blog (but don't want it to go live without a lot of content to continually post... feel free to submit, I'll give credit!). It's called "Gouge-U Village", named after Value Village, of course, as they are the most widely known to gouge their customers (especially since they are for profit). Anyways, I'm also including merchandise from other thrifts.. since so many people defend other thrift stores to be soooo much better! 

Really? Spotted at Salvation Army. $2.99 for a FREE SAMPLE! Right now you can get a  Depends sample mailed to your home - FOR FREE. If interested, the link is right here!

Black velvet if you please... really fond of this & it didn't sit too long. 

This clock is classic. Loved it, but not for my home. 

This one hurt. Second time this has happened in this store with this exact shaker. Last time was about 5 months ago. These bags are death traps!


  1. One of my regular stops has gone crazy with pricing, they used to put what they think is the "better stuff" in silent auction, they still have that but also pricing things high that used to be $1 or $2 way higher, yesterday I took a pic of a quilt, $100 - thrift store price, I think not!

  2. Thrift stores near my in Indianapolis have gone nutso too. I have pretty much stopped going.

  3. I agree it is CRAZY what they put in those bags!

  4. Our VV sucks. I only go in there if Maddie needs new shorts or jeans or something like that. I almost wonder if vintage ever even makes it on the shelves or if the workers in back take it home. There is never anything!

    Can't wait to read your new blog. What a perfect idea!


  5. Love the name of the new blog! I would've said Screw-U Village....but maube not as pc.

    Love the Elvis frame and the crocodile clock, I want to take a selfie with Elvis! Weeeeeee!